Enough! I’m on the Warpath

Country music isint my favorite by all means. I am more of a rocker, a heavy metal rocker for sure. Once upon a time, wayyyyy back in the 80’s, when I had BIG hair (real big hair), I was a metal head. You’d be suprised at the ‘metal heads’ of my era that attended school alongside of me at St. Marys. Suprisingly, we werent ostracized. Anyhow, back to the topic. I am so damn sick of these so called ‘celebrities’ bashing Pres. Bush and our govt’. I have NOT and never will be a fan of the Dixie bitches-oops I meant Dixie Chics. I would not have one of thier CD’s if it was free or a gift from them personally. After thier ill made comments about President Bush back in 2003, I was kinda hoping they would fade off into celebrity has beens oblivion. No such luck dammit! Toby Keith has made his stance in regards to the Dixies, they have had a long standing fued since the Chics ripped on our good President. Mr. Keith makes no bones about where he comes from and what his views are. For country music, I can handle a little bit of ole Toby. Because, I am PROUD to be an American.

Jane Fonda is another loose nut that irritates me to no end. She started with Vietnam and now shes jumping on Michael Moore’s, Sheenan bandwagon to protest the war in Iraq-give it a rest you, old bag. Isint she ready for the old folks home yet?

This is what I read that started my tirade against celebrity Bush Bashers:
I do not always agree with the President on every single issue. But the majority of issues I do, the ones that matter anyhow. I think he is doing the best he can.

Another thing that is really chapping my azz here lately. I am so tired of the whiners at the gas pumps. Okay, gas is outrageously priced at $2.68 here in Oklahoma too. Sell the gas guzzlers and buy a Honda or a Toyota, walk, ride a bike, or better yet, a horse! Cut back on your driving, car pool, take public transit, just shut up about the damn gas prices.

We Oil Producers of America are not getting a discount at the pumps, we are paying the same as everyone else. Oil is at $72 a barrel. People are forgetting times like back in ’98 when oil dropped to $10.35 a barrel. Times when good hardworking Oil Producers of this Nation barely got by, and some who didnt get by. My family and I had a couple of rough years in those days. We did acquire more debt than the average American citizen because of the state crude oil was in those years. Crude Oil is how my family pays our bills, its how we eat, it is how we survive. Crude Oil is my husbands job and livelihood, it is all he knows, he is good at it, and he thoroughly enjoys it. This last year has been financially, the best we’ve ever had. Not only us, but the economy (in my Oklahoma area) in general. We’ve been able to become almost debt free. We have been careful to put some cash back. If Crude does drop back to $10 a barrel, this time, we wont lose the farm.

Well, I am done ranting. I think I’ll go ride my horse, then guzzle a few Budwesiers, that is a combination that always makes me feel mucho better. If ya’ all want to rant along with me, feel free!



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10 responses to “Enough! I’m on the Warpath

  1. Okay I’m your gonna hate me, ban me from your site, and no longer be my friend, and this makes me sad :*(

    I have stated I don’t like country music, but I do like the Dixie Chics (arrgghhhh I KNOW SHOOT ME). I do realize that they said some horrible things about our President, but I still like their music. To me what they said about the President doesn’t effect me not listening to them. I feel that everyone has a right to say things, and well they probably shouldn’t of said that being that they are in the spotlight, but they only got hell for it because they ARE in the spotlight. [Okay you can ban me now].

    On the gas prices, I don’t bitch about them, I don’t like the high prices, but um….I do have to drive to work so therefore I pay the price (here in kansas it’s 2.89). I too do not like all the whinning that goes on. Just shut up pay for your gas, and oh don’t forget that beef jerkey and pop you have to have too (which adds to the cost of the gas stupid idiots!). Why whine about something that you alone can not change? It’s beyond me. I agree with you on that.

    I had a customer today call in about her phone bill, and all she did was whine about the “republicans” because they are raising the taxes and the gas. That’s what you get when you vote for republicans, she stated. I was thinking woman I’m a democrate obviously like you, and I voted republican, so um whine to someone else who gives a damn, and just pay your bill!!!

    Well with that said bye bye. (don’t hate me)

  2. I think I will just join you for a ride and a few beers.

  3. you know, I think … if we bought more ‘homemade’ gas … I don’t think we’d complain as much about gas, at least not here at home (oklahoma) I think it’s paying so much for foreign oil while guys like your husband work their butts off and go into debt that chaps our hides! (oh my gosh after 20 some odd years I am turning into an okie!!!!!!!)

    oh my goodness !! ANother okie who doesn’t like country music! Hallelujah!!! There are THREE OF US!!!!!!!!

    So who’s your favorite … I liked Pink Floyd till my 16 year old discovered them. I think he’s heard The Wall more than I did …and I wore out 2 cassette’s and wore out a needle on my record player!

  4. butterflychic26-you are not, nor will ever be banned for stating your opinion/feelings. I respect the fact that there are peeps out there that like country music, even the DChics. I think the DirksBentwhatshisname country singer has the sexiest voice Ive ever heard, just hearing his voice makes me melt-silly! Beef jerkey-a staple in the Barngoddess diet of survival…..I make some rockin homemade deer jerkey!

    cowgirl-the more the merrier, always buds on ice at my place, c’mon over.even have a horse for ya to ride : )

    dreaming again-my hubby says the same as you, the USA needs to depend on the USA Oil Producers and less on the foreigners. He does work hard, but he loves his job : ) Pink Floyd! love ’em. I found AC/DC late junoir high/early high school, then I got over Ozzy’s weirdness and actually listened to his music and loved it. Metallica soon followed. I still jam out on a regular basis, usually in my car or truck , and alone!

  5. Hehe cool! I don’t like country music, but like dixie chics, (GOD I don’t know why!).

  6. Whew, where to start! This post is full of great commentary and I agree with you on them all.

    Dixie Chicks; I used to sorta like them, but stopped listening after their diatribe against GW. Well, actually, it was their remarks after. See, I believe in their right to say what they feel. I spent my life protecting that right. What I don’t support, is the celebrity of our nation not willing to accept responsibility for what they say. THAT is why I won’t listen to them anymore.

    I’m exercising my free speech by not putting money in their pocket. As for Toby, I buy all his stuff. He is a great example of how the process is supposed to work. He is a Democrat, but supports the WOT and our troops. He supports Dubya in these matters, but not in others.

    That is the way the system is supposed to work.

    Gas prices? Spot on, if you drive a guzzler, pay the going rate. Or ride a horse, thats the one I like. πŸ™‚

    Republicans raising taxes? That’s a new one on me. I guess it’s just easier to talk shite than get informed with facts… πŸ™‚

  7. I like all kinds of music.

    Might take you up on your offer someday.;)

    Is it beer:30 yet?

  8. Beer 30? Geez Cowgirl, it’s only 1030!

    Scotch? πŸ˜‰

  9. rude1-great explanation on the Dchics, your right they were just exercising thier freedom of speech-its when they FORGET how they come about having it and keeping it that riles me : ) I am a republican on most issues exspecially when I get behind some no good crack head jobless doper loser with 5 kids and a FOOD STAMP card in the grocery line check out! Ohhhh I left that door wide open……..

    cowgirl-its noon somewhere! I just got back from KS with a case of 6pt budweiser : ) already in the icebox. Beer in Okla is just 3.2 and well, being born raied on Canadian Beer, it just doesnt cut it for me, so I buy my brews in KS. I am thawing out some rib eyes for dinner…its going to be a great friday for sure! C’mon down anytime you like, I always have a horse needing rode, and I enjoy good company, especially when it involves horses.

  10. I’m with you all the way Goddess; I wrote a piece a while back about celebrities and how they need to shut the XXXX up and do their job. Entertain me, nothing more. Keep their pie holes shut. Oh well, what do we know anyway…:)

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