Hemp House

Christopher Seekins lives in this house on High Street. It is the actual name of the street, but he is the only one who has marijuana leaves and the words HEMP painted on the sides of his home. Seekins says this is his way of supporting the legalization of HEMP. Well, I wouldnt be too thrilled if one of my nearest neighbors (luckily they are few) painted bright green cannabis leaves on the sides of thier homes. But, as citizens of the USA, it is thier Constitutional Right to express thier opinions. If my neighbors do support this cause, I certainly hope they publicize thier views in a more tasteful manner. Personally, I think it should be legalized for medicinal purposes. As for legalization for personal use? I am still on the fence regarding that, I need more information to form a complete opinion. Can our Government find a way to tax and control it? I have doubts in that area. Lately, our Government has had trouble doing anything. But that is a whole other story! And, just for the record, I am NOT criticizing George W.- he is just a man and not a super hero human who can work miracles. He’s done a good job in the White House, he has made some mistakes. Atleast he owns up to them. I have to add: I love Laura Bush, this is a lady with class, I am proud she represents America. Sorry for getting off topic, now back to the HEMP HOUSE….

26 year old Seekins is out on $10,000 bond. Last October he was arrested and charged with cultivation of marijuana and paraphernalia. Authorities confiscated 100 plants, grow lights, portable heaters, and fertilizer. “Seekins says the large leaves he painted are in support of the cause of the legalization of marijuana. He believes firmly in the usefulness of hemp, the coarse fiber of the cannabis plant, from textiles to paper products.”People have the wrong impression about it,” Seekins said. Okay, I might think his cause is just fine, but 100 plants isint for personal use, definately way too much. I would have to think ‘distribution’ is one of his goals, as well as legalization. I do not support drug dealers of any kind.

The town officials have stated that Seekins house decor has not broke any rules even though neighbors are upset. I can only imagine the Civil Suit to be filed if they would have found cause to make him remove his ‘artwork’. The Chief code enforcement officer states Seekins has not broken the law in that area.

Its a personal choice to me. If people want to smoke weed, I could care less. Just do not offer any to my kids or anyone elses kids for that matter. My opinion on pot doesnt quite fit into my Conservative Republican views, but not all opinions can be labeled. I am certainly not a liberal or a hippie, I just feel like its none of my business if an individual goes home and lights up a doobie after work instead of drinking an alcoholic cocktail. There are a lot more people who indulge in weed than the general publics realizes. It has lost its ‘taboo’ and become a drug popular with all walks of life, of all economic classes.

I visited a thread about this very story. I did not have time to read the entire thing, but I did copy and paste the views of some of the people. Frankly, whoever said ignorance breeds violence is right on the money. Check it out:

MaicoMike83:High street indeed!, lucky your not my neighbor scumbag!
Shredinator:The funny thing is that you have a neighbor that smokes and you dont even know it.
KZFRDJAND…not everyone who smokes is a hippie.
If ppl are soooo ingnorant to think that smoking is delegated to only”scum hippies” and the like, then they don’t even have a clue as towhat’s going on in their government or, as the previous poster wrote:in their own neighborhood.
MaicoMike83: HAD a neighbor that did……shot him last year
FourthLittleBird: So in your mind using drugs is worst than being a murder? Ok its these kinds of morals that are screwing up our country.
** I agree. Just proved my point that potheads might be a little bit better than killers. Wow, what a way to handle a situation. What makes you so afraid of weed? I’d really like to know. Because fear generates hate…hate leads to shooting a poor stoner who just wanted his Mary Jane and his bong. Let him have his bong…he probably would’ve even given you a hit. Poor guy.
Camathome: This has nothing to do with smoking pot — this has to do with bringing your neighborhood home costs down. And we wonder why there are closed communities with rules governing colors of homes, height of fences, landscaping, etc. And…I’m not talking about communities where there is an age limit. He’s not a hippie (went out with the 60’s), he’s a person who needs to express his morals in a more refined way without making everyone else pay the cost.

very enlightening!



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4 responses to “Hemp House

  1. I used to take the same view (without my police hat on) but have been swayed by the British media storys. Apparently smoking a joint without a filter is akin to smoking 4 cigarettes. There is also an established link between smoking cannabis and the onset of psychosis… If there is a public health issue, which there seems to be, then it should remain banned generally. If it can be manufactured in a safe form for pain relief then so be it.

    Just allowing people to take part in a vice because ‘they’ think it’s o.k. isn’t really good enough. We would become a nation of crack addicts… Haven’t we been there already? opium houses, snuff boxes..etc etc

  2. Great website, nice tips, thanks for sharing

  3. Great post! Love the hemp house. Thanks for the tips!

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