Missing, Teresa Lynn Butler

Back in January of this year, I came across a news article of a missing Missouri mother. Since MO borders my home state of Oklahoma, I read it. This is a snippet of the article below:

Authorities seek missing woman
“According to New Madrid County Sheriff Terry Stevens, Teresa Lynn Butler, 35, was found to be missing from her home near Risco around 10 a.m. Wednesday, when her husband, Dale Butler, returned from work at a steel mill in Blytheville, Ark.
Stevens said Butler arrived home to find his two young children, ages 2 and 4, alone in the family home on County Road 241, also known as Eight Ditch Road, just off Highway 62 on the outskirts of Risco. The youngest child was awake and in his bed, while the older child was still sleeping, Stevens continued.
“There were no signs of forced entry and the only items found to be missing were a video game console and the stereo from his [Butler’s] vehicle,” said Stevens. She is described as five feet, seven inches in height, weighing approximately 109 pounds, with brown eyes and hair”…………

Butler’s case was in the news at the end of last January ’06. Her story caught my eye because here is a loving mother of 2 boys, ages 2 and 4, who disappeared during the night, leaving her children home alone in thier rural home. Butler has no previous documented ‘behavior’ or ‘instability’ issues. She is also employed at Wal-Mart in Dexter, MO in the photo department. It appears Butler lives in Risco, MO population around 392 but commutes to Dexter for work. Something got my hinkey meter up-up enough to post her story and this news article at a websleuthing forum on 1/28/06 immediately after her missing persons case hit the media. Some facts into her disappearence are kind of unsettling. Here is an outline of information that I have gathered from the news, from other missing persons sites, and from a little internet sleuthing on my part.

  • Someone close to the investigation has said police were called to the Butler home by Teresa’s sister-in-law on the morning of Jan. 25. Officers found no forced entry into the home, no blood and a number of items missing. Butler’s purse that contained her digital camera is missing, as well as a video camera and her cell phone.
    A big Mag-Lite flashlight that was kept on top of the hutch is gone. The stereo from the Jeep a gone, as well as previous gaming electronics already mentioned.
  • Police took some things with them when they investigated: Butler’s wedding rings, which Dale Butler said his wife removed every night before bed, and a few furniture covers. Police also obtained a lock from the couple’s home. The tip of a key was broken off in the lock.
  • A former co-worker of Butler’s has stated that Butler sometimes complained about telephone calls she received at work from Gary Dale Butler’s former spouse. Gary Dale Butler’s ex-wife, who also was employed by Wal-Mart, but worked at the Kennet, MO store, called Teresa Butler several of times, and that Teresa was upset by their conversations. Obviously, thier conversations were not ‘Wal-Mart’ related.
  • I also learned the ex-wife has been remarried but her husband filed for divorce on January 20th, just 5 days prior to Butler’s disapperance. Connection? Maybe…Maybe not.
  • Risco is located in Southeast Missouri and Maverick Tube where the husband works is in Blytheville, Arkansas and is about 100mile or more drive.

Butler’s home is near the intersection of two paved roads, with the No. 8 drainage ditch just across the single-lane street. Here is what the Sheriff said about the ditch:
“We didn’t actually drag the ditch,” the sheriff said. “We floated it.
“The 8 ditch is pretty well maintained with a low level of water in it,” he added. “We feel pretty confident that if she was there, we would have found her. We floated several area ditches there around the Risco-Malden area, and east of Risco, also. We ran four-wheelers up and down the ditch dumps, and through all the fields and field rows. Flew an airplane. Flew a helicopter. Some private people ran some horses, but they were not under my guidance. We brought cadaver dogs in. Nothing.”

Law Enforcement does feel foul play may be involved at this point.

Sheriff reports state Butler’s sister-in-law gave police a statement about her last conversation with Teresa. The investigating officers cannot divulge the contents of her report.

Also let it be noted that Butler’s father, Don Buchanan, a retired farmer, said his daughter was married to a Gideon man at an early age, and that Gary Dale was married to a Bootheel woman before marrying Teresa. Teresa allegedly told a family member she had met Gary Dale Butler while working at a Dexter factory, that he was separated from his wife, and the couple had a young son.
Teresa’s father has said many times he has his own suspicions about who might have been involved in his daughter’s disappearance. The ex-wife? The ex-wife working in cahoots with someone? Either scenario is a huge probability. I feel like this is NOT a random act of crime, or a predator who stalked Butler, or a deranged Wal-Mart customer, chances of these scenarios are slim. After all, we are more likely to be hurt or murdered by someone we know instead of a complete stranger. But, I do buy into the ex-wife’s involvement.
This is a very puzzling case. I hope Butler is found, unharmed and can return home to her 2 little children. These kids need thier mother. From all accounts in the message boards, forums, and even the news, Butler is the kind of person one likes to ‘just be around’, upbeat and usually smiling. Here is a great site for Teresa Butler made for her by her loved ones who really miss her and need her back home. Please check it out!


“The time is always right to do what is right” – Martin Luther King, Jr.



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  1. Anonymous

    I really believe the husband had something to do with her disappearance. From what I have heard he hasn’t even been involved in the search, instead he has another girlfriend and has recently moved out of the house and left only her possessions. I hope for the kids sake that I am wrong but everything doesn’t add up. If her husband was the one that came home and found her missing why didn’t he notify the sheriff’s department, the newspaper said that her sister-in-law notified them. Please God let her come home safely to her babies and family.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi. I am Amy, the person who made the website for Teresa. She and I have been longtime friends, nearly 25 years. I appreciate so much you putting her on your blog. Anything to keep her name and face out there is a good thing because news coverage of the story is few and far between now.

    At first I didn’t want to believe that her husband had anything to do with this, but his recent behavior has changed my opinion on that. I will clarify, though, that he has not moved yet. He had said that he was going to but at the last minute changed his mind. He did, however, move a woman in with him about 5 weeks after the wife, that he professed to have “had” a good marriage with on the news, went missing. This is quite suspicious indeed. Her father and brother have gone on many searches but Dale has been noticeably absent from them. I don’t know if he had anything to do with her disappearance or not but he sure is acting strangely.

    Again, thanks for placing her picture and story on your blog. I know that her family appreciates it as much as I do.—Amy

  3. While doing research on Teresa Butler, I referred back to the thread I started at a well known message board and again read everyone’s info/opinions on this case. There was a poster there that stated she had previously dated Teresa’s ‘husband’ and he was a violent tempered man, he had physically hurt this poster, and there were allegedly other incidents. maybe with other people. Since I do not have documentation of this, I did not feel comfortable posting it for liable reasons, but I feel something isint right in the husband’s part of this whole case.

    His behavior is certainly in question. There are so many things that do not add up. The husband’s behavior doesnt seem to me like he is missing his ‘much loved’ wife. Not participating in the searches is a huge red flag.

  4. Anonymous

    Let me start off by saying thank you for putting all of this on your blog. Teresa is my family,she is one of those people that if you ever meet once,you’ll never forget.She is truly the angel of our family.Always ready with a smile, a laugh or advice. And she can make you feel better about anything just by being there. Teresa was a wonderful mother, she started planning her babies room decorations five years before she even had them. In fact she wasn’t really sure she could have kids, they were a mirical to her. I say this because there is know way she would have just walked off…Things don’t look really good for Dale right now.I can’t say for sure that he did this, but I do believe in my gut and in my heart that he knows more than he says. Too many things don’t add up. I’m just afraid that people are going to start giving up before justice is served..whoever did this is still out there and we still don’t have our loved one back.

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t remember which blog that I read it but one of them had mentioned that Dale’s ex-wife was from Kennett and her husband was a police officer. If he’s a police officer is he involved in any of the investigations.

  6. Anonymous

    I know that the Wal Mart store that she worked at has collected money for the family. I sure hope that the money was put towards the search. If Dale’s not involved in the search who’s the say he didn’t blow the money.

  7. One of my trusty old databases for records has been down for maintenance, good thing its a free one. I am trying to dig around in Teresa’s husbands past….I havent given up yet. I have been known to take day road trips, MO is just a hop skip and a jump from me, so I might just take in the scenary in Teresa’s part of MO.

    I have thought about Teresa’s case almost daily since I heard about it. I think it is because of the years I worked at Wal-Mart’s Home Office, I met a lot of Wal-Mart associates who are genuine and good people, people who work hard for thier money and love thier families. Also, I am a mother of 2 boys, I would never leave them willingly, ever…

  8. I know Teresa and Dale. Never in a million years would I have imagined that anything like this would or could happen to her. She is about the sweetest person that I know. She was in a bad marriage and to her, Dale was her white knight. All she wanted was the perfect marriage and kids…man she wanted kids more than she wanted air. I’m sitting here crying because as I look at her pic I cant help but think…maybe she wont ever come back home. I also know Dale’s ex wife, I know the things he did to her and the mean person he could be sometimes. I dont know if i believe that he did anything to Teresa or not. I just wish this was all a dream. I know with all of my heart that she would NEVER EVER have left her children alone willingly. You would have had to see her when she thought she couldnt have kids to know what I mean. It was almost as if she didnt want to live in a world where she couldnt be a mother. I pray to G-d that she’s somewhere alive…what else can we do but hope and pray???

  9. Anonymous

    I was on a message board and one of the posters stated that you can go to to missouri casenet.com and type Gary Dale’s name in and it brings up a record on him where he sideswiped a vehicle and totalled the vehicle. I do have to say that he was searching for her this weekend, eventhough he had hickeys on his neck. The police has said that he passed a polygraph test but, I was told that you can take nerve medicine and pass the test also.

  10. Anonymous

    I have been on the Carole Sund Foundation website and I cannot find anything on Teresa. It has been said that they had posted a $5000 reward, is there a way that you can go there and donate money to help raise the reward to find her.

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    Above are the court cases I found on Gary Dale. Has he resided in any other county other than New Madrid?

    What a trashy guy, searching for Teresa with hickeys-ick!

    I am curious, has a psychic (legitimate one) been contacted?

    Carole Sund Foundation info:
    email: info@carolesundfoundation.com

    toll free #

  12. Anonymous

    Yes there has been a psychic but nothing has panned out. The psychic thought at one time she was somewhere around where he works but they didn’t find nothing when they searched. I hope Teresa is haunting whoever did this to her everyday of their lives.

  13. Anonymous

    That sounds just like Dale to have hickeys all over his kneck. Same ‘ol Dale. Back to his same ‘ol ways. He once said “I could never be with just one person, that’s just the way I am”. It doesn’t look like he’s changed a bit. Teresa needs justice and I pray that she’ll get it. Her babies need her.

  14. He once said “I could never be with just one person, that’s just the way I am”.

    he sounds like a dandy. Does Dale have solid alibi? I hope whoever is responsible for Teresa’s disappearence is held accountable.

    I hope law enforcement has asked all property owners to look on thier property for signs of Teresa. People do not ‘vanish’…

  15. Anonymous

    I read in the paper that Dale isn’t even being considered as a suspect because he passed a polygraph test. I also was told that you could pass one of them if you take a nerve pill before taking it. I just hope that if he did do something to her that he will be prosecuted for it, all I know is that they were considering it as she left. I don’t believe she just left her babies, I believe Dale knows something and to the other woman he’s with she is crazy and needs her head examined. I have emailed KFVS 12, our local news channel but they still won’t cover the story. I think they had it on the news maybe 2 or 3 days after she disappeared.

  16. I would like to know about Dale’s alibi, cell phone records for the night Teresa disappeared. I would be really shocked if Teresa disappeared by her ‘own accord’. That would be great if this was the case because then she would be unharmed, but for some reason I feel it is not…

    People can pass a poly, some even w/out meds. Ive heard about it being done before, and if a person ‘really’ believes something, then thier body will not betray him/her. I would like to have a chat w/ Dale’s new squeeze. SHe might have some ‘enlightening’ things to say-unless of course she is REALLY as stupid as everyone says.

  17. Anonymous

    Dale isn’t the smartest person I’ve ever met. He apparantly doesn’t know how “guilty” this makes him look. He doesn’t look at the big picture of anything! I don’t know if he reads these. I’m not even sure if he can work a computer, but I do know that If he can… Dale–What in the world are you doing? If you know something, let it be known. It makes you look so… stupid. I am so angry because people just don’t vanish into thin air. Especially around here. Come on people, there has to be some kind of clue, fingerprint, something to lead somewhere. I just hope and pray that she comes home. Her babies need her. They were her life!!

  18. Anonymous

    Don’t resort to using psychics. Check out what this lady says about them: voice4themissing.blogspot.com

    I hope Teresa is found soon.

  19. Anonymous

    He also lived in Dunklin CO.

  20. I am looking for a video of Gary Dale Butler discussing Teresa’s disappearence. does anyone know of a newslink where I can watch him? It can be a short clip, I just need him discussing his missing wife. thanks!

  21. Anonymous

    The only time I seen him on the news is on KFVS 12 but, they don’t have the video on their website. It makes me so mad that KFVS 12 is our local newschannel and they have not covered the story very much. There has been another boy from St Geniveve that is missing also. I believe he is 17 years old.

  22. Anonymous

    If he did go out searching for her with hickeys on his neck, then he has truly reached a new level of LOW on my respect board. Disgusting. The cops did check his alibi which was supposed to be work and then breakfast with his mother but there are differences in what they say his job at work was and what a searcher found out his job was. I don’t think the cops have looked too hard.

  23. Anonymous

    Today is April 14, KFVS 12 finally had showed her picture on the news again. I don’t understand why the news covers some people more than others. There is a 17 year old boy missing from St Geniveve county and he’s been on the news everyday since he became missing. Is it up to the family or what. His family has a $25,000 reward out for information about him. I was just going to let you know that the picture you have isn’t a recent picture of her, there is another picture of her on her friend Amy’s website. Why didn’t the husband put a more recent picture of her on the news?

  24. Anonymous

    Still waiting for any news, leads, anything. Someone please come forward with anything to help these little angels find their mother.

  25. Anonymous

    Still waiting for any news, leads, anything. Someone please come forward with anything to help these little angels find their mother.

  26. it saddens me that nothing has been found out about Teresa’s disappearence. People do disappear on thier own accord, but those are very few. I think Teresa would NEVER leave her boys by her own means. Hopefully, someone, somewhere knows something and will come forward. I have a bad ‘feeling’ about Gary Dale…

    This is so puzzling to me. Have there been any strange type of ‘crimes’ in this area of MO or even neighboring states? Just a wild thought, but like Ive said before… we are most likely to be hurt by someone we KNOW.

  27. Anonymous

    Still no more news coverage, still no answers for Teresa. There was something on KVFS12 news site where a mother and father passed a polygraph test with “flying colors”. But hey, they pleaded guilty of negligent hommicide of their little one.

  28. Anonymous

    I just read on Amy’s website that even after Dale couldn’t get a hold of Teresa the night she disappeared, he went and had breakfast with his mother, instead of going home after work. Sounds like he was really worried about her. What’s really sad is that Mother’s Day is coming up and her two little boys won’t have a mother to spend it with. Please if you know something come forward and let her family know what happened to her.

  29. people do not vanish. I am suprised Dale Butler hasnt been investigated more thoroughly….all aspects of his life.

  30. Anonymous

    Teresa’s story appeared on the news May 17, 2006 on KFVS 12. You can go to their website and view it. I also got an email from WPSD CHANNEL 6 and they want to do a story on her. I am glad she’s getting some coverage now.

  31. yes, its about time! A couple of weeks ago I emailed Nancy Grace again, maybe she’d take an interest in teresa’s case and put her on her Headline News program.

  32. Anonymous

    it has been four and a half months now since teresa went missing, i pray for her and her family every day, this case is soooo frustrating, there has to be more than one person out there that knows what happened, how they can live with theirself i don’t know, i feel in my heart that her husband is involved in some way,or that he at least knows something, maybe he fears for his life for some reason.there was a fund raiser yesterday at the risco city park and he did not show up to support the group{outback riders}after all the hours they spent looking for his wife,but, i really didn’t expect to see him there anyway.

  33. anon-why would Dale be afraid for his life? I am not buying that, even if it just is speculation. I read last nite at a few sites about his NOT being present at the fundraiser, what a jerk. Lately, I have become very critical of him, with GOOD reason. Anon-do you know of friend of Dale’s from Florida who visited just days prior to Teresa’s diappearance? is this rumor or truth?

  34. Anonymous

    maybe she was taken to prove a point to him, we hear all kinds of rumors in this small community,and that’s what most of them turn out to be, about the friend from florida, i’m not certain about that,i’ve heard it from a pretty reliable source, but, at this point frustration has set in and to family and friends it seems that everyone looks guilty.things could have happened so many different ways that night. her home is located on a very busy county road that alot of undesirables travel night and day.
    personally i am convinced that it was some one that she knew well,and that she went with them willingly so they wouldn’t hurt her babies.maybe it was someone that was upset with her husband,and took her to prove a point to him, maybe he’s afraid he’ll be next,i don’t know, but, the scene was way to clean for it to have been random,if it had been someone that she didn’t know, i believe that they would have done whatever to her right there,and the items taken have no value on the street or pawn shops,it appeared to me that it was a staged robbery.

  35. EBC

    if he’s involved with such “undesireables” he darn well better be scared…

  36. ebc-is there any truth to it?

  37. anon-Ive always felt the robbery was staged. As a mother, I can understand her leaving willingly to spare her children. All loving mother’s would sacrifice themselves for thier children, I know I would in a heartbeat.

    Dale has no previous record involving drugs. Is he a ‘known’ drug user or dabbler?

  38. Anonymous

    i’ve heard he has in the past and maybe is into it again. that may or may not be a rumor,i heard it from some one who claims to know him well.

  39. interesting. what kind of drugs?

  40. Anonymous

    Have you read the comments on http://www.topix.net/forum/city/troy-mo/TMP5VG92PAA5N1H83
    Pretty good stuff from a friend of Dales.

  41. thnx for the heads up anon. I am appalled by this statement from Dale’s friend:

    quote”Maybe whoever took Teresa should come take you and hopefully kill your dumbass!!!!! All of you!!!!!”endquote

    Does Dale’s friend believe this is what happened to Teresa?

  42. Anonymous

    I thought you might like to read that. Sounds like we are making someone mad.

  43. Anonymous

    I just read where the supposedly friend of Dale’s mother wrote and said that it was her son who thought it would be funny to go there and write things like that and she claims they don’t know anyone involved. They are from DeSoto, how far is that from Risco.

  44. isint that funny..ha…ha…

    what a jerk, I still think someone other than Dale knows something.

    Im not sure on the distance but Ill check out the maps.

  45. Anonymous

    it’s about 130 miles from risco to desoto

  46. Anonymous

    ive looked into many of the newspapers i dont understand 1 thing dale says the door was locked, the cops say they took a broken key from the keyhole? also ahve u heard about the water hose under the house?? why use a water hosue under the house, maybe to soften the ground under the house to posibly hide evidence or someone??

  47. I would like to know what the psychic said. I saw a brief news video of Mr. Butler (dale) awhile ago and I get the feeling he is involved in a BIG way…I dont think I am psychic, but Ive developed some excellent ‘gut instincts’ during my lifetime!

  48. Anonymous

    Guess u all heard dale was in a wreck he was hurt he has 2 broken bones in his neck or somethin like that seems the ex wife was pretty upset people were talkin about him on amys page then she says he must of had a angel watchin over him wonder who she meant? Teresa?

  49. What is Dale and his ex-wife’s relationship like NOW? also, does anyone know the details of Dales accident?

  50. Anonymous

    I have taken up for his ex wife but you know the way she sounded on Amy’s website she made me wonder. I didn’t think they got along at all.

  51. anon1

    Dales ex said on amys page that dale was sometimes hard to understand she seemed pretty upset that people were talkin about dale and said that if anyone had anything to say or ask then to ask him she said he was on his way to work and it happened in missouri and hes in alot of pain from the wreck and has 2 cracked bones in his neck and wont be able to work for a while the car was totaled it flipped and is at a place in hayti called R&P it was supose to be teresas car he was driving she said must been a angel watchin over him seems he has had alot of wrecks latley and has ran into a stream of bad luck, anyon. i went to school with dale and crystal and she wasnt a nice person then and isnt one now i even heard her make comments about goin to her class reunion just to see how fat some of the girls were myself thats not nice at all

  52. hmmm, interesting developments in Dale’s life. Does he still have a girlfriend?

    I once knew a chic who made fun of fat people and now Id guess she weighs about 250lbs, she got what she deserved!

  53. anon1

    Im not sure he even had a new girlfriend i read somewhere he was just afraid to stay alone at his house so he had people stayin with him and everyone started sayin he had a girl living with him, yes its not nice to make fun of other peopel being fat i mean what is she teachin her kids to make fun of others

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  55. Anonymous

    I just wanted to let you know that Dale and the boys were in the Kennett newspaper tonight he was getting them signed up for school http://www.dddnews.com

  56. anonymous-thnx for keeping me updated. You have NO IDEA how much I appreciate it! I cannot believe NOTHING has been found out yet about Teresa’s disappearence. I am going to email nancy Grace AGAIN. Teresa needs more media coverage.

  57. Anonymous

    http://www.dddnews.com/story/1165137.html heres the link, sorry it wasnt for a registration it was at Mo-Chip identification rally Saturday at the Bootheel Youth Museum at Malden. provided parents with hard copies and CDs of their childrens’ digital images; fingerprints; DNA samples; and dental impressions

  58. Anonymous

    I saw the latest pics on Gary Dale Butler and noticed that for someone who had such a horrible wreck and some broken neck vertebres didn’t look to hurt by me!. Anyways read that he was behind on the car payments and that the tags were invalid.I think there are a few including family members that find the accident alittle suspcious ! As far As Crystal goes read that she is defending Dale and has been signing Teresa’s guestbook with her B.S posts!Why is she so eager to help out after 7 long months?

  59. anon-hmm.very interesting! is there any documentation on the broken vertebres? Is Dale wearing a neck brace? Has anyone gotten a hold of an accident report? as for Crystal, people do things for all kinds of reasons, their motives can be from kindness to deceit, what kind of a person is Crystal? Anymore on what the psychic has said?

  60. Anonymous

    Hi BarnGoddess!
    I am a different Annoymous! not the one that I’ve been reading !between you and the other one! I do post alot on Topix and read Amy’s guestbook and Crystal does mention in her postings that If she can put her differences of Dale behind her then so should we! Sounds like shes on friendly terms with him.As far as his accident no one can find Anything out not even Amy ! and she’s been digging.

  61. hi anondifferentfromotheranons-thndx for stopping by here! I think Crystal is off her rocker by saying :

    “If she can put her differences of Dale behind her then so should we!”

    Teresa Butler’s case frustrates me beyond belief, its just the SAME as Hope Meeks…

  62. Anonymous

    This case is very frustrating! I’ve been on it since April ! and now I feel as if it is no closer to being solved.Are you working on this case as well? The reason why I say that is because there has been no arrests no other suspects around nothing and I think they should be looking at Dale alittle closer But there not and that friend of his from Florida!!! heard back in june on Topix that this person might be back in M.o ! I don’t know if there is any truth to that either! I guess because Gary Dale Butler passed a polygraph ! That’s good enough not to suspect him anymore I think it’s a joke especially with all the stuff from Casenet I looked up on him.Heard he has a bad temper and treated and cheated on Crystal as well thats why I was beyond belief to what I read in the guestbook about her changed ways with Dale ! Also she mentioned that if we want to know more about Dale then to pick up the phone and call him ! He’s a little hard to understand sometimes. He needs all the support he can get ! ( I just wanted to barf after reading that!)
    Anyways still think that car wreck ought to be checked into.Did you know that he traded Teresa’s jeep in for another car back in either late june early July! thats what Brenda posted in her sister’s guestbook.Didn’t sound to happy about that and then come to find out his newer car is messed as well so that’s why he’s been driving her car the Impala. You tell me .

  63. Anonymous

    I just read in Teresa’s guestbook that Brenda(Teresa’s sister)posted about the Gideon Labor Day weekend Festival that was held Sat Sept 2,06 It sounds like they raised a bunch of money for her cause.Also she mentioned that Dale and the kids were there with them most of the day.He seems to be doing alright for someone who came out of a so called death crash. still waiting for a police report!

  64. Anonymous

    I just read in Teresa’s guestbook that Brenda(Teresa’s sister)posted about the Gideon Labor Day weekend Festival that was held Sat Sept 2,06 It sounds like they raised a bunch of money for her cause.Also she mentioned that Dale and the kids were there with them most of the day.He seems to be doing alright for someone who came out of a so called death crash. still waiting for a police report!

  65. anon-thnx for the info!! I still think about teresa so much and I do not even know her. I am near convinced Dale knows/has something to do w/ her disappearence. And, funny for someone w/ a broken neck to be walking around just fine, eh?

  66. Anonymous

    Hi BarnGoddess!
    I’m the other Annon! Anyways your right ! For someone who has a broken neck he sure seems fine to me ! I too am convinced that he either was involved in her disappearance or knows someone who is ! like his friend from Florida ! saw that you mentioned him early on . I have heard a few things on this person and the Blonde that was with him. Also heard he lived in Arkansas and now could be back in Mo.Some people on Topix mentioned that they know this person but didn’t want to mention his name in fear of him reading that he is being talked about ! I would love to know more about that wreck of his ! Have you heard of any police or accident reports about it ? We can’t find anything. Maybe he thought he better show up to the Labor day event! probley did it out of guilt.
    who knows! Didn’t hear of Crystal at all !.

  67. other Annon-thnx for coming over here to the res. Why would someone be afraid to mention the FL dudes name? cant they remain anonymous?

    ….just too many unanswered questions I think D. Butler has many answers to….

  68. Anonymous

    I agree ! Too many unanswered questions ! and no one can or won’t answer them about Dale or the friend from Florida !


    Dales flying to new york to be on MONTEL WILLIAMS show i pray this helps find Teresa

  70. chrissy-thnx! woohoo MOntels show,we are headed in the right direction. Do youknow when the show will air? Ill be sure to watch it!

  71. Anonymous

    Sorry Gang !!!
    Unless something’S Changed, Dale cancelled out Monday !!! He doesn’t deserve any credit for getting on there> I’ll say it again ! Teresa’s family should be the ones to be on that show. Not Gary Dale !!! Why is he trying to be a SAINT all of a sudden!!! When he sure is heck has not done CRAP! all year long> He wrecks her car ! Which he should have been driving ! Which that should be investigated by the way ! That was no accident!!! Anyways I hope her story does get on tv but not with him.

  72. Anonymous

    again clearlake or whatever your calling yourself now, he did not cancel, they are coming here to shoot some footage, so why should he fly all the way to new york? it was the producer of the show that POSTPONED not dale.

  73. anon-thnx for the update. I was disheartened to think anyone cancelled Montels show for Teresa! I am happy they are doing her story



  75. thnx friend of the family. I feel badly for Teresa’s little boys, her case is sad. In 4 months it’ll be a year, and not one step closer to finding her. I hope when Montel airs her story someone comes forward. I am emailing NG again today about 2 cases, 1 is teresa’s and another case just like her’s that happene din Okla

  76. Anonymous

    There are very many unanswered questions about teresa’s disappearance, i have such a gut feeling Dale needs to tell what he knows!!! i worked at walmart and know people who still work there, Teresa was getting some pretty upsetting phone calls from Crystal.Noone knew why? Teresa was very quite about it but obviously upset. i heard a rumor already that a physic told teresa’s mother they would find her body in arkansas. I think Dale will never go on the Montel show because he will probably be incriminated again.The physic that told that was carolyn pate, she also stated she was more than willing to help the police on Teresa’s case but had not been contacted as of yet. Our church prays for her weekly and i do daily as a mother,those children need their mother and if Dale knows someting those kids sure do’nt need to be around him. My niece is very good friends with Teresa and it is tearing her apart about those babies,they were Teresa’s life.I think it will all come out someday, i pray for closure for her family, children, and friends. I also know for sure Dale moved a girl in and he did have hickies because my nephew works with him and saw them plus Dale told him he had a girlfriend but since she has moved out. i don’t know who she was though.PLEASE I PLEA TO ANYONE WHO KNOWS ANYTHING AS A MOTHER,FRIEND,ACQUAINTANCE,CHRISTIAN,NON-CHRISTIAN,ANYONE WITH THE SLIGHTEST HELP TO OFFER PLEASE SPEAK UP,IT COULD HAPPEN TO ONE OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS. WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO BRING THEM HOME WHETHER ALIVE OR NOT? PLEASE HELP THIS FAMILY FIND SOME PEACE.THINK OF HER MOTHER,DAD,SIBLINGS,AND THOSE PRECIOUS LITTLE BOYS SHE LOVED SOOO MUCH! I will continue to pray for i know the Lord will bring her home. to the family i say hang in there, keep her name alive. believe the lord will bring you peace.

  77. anonwhoisamomtoo-thnx for commenting. I find it hard to believe that Dale knows NOTHING about Teresa’s disappearence. I would not be suprised if she is found in Arkansas….

  78. fhneb35

    Magnificent job! The comprehensive data given was extremely helpful. Lets hope that you keep up the excellent work succesfully done.
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  79. Well, these little factoids should be sent to the Smithsonian for further analogy.

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