$$ Money……..

Money………I like, I need it, I want some more of it. Is this a line from the movie “The Wedding Singer”? or a song? Anyhow, this is my motto today.

It seems, my dear hubby has pointed out, I have over spent my spending budget again, 3rd month in a row. So, I told him to spank me, he declined stating I would enjoy that too much. Leave it to my personal money police (S.) to inform me of my bad spending habits. I understand completely where he is coming from and I respect his points but……….I like to shop, do fun stuff, and I like ‘nice’ things. Everyone out there agrees, I am sure. Which would you prefer, a Coach handbag and Justin boots or a Dollar general faux leather clutch and fake rubber cowboy boots? I once knew a lady who actually wore fake rubber cowboy boots without socks! Yes, it is true and the smell, I only encountered it once but, it was bad, real bad.

Last week, a lady had called and was requesting training for 2 young horses, one 4yo and one 5yo to be exact (not my definition of young horses). The 4 yo has already been ridden, is green broke, but needs a lot of work. The 5 yo has been been broke to ride but has developed some nasty habits. The horses owner was alittle vague about the horses training, so naturally, my oh shit meter is going up. Earlier this morning, I loaded up my 2 yo son, and we drove over to the next county to check the situation out. Like I said, I need to make some spending money but I am not desperate. I was shocked by what I saw. These 2 horses were each at least 150lbs to 200lbs underweight, needing a good worming, a visit from the farrier, and most likely all thier vaccinations. C. (the horse owners name) was waiting for me out in her paddock with the horses. I have no doubts in my mind she saw the look in my eyes regarding the physical shape of these poor creatures. From checking out C.’s homestead, she obviously has a decent income and a great set-up for horses. I could not wait to hear the story behind the 2 sorrels that stood before me.

C. informed me, as I looked over the horses one by one, that she had come into possesion of them in E.Texas while visiting her sister. They had belonged to her sister’s neighbor. It seems C.’s sister had reported the horses mistreatment to the authorities in her area, a citation was written but someone dropped the ball there. These horses were transplanted because of hurricane Katrina from Louisianna to Texas and ended up at a NOT SO nice and caring home. C. had lost her horse 2 years ago in an accident, and decided she was ready to have equines in her life once more. I did not 3rd degree her about her horse’s accident, she had some weepy emotions not too far from the surface, and emotional people can make me very uncomfortable sometimes. So, C. stated that while she was visiting her sis, she could not let these horses live like they were, and offered the miserable owners some cold hard cash to take these animals off thier hands. Money talks, and she left Texas with 2 new horses and a borrowed horse trailer.

It was obvious, these horses, at one time were great equines. They have extremely good breeding and that was noted immediately because of thier conformation. I truly believe, with the proper care, these 2 horses would be great again. C. stated she already had her large animal vet out to have a look and C. showed me the written instructions from the famous Dr. H. He is known to be one of the best horse vets for small ranches, breeders, and the likes. I read his scribbly chicken scratch note and noted he had a follow up appointment with the 2 sorrels in about 2 weeks. C. told me she had started the feeding regime Dr. H. had prescribed, as well as the diet supplements.

Only once before in my career with horses, have I ever turned down a job because of the horse’s condition. This incident warranted a call from me to the Animal Control authorities and the horse was removed from its owner. I am the LAST person to call the law on others, but when it is beyond my own power and a life is involved whether it be a human life or an animals life, I will take action.

So, needless to say, I told C. to call me after her next vets visit and maybe, her 2 sorrels will be ready for some training. I gave her my farriers number since she had lost touch with hers, he is excellent with any kind of horse and has the best prices around too. Also, a plus side………he has a very appealing backside-but I left that part out!

Well, guess I better get busy cutting some coupons, huh?

It is not enough for a man to know how to ride; he must know how to fall. ~Mexican Proverb



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19 responses to “$$ Money……..

  1. I surely hope these two get the care and attention they deserve! Keep us posted!

    Hmmm, farriers backside, hottie Fed Ex guy… I see a trend here Goddess! 😉

  2. I can not stand people who mistreat poor defenseless animals, or children. They do not ask for this, and what I don’t understand is that the animal still shows never ending love for these people.

    I’m glad that C. had it in her heart to take the horses from so undeserving people who had them. I think people get horses b4 they actually sit down and figure out the cost of owning one and how that would effect their pocket book.

    I don’t own a horse, but I do know how much keeping a horse up does cost as many friends of mine do own them. It’s a lot of hard work from what I gather, but they all say it’s worth it as the horse (as big as it is) repays back with unconditional love for them, as the do for the horses.

    Here in my city it’s not horses that are being mistreated it’s dogs. People are stealing other peoples beloved pets for dog fighting. This is another reason why I will not let my pups out by themselves (and they aren’t even children). I’ve had my precious piebald doxie kidnapped before and paid a reward for 300.00 to get her back, i put on fliers No Questions asked Just want beloved little girl to come home to mommy! So i couldn’t ask where or what happend for these people to have them in their presence. I just know that they already named her Baby and gave her a collar. Her name is NOT BABY, and she doesn’t even LOOK like a Baby, her name is Katie, and I took offense of them renaming her.

    Well that’s all for now, I sure do post long comments! LOL. (and most of the time they make no sense either!!!).

  3. rude1-I am busted! nothing wrong w/ looking right? besides you should have seen my other farrier before he retired at the age of 80 or so, scary man he was, but darn good at shoeing/trimming. I think these 2 horses found a good home, Ill keep ya’all posted on how they are coming along.

    butterflychic26-horses are a lot of work, and they do cost more $$ to keep. But having a big dog is the same way. Dog food (the good kind) costs as much as horse feed. I am still amazed at how much our itty bitty doxie packs away everyday, I swear, if our vet didnt comment on his obesity at every visit I’d think he had a hollow leg or something. That is awful that someone snatched your ‘Katie’ and you had to pay $300 to get her back! And they had tried to rename her-grrrr people are such idiots!Kudos for you keeping your cool with the dognappers/reward wanters. AFter I handed over the CANCELLED check, Id have thrashed the daylights out of them-but no one would dognap our Elvis, he is a stranger biter, good thing hes under 6 lbs or else hed be finding another home. Your posts make sense to me, but Ill warn ya, my hubby says I am crazy !

  4. Nothing wrong with it at all, I’m just making an observation… 😉

  5. “The horses owner was a little vague about the horses training, so naturally, my oh shit meter is going up.” I totally understand the feeling. HATE that; and it always bring trouble.

    That is just part of the horse business, unfortunately.

    As far as farriers go, I like holding the horses for some of them!;) You can’t help looking, and when the view is good…why the hell not!

  6. hehehehe, I may go into a new line of work…Where else can a guy get his butt oogled by such sweet gals?

  7. cowgirl-my horse stands for the shoer without needing anyone, but I pretend he does just so I can ‘view’ lol I figure its no different than the guys oggling the Hooters waitresses, right?

    Rude1-unless you want to become a professional bullrider, then I think becoming a farrier is your best bet : )

  8. oh and rude1..that was Hottie UPS guy, Fedex has the hateful acting woman

  9. Working at Hooters is fun if you like to flirt. 😉

    I hold my horses for the farrier for the same reasons you do.

    Some of those young bull riders are hot!

  10. most definately cowgirl : )

  11. UPS, got it 🙂

    HOOTERS?? Did someone say HOOTERS???

  12. Rude1, we said Hooters.

    Still have the clothes.;)

  13. lol-rude1 your just like my hubby, Hooters is his favorite chowplace. I dont mind : )

  14. heh hooters…never been. Hear they have great hot wings. Although I don’t think the hot wings are why most people go!

  15. actually they DO have delicious wings, but your right, I think the scenery is why people eat there.

  16. Thanks for coming by my blog. I don’t know P-turkey about horses, but a spavined animal is a spavined animal and I hope they will be okay.

  17. thnx for coming by : )) I think the 2 horses are in good hands now. Ill know for sure on my next visit.

  18. Hi barngoddess. I hope the two sorrels are much improved by the time you see them again. poor things.

    enjoyed your conversation with rude1 and cowgirl!

    you’re right, a girl has to look!

  19. right on kyahgirl! might be married but not dead~ : )

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