Severe Weather-under the gun today

From the weatherman on our local news, it looks like Oklahoma is in the severe weather threat today. But, after one resides in Oklahoma for atleast 1 spring, a person (one with any sense!) can almost predict a stormy day on the horizon. Today we woke to gusting winds, low clouds, and air dripping with humidity. Since a dry front is on its way, it is going to clash with this weather hovering over Oklahoma, causing the potential for severe storms, tornados, and damaging straight-line winds. So, Ive spent a better part of this morning tying everything down that might possibly blow away in the event we get hammered this afternoon/evening. My little one, who is being a monster today (guess hes feelin’ better) is taking a snooze, when he wakes-its back to business.
I am working on something I had hoped to post today, but other chores take precedent. My draft is just going to have to wait-dammit! 2 poems I really like:
Just before the sun is setting
A time, when it is, romantically grand
I ride my Beautiful White Stallion
Along the silver sand
.It helps unfold my Passion
That was once, open and wide
Like, racing along the edge….Of an oncoming tide.
Love has always evaded me
Call it, Kismet, Fate, .. also
Destiny, all have had their play with me…But … I hold no hate.
I have a tender heart always
Yet it grows wild and wide
As I race along the sands,….
On the edge, of an oncoming tide.
My stallion is a beauty ….Knows just how I feel, ….
Forwe both know, at the slow, setting of the sun.
It’s time to gallop, and release in fun,Passion, as beautiful as, the setting sun.
By Lily M Price

I Have a Dream (By Emma Massey)
I have a dream from when I was small.
A dream I thought would help the world.
And to be as successful as I am
Never once came into my mind.
I have a dream.
To help horses in needAbandoned, neglected or mistreated.
I would help them all.
I have a dream.
And as I grew older,I realised how much needed to be done.
Although it was hard I carried on.
I have a dream.
A driving need to protect them.
So I provided a place of safety.
The Mare and Foal Sanctuary shall it be called.
I have a dream.
Rescuing horse is what we do!
Care for them and loan them out.
Where they can be loved once more.
I have a dream.
To carry on this good work.
Giving horses another chance in life.
Showing them what love feels like.
I had a dream.
To look after mistreated horses.
And it has come true!
It may not be a big thing,Compared with the world.
But to me it’s huge!
Emma Massey 12


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4 responses to “Severe Weather-under the gun today

  1. Did yall get anything weather wise? The weather guy has been calling for it all week here in Dallas and Nada. Heck of a job there weatherman! Only job where you can be wrong more then 1/2 the time and still keep it.

  2. Hope you were safe where you are. Here it was fine, but seemed to be rather chaotic in other area’s of our fine state. Enough so that the news channels were interupting programming every few minutes all night.

    We had some pretty hefty winds here, but that’s it. Saw some pretty nasty pics on the news of other places in state.

    News today consisted of weather and the jerk that killed that little girl.

  3. RB

    Cheers for commenting on my blog – always nice to know we’re not just typing out into nothingness!

    Have enjoyed reading yours too – hope you don’t get any tornadoes, that sounds v.scary (the worst we get here in Yorkshire, UK is a bit of rain occasionally!)

  4. whew, looks like we were lucky again with this bout of storms, lets hope our luck doesnt run out!

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