Haunted Oklahoma

The unknown or paranormal has always interested me. So, I thought you might be interested in some haunted Oklahoma places I have seen, and others I hope to visit one day soon. I wanted to make a little road trip and snap a couple pics of Green Eyes, The Constantine Theatre, Haunted Hill in Bartlesville, but I am unable to at this time because my wee one isint feeling real good. So, for now I’ll make do, but soon I hope to post some pictures of the places I have mentioned. Here’s some fascinating places:
BartlesvilleHaunted Hill (this is also referred to as negro gap)- When you drive to the base of the hill, turn the car off and put it into neutral, it moves up the hill on its own. It is believed that there where some black men that were hung years ago will push your car up the hill.
Directions to haunted hill : Take Hwy. 11 going north past the airport, follow to highway. 75 north to Bartlesville. Follow that road for like thirty minutes and then you will se a tractor place on your left. Turn left after it. Go straight for like 3 miles or so. You will go over a bridge and then railroad tracks, keep going straight. Then you will come to a “Y” in the road, the “Y”‘s street sign will say GAP ROAD just go straight until you come to a curve that curves left. Don’t take the curve, turn around and go up a few feet. When you turn your car off, put it into neutral, you’ll feel your car moving slowly up the hill.
****Some people in the area that investigated this phenomenon say this might also be cause from some type of gravity disturbance or magnetic field. Whatever the cause-Ive been there 2X and it does happen! Its kinda cool in a freaky way, its best to go in the daylight.

Claremore – Rogers state college (I went here last fall when I picked up some college texts) An old Indian man is said to walk the campus at night. A cadet from when it was a military academy who died in a hazing prank supposedly haunts the now TV station. A janitor that worked in the Baird hall at 1 time, heard footsteps coming up the stairwell at night several times when they where alone in the building, and in the radio station building another janitor heard a toilet flush in an empty bathroom.

Crescent – Indian Springs Its the burial grounds of indians,houses are now built on it,but at night if you sit outside you can hear indians beating their drums.

Pawhuska – Constantine Theater cowboy ghosts make the sounds of a bar room fight. Also let it be noted, when a Pawhuska High School class a few years back was renovating the theatre for improvements-they discovered underground tunnels and secret passageways that reached to the First National Bank. Ive been inside many times, never noticed anything odd.

Pawhuska – Bird Creek School -There is a school off in the woods behind lake bluestem it is an old one room school house that was used for Native American children in the early 1900’s but the chalk board is still in-tack and it is said that if you enter and write you name on the board and come back at a later time that your name will be scratched off the board. I am not sure about the chalk board instance, but I did know an Old Osage Indian who attended school back when it was open, he said it was haunted then. I have been inside, just had an uncomfortable feeling, never noticed anything odd. We didnt have any chalk, so we could not do the ‘name’ experiment.

Pawhuska – Green Eyes The story behind green eyes is unclear nobody really knows what happened but it is rumored that a man went crazy and drove his car that had his 2 children and his wife over the bridge and they drowned. Also, Ive heard an Osage Woman who was a witch was killed in this area of the creek for being evil. If you go over green eyes bride at midnight and turn off your lights you will see two green eyes and when you turn on your lights to see what it is there is nothing there. My friend L. and I might have witnessed something strange-but we are not sure because we had just left a party (we were just recently 21 and whooping it up) so it might have been Jose Quervo playing a trick on us! Regardless, this is right near the Bird Creek School and the whole area in itself gives off a creepy feeling-daylight OR dark!

Pawhuska – Lookout Mountain There are little people that live around the mountain and it is said that if you go up there and disturb the grave they chase you. Chief Lookout and another Osage Indian are buried on top of this huge hill, the Osage Peyote Smokehouse is at the bottom. One spring a rancher I know leased some land around the mountain, I was working along with his son and we rode up the mountain and viewed the graves, nothing unusual happened-except our horses were fidgety.

Pawhuska – Pizza Hut The Pizza Hut Ghost has haunted the pizza hut in Pawhuska for many years. The rumor is that before it was a restaurant that it was a house back in the 40’s and a couple in their mid 20’s lived there and then the man go drafted to WWII and he never returned. The house was torn down in the mid 70’s after it had been vacant for years after the woman died and made into a place of business at times you can see the lady sitting looking out the window waiting for her husband to return from war there has been times that 40’s style swing music has been heard over the jukebox and no disc is playing and she has been seen moving around the building in a night gown and sometimes she will move dishes. I’ve ate in this establishment many times, nothing odd happened.

Ponca City – Poncan Theatre This theatre is one of the oldest buildings in Ponca City. People have reported hearing footsteps when nobody else is present, seeing people who disappear quickly afterwards, and classic ghost stuff like that. In the basement, some people have reported hearing the beating of an Indian drum nearby. Also, there is a stain in the ceiling that closely resembles blood. People have made every effort to remove it: washing it, painting over it, etc. But it always comes back after a few days.

Sand Springs – Postok Cemetery Balls of light move about in the cemetery and in the woods behind. Warm and very cold spots all over. This is an old cemetary, when I visit I am taking my camera because others have told me orbs are in every picture you take here.

Skiatook – Witch’s grave This location is an old late 1800’s and early 1900’s grave yard called Hillside cemetery marked by an historical site marker. It is known that a witch in the early 1900’s is buried there. Many disturbing things have happened on and near this location. Talk of demonic possessions and alternately the destruction of lives to those who disturb the witch’s grave. The Death of a young teen-age boy in the mid 70’s that wrecked his car at a very near by bridge is known to walk the roads around the cemetery. From Skiatook take Hwy 11 north to Hillside Rd. Turn east stay on the road it will be on the east side of the road just past the curves. I have driven past this place once, I was not comfortable stopping, kinda creepy!

Tahlequah – Indian graveyard The old Indian cemetery in Tahlequah is a constant source of strange occurrences, sightings of apparitions, and just plain spooky feelings. Tahlequah is the capital of the Cherokee nation, in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, and is where the sad trail of tears episode in American history finished up…where a quarter of the displaced Native Americans died on the forced march. In the cemetery you immediately feel you are being observed, weird unfilled graves will appear and be gone, sobbing and strange winds are common, and for some reason a dark man dressed in 1930’s clothes will sometimes be seen…at times angry and giving chase to visitors at night. I have not visited this place, but hope to soon.

My forefathers didn’t come over on the Mayflower, but they met the boat.”
– Will Rogers


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2 responses to “Haunted Oklahoma

  1. VERY cool. What’s the story of the picture at the top?

  2. It was one taken up near OK/KS border at an old Mission.

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