Behold, I saw a white horse….

Thundering hooves, wind whipping thru hair, strong muscles in action, all of strength and beauty. Nothing is more beautiful to me than a horse, any horse, my eyes might shine brighter for my own horse, but nonetheless, all equines are magnificant to me. I am sure I get the same gleam in my eyes when I gaze upon on 2 great children. I truly love them with all of my being, would give my life to save them, would fight to the death to protect them, and most of all, I try to make them happy. Horses have been a part of my life, heart and soul since I can remember. They are always there for me, it is something I know, it is familiar, it is ‘home’ for me. So, when things get tough, I seek out what makes me happy. My 4-legged equine friends. They always put my mind at ease and give me new strength to procede with life.

Imette St.Guillin
The link above covers Imette’s funeral and a little bit about this wonderful person. Imette was brutally raped and murdered by a sadistic killer near Soho. NY’s finest are on the case and working ’round the clock to catch this sick killer. I have watched this story from the beginning. It is a truly horrible case, every woman’s worse nightmare. Imette was an honest to goodness beautiful soul. It is obvious, and not just because she has passed on, that people who knew her thought she was a breathtaking beauty with a good heart and kind soul to match. Why is it always the good people who are snatched and murdered, or the hard-working loving people who die from cancer, why is it the good ones are taken instead of Joe blow the drunk down the street who beats his wife and kids? or the crack addict parent’s who neglect and abuse thier children? okay, I am done ranting.


dammit-NY has not had the Death Penalty since ’04 grrrr


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