Tornado Warning!

These are the actual pictures from today’s twisters.

My 2 boys and I had to make a crazy, wild dash to the storm cellar this afternoon. I am usually the last one to seek shelter in the storm cellar, so you all must know this was a very serious situation(these are the times my dear husband gets irritated at my yankee upbringing).

On my way into town earlier that afternoon, I noticed a truck with antennas parked at the highway and my county road. As I passed by it, I read the sign on the side. It read: Tornado Tours. I giggled and thought to myself, these idiots might get more than they bargained for. The entire day our weather was building itself up into a volatile atmosphere. The animals knew it. My old horse was a bit jumpy and I noticed all the cattle had taken to the lower ground in my area, and they went early.

We had just gotten home from town, after picking my 12 yo up from school about 3:50 p.m. I turned on the T.V. to Dr. Phil, my 12 yo is a fan of him. My oldest was sitting at the kitchen table where he could see the T.V. in the living room, but he was not watching, he was feeding his little brother some dinner. I glanced at the T.V. and saw the tornado warning for my exact area, my home and family directly in the path. I slid on my shoes and told my oldest “We have to go NOW”. He did not hesitate, he jumped up, grabbed his brother and out the door and into the storm cellar we went! As we were sprinting, my cell phone started ringing, when we got to safety down inside, I looked and it was S. most likely calling me to tell me to get the kids safe. The wind blew like holy hell, it hailed the size of golf-balls, and it got real dark. We listened to our barely working battery radio and tried to keep our little guy entertained until it was safe to leave our shelter.

It did not last long. We exited the shelter about 25 minutes later and looked NW at the passing storm, it was a monster. What they call an organized supercell. It was, thankfully, gone from our immediate area. Our place faired well, again. I said a little thank you to whoever was listening and then promptly noticed some lawn furniture was missing. 2 of my new chairs (of course!)

Another close call. We were lucky again. These are pics I took off our news stations websites. Our power was only out for about 30 minutes and since they buried our phone lines this past fall, our phone does not go out. This was how I spent my afternoon, today it was running from a tornado, the other day I was running from a damn snake! All of this running, my ass should look smaller but no such luck dammit, its still looks as big as ever.



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3 responses to “Tornado Warning!

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  2. horsingaround

    your very lucky i imagine that was a very frightening experience or are you use to storm warnings?

    we don’t get them here so i don’t know what its like.

    by the way your horse is beautiful


  3. sandra-thnx, I am partial to my own horse 🙂 tornados never bothered me until I became a mother!

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