Texas Executes Another Piece of Filth

You just have to LOVE Texas. Last night was thier 6th execution of this year with 2 more sceduled this month.

They execute murderer’s in Texas, ones who have NO business ever being free in our communities again. For example: see this pic I have here? This is Robert Salazar, jr. This loser beat his girlfriend’s 2 year old daughter to death because she was crying. Since what I really want to put into words about this human scum might shock some, I’ll try to do it tastefully.
27 year old Salazar was executed last night for his awful crime. These are his exact final words: “I am sorry that the child had to lose her life, but I should not have to be here,” Robert Salazar Jr., said.
Tell my family I love them all and I will see them in heaven.”

Heaven-ha, wishful thinking!

He doesnt sound sorry to me. So it was the innocent toddler’s fault he beat her to death and now HE was being put to death? What a creep, he cannot even take responsibilty for his actions even tho it is proven he murdered Adriana Gomez in 1997. Rusty Ladd, the pathologist who worked with the Lubbock County DA’s office to prosecute Salazar said Adriana suffered injuries inflicted by Salazar’s violent rage worse than auto accident victim’s suffer. Ladd also said he had never shed tears over a victim like he did over Adriana’s case. Just for the record, I googled Ladd and as a pathologist, he has been involved in investigating some nasty homicide cases in the state of Texas. I care not to think of what Adriana’s autopsy report stated. At least little Adriana’s awful murder has gotten justice. Now, what about her mother? Why was Adriana even allowed around the creep, Salazar? Is the mother in prison for not protecting her child? Where are these mothers who’s children are beat to death, molested, abused, by thier significant other? Some may think I am being too hard on the mothers of these abused and murdered children, but I feel I am not. As a mother of a 2 year old I would never leave my son alone with someone I did not know and trust fully. I was the same way with his older brother. It is called being a responsible parent.
Yeah, Ive been a bit blog happy these last few days. But, I was away from home darn near a week, and unable to post. Then upon my return we had 5 days of rainy weather which gave me tons of puter time, but now since our Oklahoma weather has taken a turn for the better, I’ll be outside a lot more!


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