Change is good. I keep telling myself this. Kinda of like a mantra. Usually, drastic change is something I avoid at all costs. But small changes I welcome, almost seek out in a certain way. I like variety but in the same sense, I like the familiar. I imagine that the majority of people feel like me. My 12 yo is wanting so badly to attend Football Camp this summer at the University. But, it is a very expensive one, and we are working hard to fit it into our budget. The tuition isint the problem, even if it is a good sized chunk of dough, its the spending money, new equipment, travel to and fro. His father and I are trying hard to make this a reality for him because he is sad about not going to MI for an extended stay this summer with his much loved Aunt J. and her much loved family. Football is one of his greatest loves by all means………he is one 12 yo who since I can remember, lives, breathes, and plays football and never tires of it.

I really love spring, maybe because I love green, its my favorite color! My new red geraniums survived thier attack from my 2 yo. They look mighty nice decorating my porch and steps. Today is a warm and sunny day, typical Oklahoma weather………I think I’ll go into the garage and dig out our little kiddie wading pool……….


by Jessie

Through the warmth of spring

On horses’ wings

I ride through the mid of night

The glory of the flight

As I ride on horses’ wings

All too soon disappears the night

As well as spring



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6 responses to “Changes

  1. Good luck getting your 12 yo to camp. My daughter (12 next month) has informed us she’s done with horse camp, done with Girl Scouts too. I hope this isn’t the beginning of the decline into the teenage “everything’s boring” phase. At least your boy has a passion!

  2. Your son sounds like my hubby. For several years, we ate with a picture of Sonny Jurgenson (Washington Redskins) in our dining room. I can’t tell you how much Redskin stuff we have in this house, but the picture of Sonny does not hang in the dining room anymore. It’s been relegated to a place that has yet to be determined (read: garage) because it is still packed in a box!

    Good luck with the camp – I know as a mother, you want to do whatever you can for your children – sometimes we just can’t and that sucks – cause it’s usually about money!

    Thanks for your note about my son. I hope you don’t mind that I posted it on my blog – it was just so kind and touched me – Thank you!

  3. kristy-girls are so complex! My Father said raising girls is the hardest (like my brother was some kind of angel-NOT!)He always complained we were responsible for every gray hair he had, and still does-hes a great dad, I am lucky.

    Maybe horse camp was getting a little mundane, same ole same ole, if she likes horses, she might be ready for something more challenging, or more physical involving horses…I learned dressage before I learned how to team rope, so? who knows….12 is a confusing age, not yet a teenager and definately not a kid!

  4. your welcome fixcat, I meant it wholeheartedly one time or another in my life, horses have been my saviour.

    My 12 yo loves sports in general, but football is his ‘thing’ his passio for sure. Hes already met w/ his junior high football coach for next year!! football is a BIG deal down here, we started playing on our schools team in 4th grade. My son’s nickname is ‘Bos’ for Brian Bosworth because when he blocks/tackles, he is like a brick wall, and strong little(maybe not so little!) guy too. It was funny to see some of the other teams players 2 and 3 of them trying to tackle him, they were swinging off his jersey! and last year he had the leagues highest QB sacks avged 2 a game-he made his dad and I proud.

  5. Hi – I just wanted to leave you a note about you and your son practicing for Easter Egg hunts. I don’t have an email addy for you so I thought I’d post here!

    With my two guys, we did several hunts one year with baskets. They would run and the eggs would roll out, or they’d tip them over . . .

    The plastic Easter buckets are GREAT! You an get a huge haul of eggs in a bucket, too. I found them at K-Mart, Target and, uh, that “other” mart . . .

    I hope you all have lots of fun!

  6. thnx! our practice run went…..kinda well, lol 2 yo’s are just too funny!

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