Man Offers $1,000 For Young Virgin Bride

What an *sshole! I about fell out of my desk chair when I read this article earlier this morning. This man is a P-I-G! And in light of the 2 recent murders of two 10yo Oklahoma girls-WTF is this jerk thinking?

Bray, OKla. A man is causing an uproar in the rural Stephens County town of Bray by advertising that he’d like to pay for a young virgin to be his bride. A sign that 45-year-old Michael Thelemann posted in his yard Sunday said he’ll pay a $1,000 reward for a virgin bride between the ages of 12 and 24.One of his neighbors says she feels like she’s living near a pedophile and another says she fears for the safety of her three daughters.Thelemann says he can’t understand the uproar, especially since his grandmother married an older man when she was 14. He says he’s getting up in years and wants a young wife who can bear him children.Thelemann says his original sign was stolen but he’s since erected a new one that doesn’t include the minor ages. It does note, however, that he’s not interested in a, quote, “pig-worshipping, heathen, white-supremacist wife,” unquote.Stephens County District Attorney Gene Christian says it’s likely Thelemann is acting legally.

I’d like to know how advertising for a 12yo ‘virgin bride’ is legal? It sounds like a strong case of pedopilia to me! No need to explain why this 45 yo man is not yet married……..

This idiot, Thelemann, wins this weeks “Asshole Award” and is a strong contender for the Asshole of The Year Award” as well.



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8 responses to “Man Offers $1,000 For Young Virgin Bride

  1. I agree with you! What as ass!

  2. You know I don’t have children but the way things are going in the world I’m beginning to think that not having any would be best. Not only because most of the children these days do not have manners, and are rude as can be, I blame this on the parents. But also what is happening to some of these children in the world.

    I know if I have children I will not let them go outside without me or my husband, which is sad. Back when I was a kid (and i’m only 26 years old), my parents really never had to worry about me being kidnapped or something worst when they let me out to play.

    The world today as for me is not safe to bring innocent little beings into. It’s a scary place and time, and this is sad!

    I agree with you on this complete jerk, he’s deffiantly an A-Hole. I can’t believe he’d do that! ARGGH!

  3. Another candidate for mandatory gene pool reduction.

    Get a rope.

  4. ok … what is wrong with our state????? Have we dropped off into insanity?

  5. dreaming-I am beginning to wonder about our great state. I do know this idiot wouldnt be tolerated in my tiny community, civil rights or not, he would eventually have to leave the area permanently!

    cowgirl&anocs-ID love to teach this P-I-G a real lesson…..

    rude1-Ive tons of ropes! and a nice big sturdy tree, Im all for a lynch mob : )

    butterflychic-your totally right, when I was a kid, I ran all over hells half acre w/out my parents worrying. In this day and age its no longer a possibility, I am so thankful I live out in the country, wayyyyy out!

  6. wow. and i thought my french-horn playing neighbor was an asshole…

  7. lol, Dr Charles is it a coincidence you always visit on days I am giving out asshole awards? If you have a nomination or two, Id be happy to hear them : ))

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