Human consumption of horse meat

Horses that are sent to slaughter die a horrible death. I will not go into detail, if you really want to know, google it. Thier deaths are not quick or painless. Horses waiting for the slaughter can hear the others cries of pain and smell thier blood. Is this humane? I wouldnt think it is humane to jam a retractable/reuseable nail into any living thing’s brain. Our Death Row inmates are treated a lot better-when in fact they shouldnt be. Anyhow, check out these stories. It is sickening what SOME Government agencies will do for the almighty dollar.

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  1. Anonymous

    right on! The whole story about BLM will be coming to light very soon. In Nevada, where I live I heard a rumor about the BLM being investigated. By whom, I do not know. It is the latest going around the ASPCA. A few years ago, my neighbor adopted two Mustangs. She sent them for professional training and they both turned out perfect.

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