One of my favorite bloggers has officially tagged me. Rude1 can he found here:
http://therude1rampage.blogspot.com/ He is a daily read of mine, very good stuff.

So here goes:
1) I have to drink 2 cans of coke a day or I get cranky
2) during the middle of the night, I wake up and check on on my kids, go outside and check on my old horse, then usually look at a few auctions on Ebay
3) I have a slight cussing problem
4) I specifically order things to be delivered thru UPS because my UPS driver is a HOTTIE~
5) I hold grudges, for a very very long time
6) On a regular basis, I chase Jehovah witnesses (I think thats who they are) off my property with a pellet gun, they think its a real gun.
7) I have a tattoo, I love it, its of my horse, a portrait of his beautiful head

Now the real freaky stuff about me, I’ll follow rude1 and keep it to myself! lol



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11 responses to “Tagged

  1. Oh boy, that makes two of us in regards to your number 6.

  2. good, I am glad I am not the only one running after these jokers with a firearm : )

  3. I LOVE number 6! I’m also guilty of 3, and 7 (although mine is not of your horse, or any horse for that matter lol)

  4. hahaha, oh and number 4? I used to take my drycleaning all the way across town ’cause the girl that worked there was hot! That was a long time ago…

  5. a long time ago huh? lol…dont tell my hubby my confession or else Ill have to start using Fedex and they have a hateful acting woman driver in my area! ick!

  6. Let’s see. I hate Coke, but I am addcited to Dr Pepper and coffee. I too check on my critters in the middle of the night. I have a more severe case of cussing, and I absolutely go where there is eye candy to be seen. I only hold grudges when it is warranted. You already know about number 6…lol.
    Don’t have a tattoo yet, but I am getting one. Called a “slut stamp” or a “crack cover” depending on where you live, lol.

  7. hehehehe “hateful acting woman” now now, I’m sure hubby don’t mind you looking; it’s like watching a sunset, appreciating the view is all 🙂

  8. Hey, I just really noticed your url “warpony ramblings”; here’s another wierd thing about me. When I was in the AF, at each base, I would name my jet something different. My favorite was “Nightmare, The War Pony”. lol We were a night fighter unit and our wing mascot was a wild mustang. Weird… 🙂

  9. cool! great minds think alike : ) you couldnt have picked a better mascot. This weekend if all works out, Iam going to try to take some new pics of the wild mustangs on the preserve near me.

  10. lol, the fedex lady is mean, and she has dirty fingernails, I noticed the last time she was out here-ick!

  11. Cool, I can’t wait to see the pics!

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