A Better Day

Wednesday is a much better day for me. My sniffling/sneezing has dimished 50% and the world is looking clearer. My brand new Dooney and Bourke hand bag finally arrived in the mail. It is even lovelier than I had imagined. This particular charm bag was one I had my eye on for awhile but they were sold out of the stores quick. So, I had to resort to finding the exact one I wanted and purchasing it on Ebay. I found one from a reputable seller with 100% feedback and the deal was made. I must confess, I am a handbag addict-but of only 2 brands. I only carry Coach or Dooney and Bourke. My collection is a small one, under 15 and thats counting a coach bag I use for my digital camera. Thats wy this news story caught my eye:
$22,000 Worth Of Coach Purses Missing
It seems they were hijacked out of a Dillards in Tulsa.
Galloping Horse by Sarah
The galloping horse seems to fly
Above the ground but below the sky
Wind whips her mane, sun lights her way
As the galloping horse flies away.


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