Boys Will Be Boys!

Ride ’em cowboy!


Pregger mares-it is hot! 94 degrees today


Hugs are the best………


My old guy-Hey where’s dinner?


Yesterday’s catch-some nice cats my boys caught-eh?


Mama’s little ranch-hand



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4 responses to “Boys Will Be Boys!

  1. your boys are so cute, also really laughed at the the blog about cleaning, which I should be doing as I type, i have the disease of horses too, I do swear it’s a sickness, we are foaling at this time and that is so awesome

  2. yes, once stricken w/ the horselove sickness, there is NO cure! thats okay, I wouldnt have it any other way, I bet you feel the same way. Babies-they are so sweet. Its been a long time since we had foals at our place, my best friend L. has them all now. Maybe I need a mare…………….?

    Do not let my boy’s cuteness fool you….they are real life little devils,lol!

  3. No cure for being a horselover.
    Adorable pics. Makes me want kids…that biological clock is ticking pretty hard right now. Scary.

  4. thnx, cowgirl you have many years left! no need to panic

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