Tornado Season is here

Oklahoma spring seasons can be rough. When I moved here back in ’89, it didnt seem to be an issue. But since I have became a parent, my eye is always on the sky. In Northern Michigan, my home state, the worse that can happen is blizzards, murderous sub zero temperatures, occassional incidents resembling something similar to scenes from “The Shining”. In MI they do have thier fare share of nasty thunderstorms, high winds, a rare tornado, but not the caliber of Oklahoma’s. Severe storms happen with scary regularity in Oklahoma. We have great weather people who do an amazing job warning communities of threatening weather. When severe weather is possible I always know where my children are, if it is going to get bad, I have them with me. When Moore was hit by the massive tornado in the late 90’s (I think) (OKC also) many people died, were injured, missing, and lost everything. Parents lost thier children. Children lost thier parents. The pictures in the news were complete devastation, dead livestock in peoples front yards, houses demolished, twisted metal everywhere. So, I try to keep an eye on the sky this season.

Safety Tips:

Tornado photo by:
I didnt want to post the photographers email without his consent.

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