The Green Fairy

Once, many, many years ago, at the start of my career as a party girl, I spent a blurred and hazy weekend in Windsor, Ontario. It was a beautiful summer day, and I was about 19 at the time, I think. Early one saturday morning in July, I ran into town to the local feedstore and bumped into the store owner’s daughter- K. Back in high school,K. attended the public schools altho she was catholic like me, she attended catechism classes at my school, so we were friends. Especially after she dated my ex-boyfriend M., she was really cool about the whole situation back then, he treated her badly. M. and I had a nasty break-up, I was not ready for a serious relationship(even tho he had an awesome car!).Besides I just wanted to live every day like there was no tomorrow, partying and having fun was what I was all about, I did not want a boyfriend tagging along on every little adventure. So, M. and I went our seperate ways, but he still professed undying love for me up until a few years afterwards. So, when K. started dating him, I wished her the best, he really was a nice guy, just too nice for me! K. complained about his hang ups regarding his relationship with me. After awhile, that was the end of them. So I was happy to bump into her on that hot summer morning. We had lost touch after graduation, she went off to modeling school somewhere down by Detroit, I went off to college. We got to visiting and she invited me over to her parent’s Lake house, so since I was off work for a few days with time to burn, I zoomed out to the Lake. We hung out for awhile until she received a call from one of her ‘down state’ boyfriends, he invited us to a concert in Windsor. She asked me if I was game, Of course! I am sure I shouted. Her Father threw us the keys to his Deville and off we were, with a side trip to my house to pack a small bag and let it be known I’d be gone for a couple of days. My best friend L. assured she’d look after my horses (she was dating a preacher’s son that summer).

We picked up K.’s BF in Farmington Hills and crossed the border thru the tunnel. We made excellent time ( it was a long tip to Detroit from our starting point) until we got lost in the city of Windsor. After a couple of confused hours, we made it to our destination late that night, promptly changed into party clothes and sped to the bar. We were treated very nicely by the band (K.’s BF brother was thier manager/promoter) and had free run of the backstage, I can recall. We were in one of the dressing rooms just sitting around on funny beanbag chairs visiting, when a green colored bottle appeared and tiny silver glass. I was offered a taste, of course I was already into Jose Quervo heavily by this time of the night, so I questioned what it was. I was told it was Absinthe. I tried a taste of the murky liquid, it was bitter going down but the effects were strong. I tried the little silver glass once more and declared enough for me. It had an effect that is similar to alcohol but stronger in a happy, feel good kind of way. I have heard it compared to the street drug ecstacy but I have never tried the drug so I have nothing to compare. We then attended an after-party in the nicer part of the City, where the band lived. We whooped it up until daylight when we made our way back to K.’s BF brother’s small apartment and crashed for a few hours of sleep. One of the band members, he was a tall, blonde haired, sinewy muscled fellow with kind, bright blue eyes, had given me his phone number. At that point in my life, I only took numbers and never gave out my own. I cannot recall what instrument in the band he played, nor his name, just that he was a gentleman and not offended when his advances were rebuffed. He had tons of groupies with thier tongues wagging out of thier mouths, I had decided I was not going to fall into thier catagory. I do remember finding his number inside my wallet when changing bags late that same summer and giving it a toss. I had not given him another thought until I saw this ad below:

Aside from alcohol, Absinthe contains a number of different psychoactive substances. Among these thujon is of major importance, a substance released by the wormwood plant, known under the name artemisia absinthium. The effects of real Absinthe can be mood brightening, stimulating even euphorizing……

entire ad at the link:


Rodeo, the only sport that gets you off in 8 seconds or less. – Unknown


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