It’s Already Here Summer

Louis and I are slowly bonding. He is starting to trust me. Louis is eye candy deluxe

The kids last day of school was yesterday. Summer is here.

Half of Wee One’s flock. Yep, we have chickens now…….fresh eggs are nice.

We also have a new coop, I should have gotten a zoning permit for it I think. Hmmmm.

Work is going well. I have a new ‘partner’. She seems cool and holding her own, has backbone when it gets tough which is essential in this job. Time will tell.

The boys are growing too fast. 1st and 11th grade now…….yikes

Wee One has a best friend who is literally his shadow. We had a rather large water moccasin in the back yard his little best friend ‘Tucker’ alerted us to-Tucker saved the day and Bubba dealt with the poisonous snake. Water moccs stink, alive AND dead. Phew.

Scooter is doing marvelous.  

A lot going on these days on The Res.

Damn Life is hard. Some days are pretty rough, others are tolerable.

I want to be BG from 2008.



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As Luck Would Have It…..

Y’all know I am an avid reader. I love to read and am an admitted addict. Recently I have had the opportunity to share my love of reading with a local literacy group who helps adults that cannot read or have limited reading skills. Even though by nature I am definitely not a people person, I am enjoying sharing my love of words to a certain couple of individuals who struggle with an ability a lot of us take for granted. And, the best part, I can do it while I am working! even better 🙂

In all honesty, my job is pretty cool. I have my own huge, private office (altho I may have to share it one day with another part-timer but not anytime soon). I like everybody I work with, 2 co-workers, 1 boss. My boss rocks. She is totally cool, doesnt freak out or put demands. She actually says “Thank you” and that she “appreciates” the work getting done……even though it is my job to do said work. My boss is totally flexible and does not play games of any sort, she is100% honest and up front, no guessing or head games. I realize just how fortunate I am to have had this position landed in my lap like it did.


Wee One (AKA Hamster) has proven to have excellent riding skills. He will literally spend all day long in the saddle without complaints……well, except for last weekend when he rode Scooter around for an hour bareback while WO wearing shorts. He was not happy about his hairy, itchy legs! haha, it’s that time of the year. All the horses have nearly lost all of their winter hair. With constant brushing and trimming their summer coats are starting to glisten.

WO’s Sea Monkeys are growing fast-they are kinda cool. Even I had some as a kid. I ordered mine from the back of a Godzilla comic book when I was in the 3rd grade. I bought WO’s Sea Monkey Kit for $5 at Wal-mart and put them in his Easter basket.

I think our praying mantis’s egg pods were duds. They havent hatched despite our careful care. I plan on contacting the company for a replacement or refund. I did charge it to my Capitol One mastercard, they are awesome about getting merchandise refunded or replaced.

Wee One’s baby chicks, all 13 of them, are thriving. Hubs gathered up the materials so BIL W can build their coop and pen. Right now they are living in the baby chick hutch, which is nice and roomy for them as well as warm and dry. It has a light and good ventilation but it needs cleaned and the cedar bedding replaced every few days which I am getting tired of doing. WO does a good job of feeding and watering them twice a day but he is too small to get the hutch cleaned, so that is up to me. I am not a chicken fan. One of the white ones is mean and pecks at me.

It has been raining since Friday. Louis needs to be ridden. He and I are getting along quite well but he does need some tuning up. I do not like the fact that I havent been able to ride him since thursday. I cannot even do any type of ground work because of the pouring down rain. I need some sunshine!!

We have already had to mow our lawn 3X this springtime. Everything is green and fresh outdoors. I am happy winter is over.

Our $1200 flat screen TV caught on fire 2 weeks ago. WO and I were home alone one evening. Hubs and Bubba were at a baseball game. I was packing for an out of town work trip, WO was in the living room drawing and watching the NICK channel. I walked thru the living room to get something out of the laundry room and smelled something ‘off‘. I just thought it was WO who had his Easter basket out sampling his candy. I continued on into my bedroom and was folding clothes when WO runs into my bedroom and says” call 911, the TV is smoking and making a scary noise! I’ll get the fire extinguisher and wait by the front door!” I run into the living room, see the screen is black but sound is still coming, also I hear a horrible electrical static coming from the back of the TV where black smoke is starting to billow out. Needless to say, I unplugged the TV and unhooked everything. I knew BIL W just got home from work so I called him and he rushed over (he lives at the end of our road sorta).BIL W took care of the rest. Grrrrrrr that TV was not even 2 years old!

People-do NOT buy TV’s from Sears. The last TWO we bought from there did not last past 3 years. Just a bit of advice from a burned customer.


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Memories From Long Ago

All the hullabaloo about ‘Good Friday’. It’s a damn sacred Holiday for some people, leave it alone dammit. Weird coming from me eh? Lots behind that, am I still on the agnostic fence? a follower? I need more meditation on that whole subject. 12 years of parochial school kinda screwed me up a bit, not to mention a million other things.

Fond memories of painfully slowly going thru the Stations Of The Cross (Via Crucis) while trying to understand the Latin meanings and not stepping on any of the Nun’s Black habits. One memory sticks out like a bright ray of sunshine. It was a bitterly cold Easter Holiday so I was dressed in my downy warmest. I had ski mitts filled with feathers. The weekend before a tiny rip appeared on a sledding trip at Huntly’s Park. As our group solemnly paced the Stations, I would pluck out the downy feathers from the ripped hole in the mitt as we went along, leaving a faint but obvious feather trail behind me. At Station 11, my least favorite (it is the Station when Jesus is nailed to the cross), my mother noticed what I was doing. I was promptly given a solid arm pinch along with her stern ‘your are in trouble’ just wait until after mass look. Needless to say, I was picking up feathers while my mother waited at the confessionals for her chance to speak with Monsignor Kaminski.

Good memories.

 Here’s hamster man in my new office. He was pooped on this photo day, he’d been up fishing since before daylight. they caught a mess of fish over Spring Break. I have cool stuff in my office he can play with. My office is big and roomy with an extra large desk, decent Dell PC. Having an awesome IT girl on speed-dial helps. I love the abundance of square feet but I would trade half of it for a window.

Bubba is officially a legal driver-yikes. He’s been driving Wee one to school and WO loves it. It makes Wee feel ‘big’. So far Bubba is a safe driver. I have put the fear of  hades into him should he remotely screw up behind the wheel, especially where the cell phone is involved.

Hermit crab bath time.

All of Wee One’s pets are thriving. Everything from the red-ear slider turtles, to the hermit crabs, to the fish and even the ghost shrimp. WO is a nervous nellie waiting for the praying mantis’s to hatch-oh joy.

I am drawing the line to rodents-no gerbils, rats, ect. EW.

Scooter is miffed over Louis. Despite the fact I’ve been giving Scooter the most attention. This is a before spring grooming photo, Scooter looks much bettter today.

Louis is a keeper.


Big Easter Holiday plans ahead. Egg coloring + hunting + dinner. Wee one’s excited, his enthusiasm is refreshing and makes me smile.


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Global Warming My *ss. Hell is Freezin’ Over. Well, At least Oklahoma is Anyhow.

My cats are spoiled rotten.

They are both curled up warm and snug on the bed while the blizzard rages on outside. Marvin needs brushed but he’s gonna have to wait until later. I am exhausted from taking care of the 3 horses all day, getting them ready and stalls prepared for tonite’s even worse weather, 50 + wind, not to mention deadly winchills.

My flowers are covered and protected from the currently roaring blizzard.

Well, one thing to be thankful for, the damn power was only out for 2 hours.   


And Wee One’s Praying Mantis egg pods stayed warm enough for plentiful hatching in 3 weeks. WO is besides himself as an anxious expectant parent. Soon we will be caring for 300+ praying mantis babies……fun.

Last Saturday evening, my friend Vickie treated me to a night out at a live Sylvia Browne presentation in Tulsa. We had a ton of fun…….and just the ‘people watching’ alone was worth our ticket prices(Vick’s treat, I love her !). But, seriously, SB did say some pretty right on things. I have to agree with a lot of her theories and beliefs. I may not totally buy into her whole psychic spiel but she is a very heart-warming and lovely woman in person. I did also meet her husband, he gave me a good positive vibe.

My personal belief is that many of us are ”psychic‘. Some humans  just choose to be in ‘tune’ or more open, sensitive to our environment that allows us to channel the energy. I can cover a whole realm of information, ideas ect. But I think y’all get it 🙂

Gawd, this blizzard needs to cease, NOW.



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Our fish are flourishing. We are down to 1 ghost shrimp though.

Today I am off work thanks to Tribal Sovereignty Day.

I should be cleaning house but eh, I am not.

I am blogging.

These past few weeks I have felt ungrounded, floundering is more how I’d describe it.

I have a routine but it seems like someone or something throws me a curve and then I am sent scrambling to catch up or be somewhere or whatever.

Louis insists on crow-hopping for the first 3 minutes I am in the saddle. WTF is up with that? It is starting to p*ss me off.

The only time I feel like I am where I am supposed to be or confident in myself is when I am in the saddle. I cannot be in the saddle all day because of the job. Soon the job is taking me out of town. I cant say I am disappointed to be getting away from my family. I really do need a break of some kind……..despite it being work-related.

Did I mention I have my own huge office? It is like a cave, no windows. but, the privacy is excellent. I think I’ll take a plant to work next week. My office needs something ‘living’ in it other than myself.

Good times ahead……the weekend is so near.


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Midweek Bliss-Not Really

Louis is a bit of a spoiled brat-horse. Hubs says Louis and I are well suited for each other…hmmm.

BIL W’s blue roan gelding Smoky (aka jughead when BIL W isnt w/in earshot) is staying a few days at our place. Long story; one I am not happy about. I am not a boarding facility. I do however believe in repaying favors to people who I owe. In my time of need BIL has always been there to help. No way was I going to put up a fuss.

I am glad it’s Wednesday.

Heck, I have only worked one day this week. Took yesterday off but crammed so much into the day I would have been better off working. Does that make sense?

The grass is always greener…

on the other side.














BFF L 41st b-day was Sunday. OMG-I can remember her 16th b-day, most memorable, her 18th was also one hazily recounted between us in hushed whispers. Our kids know we arent saints but neither do they need to know the extent of our wild days.

Luckily, Bubba has been a good teenager so far. I am very lucky. But, of course, he is a teenager. I am not delusional. Screw ups are bound to happen. But, I do have to give the kid credit, so far he has used pretty good judgement.

Wee One is going to be the handful, I can already foresee the future in that one. Every morning is a battle. WO insists on wearing his cowboy hat and faded Carhartt coat to school. He has recently decided Spring is here. We noticed Robins about. Wee One put up his black felt cowboy hat and brought out his straw one……I do have to agree he is the cutest little cowboy around. But, they do not allow hats at school. When his father picks him up at the end of the school day, the first thing Wee One does when he gets into the truck is plaster his cowboy hat onto his curls.


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This is me tonite. I am exhausted, damn.

Wee One finished drawing his baby possum pictures, now hes chilling watching Sponge Bob.

Bubba’s on a date.

Hubs is hurting and resting on the couch, I tried to give him more pain meds but he doesnt like to take ’em as much as they are prescribed. grrrr. Hubs thinks he can get by but sometimes I worry.

Marvin is snoring from the chair and Frosty is trying to get his picture on the web cam, he was too slow tonite.

Rain predicted for the weekend, wtf. I am riding, I do not care if it is in a monsoon…..well, maybe I do. I HATE wearing a stiff slicker.

Louis has never eaten an apple before, he loves them as much as Scooter! I always cut up Scooter’s apples for him. I was in a hurry before work so I just put a whole apple into Louis bucket. While Scooter gobbled up his slices, Louis was rolling his around with out a clue it was a tasty treat. I took a big chomp out of the tart granny smith then offered it to Louis. After a few sniffs and licks, Louis decided apples were somethin’ special.

Scooter and Louis are getting on better, not so much sniping across the fences/stalls.

What the hell was all that crap about Tiger Woods and that stupid press conference. Like who gives a FLYING f*ck!?!?!?! What a joke, I feel sorry for the poor kids, despite their billions, their father is a perv creepo.

My eyes are getting heavy. I hope all is well out there for my blog friends. Keep thinking, Spring is just around the corner.


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