What Big Teeth You Have

Today I was doing my usual morning search of the news and came across a few interesting articles. One that caught my eye was about a Florida alligator who roamed around a gated community and knocked on a person’s door. The eight foot bull alligator came from a pond behind Lori Pachelli’s house and banged on her door. She had walked her cocker spaniel earlier and thinks it may have followed her home. Trapper John French came and caught it. He said it is the start of the alligator breeding season, so he expects a lot more calls of ‘displaced’ alligators. How cool to have John French’s job! Maybe a bit on the dangerous side, but I bet he never has a dull day at work. Hmmm, wonder how much it pays?

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An infectious disease doctor was killed last sunday in Botswana, S. Africa when a crocodile pulled him into a river from his canoe. 68 year old Richard Root was the founding chief of the division of infectious diseases at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in the 1970s. His wife, in another canoe, witnessed the attack. Dr. Root was riding in a dugout canoe when the croc thrust from the water, snatched him by his shoulders and neck, and pulled him under. Dr. Root’s remains were recovered this past tuesday morning.

From the pictures I viewed on the net, Dr. Root was not a scrawny man. I also noticed no mention of killing the killer croc either. So, I would assume a killer croc is still swimming about in the same river waiting for another chance to snatch a human?

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