My favorite day of the week. I love fridays, the work week is over. Okay, just because I do not have a 9-5 mon-fri job anymore doesnt mean I do not work. It just means I work my own hours, which is usually mon-fri 5am-8pm, and weekends 5am-10 pm. I think I liked my previous employment’s hours better!

I am slowly preparing for my first extended trip from home away from my 2 year old. He has never spent an entire night away from me. My upcoming trip to Northern MI is for my dad’s 75th birthday and a huge suprise party that my other 4 siblings have planned. A rented hall, tons of invitations, the works. My oldest sis J. has put a tremendous amount of work into the party, a big thanks to her! My trip is also a suprise. My father called me earlier this morning and we visited. He will be so suprised!
This link is awesome. It has the answers to anything. If there is something I do not know, I just look it up in a matter of seconds. This morning I used it to properly boil eggs! Check it out.

Now for some fun stuff. Heres some wacky news that caught my attention.
Scottish distillery revives 184 proof whiskey-I’m inviting them to my little town’s one bar.
Granny wrestles 14 foot croc and saves friend. This is one bad ass Granny.
Last but not least-my friends know how I feel about money hungry religious fanatics. Being the unpracticing schooled Catholic that I am, just makes me all the more irritated by this Pat person. It seems he has been booted off the committee, poor guy-boohoo!


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  1. Anonymous

    It is also my favorite day. Girlfriend, I am laughing at the Anna Nicole Smith posts.

  2. Hey ! Great little corner of the net here 🙂 Your 2 year old will be fine,but you won’t actually know that til you get home.
    BTW…I live in Northern Mi…where’s the party !!! :-p

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