Missing, Dr. Anna Randall **updated BODY FOUND**

Pathologist, Dr. Anna Randall has been missing since 4/9/06 from her Oklahoma Fort Gibson Lake home. The husband of 55-year-old Dr. Anna Randall, also a physician, says he returned home Sunday to find his wife gone. He reported her missing after she didn’t return.

Dr. Harvey Randall, who is retired, stated his wife handled all their business affairs. He also states he is shocked by her disappearance. His lawyer would not let him talk on camera.
The Randalls are described as ‘reclusive’. Poeple say the couple kept to themselves. A pathologist, Dr. Anna Randall and her husband operated the Muskogee Clinical Laboratory. The business justsold last week, but sources state that money is not missing. Also, Dr. Randall left behind her purse, credit cards, keys and cars. She just vanished.

Wagoner County Sheriff Johnny Cannon states officers searched Fort Gibson Lake. The search was canceled yesterday’s high winds created dangerous conditions. They are still searching, using 4-wheelers, horses and dogs.
Anyone with information on Dr. Anna Randall’s whereabouts should call Wagoner County authorities at (918)-485-3124.
**no picture has been released yet, as soon as one is, Ill post Dr. Anna’s picture.

***UPDATE***** 4/13
Dr. Anna Randall’s body has been found. She was found lastnite by search crews near Fort Gibson Lake. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Jessica Brown says Doctor Anna Randall was found dead of a gunshot wound about 7:45 pm, less than two miles from her home on the lakefront. A handgun was found next to her body. Brown says investigators think the gunshot was self-inflicted. A neighbor told authorities of seeing her walking in foot-deep water in the area right after her disappeareence.
entire story here:

how sad… sad that she thought suicide was the only answer………



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3 responses to “Missing, Dr. Anna Randall **updated BODY FOUND**

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    This is such a sad story.

    p.s. your translator worked fine.

  2. Anonymous

    Well, I didn’t read or I missed it, why would she kill herself. She had a job, a depressing one, but still a job. A husband, money in the bank. So why would she kill herself? Someone know something, or would not have said the gunshot was self inflicted. If your gonna tell a story, tell it all, not just half of it.

  3. The authorities say Dr.Randall committed suicide. I have no idea why anyone would actually kill themselves, I can list a few reasons as to why they might WANT to die tho.

    my theory on Dr. Randall is, she was upon her retirement, she and her husband had just sold thier medical business/facility, she handled all of thier business affairs-maybe she gambled, lost all of thier money……?Maybe she was not ready for a retired lifestyle…..?working as a medical examiner maybe she had seen awful things that humans do to one another and just simply gave up hope, obviously, something cracked inside her mind. I feel bad for her loved ones, suicide is cheating and I believe its the cowards way out…..

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