Happy Birthday To Me……….

The big 3-7 has arrived. Once upon a time I thought anyone in thier 30’s was ancient. Maybe that is why I felt so crappy turning 30. All the wild, crazy fun and carefreeness I experienced in my 20’s seemed to diminish rapidly as I entered my early 30’s. My 20’s rocked, especially the pre-kid days. The real cool thing is I am actually looking forward to turning 40 in a few years. How crazy is that? Maybe history will repeat itself . Oh well, getting older really isint all that bad.

Today, I do not feel ancient, I woke up feeling pretty damn good. Especially since late this afternoon, lunch with best friend L. is on the agenda. Which means Jose will be in attendance, which means I am scrambling for a sitter for my 2 yo. We only have 1 sitter that stays with our wee one, the only competent individual that S. and I trust to watch after our lovely, mini- maniac son. She is unavailable until 3pm but my mother-in-law said, she and ‘papa’ would gladly look after my 2yo until babysitter B. can pick him up………I have options and it is looking pretty good!

Today is going to be a day of leisure for moi, no housework (except the necessities) no cooking (except breakfast), as much Jose I feel like consuming (the thought of a hideous hangover always looming in the far reaches of my brain, not that this has always stopped me) and as much time as I can get in the saddle today. The weather looks very promising and I hope to take advantage of it. Last year, my 12 yo and my hubby BOTH forgot my birthday. Lets see if they do it 2 years in a row. S.’s down state trip has been post-poned until next tuesday because of equipment needed not being ready, he definately has no acceptable excuse this year.


She burns with righteous flame

passion for her cause

riding free across the range

seizing truth in her jaws.

Bites down hard on bitter bit

cares so much it hurts to cry

screaming loud gives her grit

feels compelled to help to try.

so glad that mothers like her exist

praising barngoddess is not remiss.

My talented friend over at “Truth Is Freedom”, Brian wrote this poem for me. I am honored.



***********Birthday Update 7:55 am******************

Hubby remembered! But, he conveniently failed to inform until this morning that he has to be in Tulsa ALL DAMN DAY at his companies office/shop to go over a new acquisition’s paperwork and specifics. But……he wants me to drive down to Tulsa and meet him for dinner about 5 p.m.- restaurant of my choice. I would LOVE to eat at Joes Crab Shack but it is physically impossible for me to be in Tulsa at 5 p.m. because I’ll most likely still be ‘lunching it’ with L. Besides, I hate going to the office and behaving all appropriately while pasting a stupid fake smile on my face. If it were’nt my b-day I might succumb and make the small sacrifice to spend time with S. but not today. I politely declined, then noticed S. narrowing his eyes at me as if I were up to something, hmmmm. Just for that, I think I’ll stop by the Trading Post and see if that new headstall Ive been wanting since X-mas is still there! My self-involved 12 yo forgot OF COURSE but my 2 yo has been giving kisses and hugs since he awoke, he can be such a sweetie. Oh, and when I fed my old guy early this a.m. he gave me a big wet nuzzle with his grain covered muzzle, now I have a pretty green streak adorning my golden locks!



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12 responses to “Happy Birthday To Me……….

  1. FORGOT your birthday! Big time payback. I hope you a happy, wonderful, fantastic, beauteous 37th year day of life. You honor me with your courage.

    Thanks Brian

  2. thank you Brian : )) its going to be a wonderful day.

  3. Happy Birthday !!! Hope you have the relaxing fun day you plan to have!!! And have FUN FUN FUN until daddy takes the t-bird away (

  4. Happy Birthday! Joes Crab Shack is GREAT …so is Cowboy Sharkies. It’s kind of different, but the food is good, and they really want your return business, so they send you all kinds of free stuff …free birthdays, free anniversaries … free this ..free that lol …

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    Joe’s Crab Shack! I’m jealous. Yummy.

    Hope you have a blast sweetie. And isn’t Brian awesome!

  6. happy birthday barngoddes!! I hope it is fabulous.

  7. Anonymous

    I know you are not home, I saw your new car parked at the Canteena. Cheers! Toasting you Blondie, you are a good friend and at the same time you can be the total bitch from hell. I luv ya!

    oh, TJ just told me you guys are working the Lazy L tomrrow. 65 head or sumtin’? Toodles

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday BG …hope it is as wonderful as you are!
    Hugs, smooooch and 38 smacks on the beeehind..( old southern thang)

  9. Thank you friends! Wow, I appreicate the well wishes, and…….the smacks : ) you guys are a great bunch : )

    I have to work tomorrow…looks like I’m cowboying over at the lazy L…….better get some shuteye since I overindulged in drink~

    nite friends

  10. Barn GOddess, I know Im late, but I wanted to wish you a hppy birthday! I love reading your blog and I hope things will get “back to normal” soon so I can visit more often. Again, Happy late BIrthday, I hope you got everything you wanted!

  11. rude1-missed you! I think what your doing is awesome, I wish you the best of luck………please keep in touch : ))

    I didnt get a cake but I enjoyed a few cocktails,,

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