Happy Monday! Aren’t kittens cute? I love them, I like cats-not as much as I like dogs, and no where near as much as I love horses….but I like cats. Cats like me. My oldest sister J. has this HUGE cat named Sassy. For a cat, she is a ‘witch’. She bites and scratches everybody, Sassy does not like anyone. And, she is HUGE. But, Sassy really likes me. Whenever I visit my sister J. in her Northern MI home, Sassy thinks my suitcase is her own personal lounger. Sassy also insists on sleeping with me in my coveted spare bedroom’s ultimately comfortable bed. This has been my room when I visit, since J. built her house. It is mine and I do not like sharing it, even with my hubby………but Sassy insists on ‘rooming’ with me, so I have no choice but to comply. If you like kittens and cats, please check out my girl ‘FIXCAT’ – she has something important to be heard, ya’ all….here:


This week the farrier is coming…….yipeeee. The old guy needs some new shoes and my talented farrier has a new brand of shoe he is wanting me to try out. They are supposed to help ease some of Scooter’s arthritis by absorbing ground ‘shock’. I need to do some more reading up on these shoes but my vet J. said they work to a certain extent. Kinda like my son’s Nike shocks? I think thats the shoes name….but my horse’s shoes are no where near my son’s shoes $120.00 price tag!


Family fun= camping. I am not so sure about this equation. The last 3 weeks, my 12 yo and husband have been hinting about taking a weekend camping trip to the river before it gets as hot as hades in Oklahoma. After this saturday nite’s big sleep out, the hints are coming on strong. We’ll see. I am not too wild about camping out in the wild with our 2 yo other son. We’d have to keep him on the leash and let our little dog Elvis run loose. We KNOW Elvis isint going anywhere, he has never strayed far, ever-he might miss a meal! I was thinking this coming weekend we could spend it along the lines of ……………….. pool shopping. For some reason, I think I will be out-voted.


I have a love/hate relationship with my vacuum. I dislike the vacuum but I like clean floors. Since today is Monday, it is house-cleaning day. I must spend time with the dreaded vacuum. I hope it behaves and doesnt emit any burning smells, fall apart, or made that loud, scary sound again….S. is gone out of town for his job until late this evening, so I am on my own-wish me luck!



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3 responses to “Monday!

  1. well you will be surprised to read my new post…. 😦

  2. I am sorry butterflychic26 : ( hang in there, okay?

  3. I call my horse’s fancy shoes “Nikes” also!

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