Missing, Jamie Bolin 10 yo girl, Possibly Taken By Online Predator**found murdered**

Law Enforcement of McClain County, Purcell OK, are searching for a 10 yo girl who has been missing since going for a bike ride wednesday nite. Purcell is 112 mi SW of Tulsa and 30 miles SE of OKC. Jamie Bolin disappeared while riding her bike last night near Purcell Middle School. She’s described as 4ft tall and 100 pounds. She has shoulder length red hair. An Amber Alert has been issued in the case.

Police have released a sketch of the suspect and details that lead them to believe Jamie is in extreme danger. Police are looking for a white male between 19 and 30 years old driving a dark blue Chevrolet Tahoe with dark, tinted windows, large shiny wheels and the word “FOX” on the rear window. The vehicle has a partial license plate of “Z69”. Law Enforcement states the vehicle may contain the girl’s bicycle, its green with white grips and white tires. Police think Jamie may have met the man online and that he tried to persuade her to meet in person and she finally gave in. Heres what Purcell’s police chief says:
“We’re very concerned,” said Purcell Police Chief David Tompkins. “There is a lot of time that has passed. He’s had a lot of time to get where he’s going to go. She’s ten years old. You know, it doesn’t look good. But, we’re going to think positive.”
Authorities say the online conversations the man had with Jamie were of a sexual nature and now they want everyone’s help in finding him and bringing Jamie home safely.
Anyone with information should call 911 or 1-877-OK-AMBER immediately.

entire newslink and suspect sketch HERE:
theres supposed to be a news conference at 9pm, if/when new info is released, Ill update asap.

The body of missing 10yo Oklahoma girl, Jamie Bolin, was found Friday night at the apartment complex where she lived, and a suspect has been taken into custody. She was found in an apartment near the one where she lived with her family. The unidentified male suspect was being questioned by police in Purcell. The suspect had been stopped at a road checkpoint. The suspect lived at the apartment complex, but it was unclear what contact he might have had with the girl and her family. Bolin was last seen getting in a dark Chevrolet Tahoe SUV outside the library. Witnesses said there were no signs of a struggle. Of course, if this evil creep was a neighbor, she might have trusted him to a certain extent……..

Approximately 3 weeks ago in Tulsa, 10 yo Elizabeth Wagoner was kidnapped, raped, murdered, and dumped by a man who lived 2 blocks from her (Elizabeth)………..this is unacceptable-and its happened again. I know I am probably viewed as jaded, suspicious of everyone….and for good reason it appears.
******************UPDATE 4/15********************
Kevin Ray Underwood, 26, will be charged with first-degree murder Monday in the death of Jamie Rose Bolin, said DA Tim Kuykendall. He plans to seek the death penalty against the Purcell, Okla., man who was arrested after the body of a missing 10-year-old girl was found in his apartment. This is the EXACT reason we have the DP, I hope this creep suffers……………


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