The Bullrider..R-rated(sorta)

The how and the why I ended up in Oklahoma is a long and complicated story.

When people ask me the reason for my migration South from the great Northern Michigan where I was born and raised, I give them a small condensed version. It is NOT because of my husband even tho I did meet him on a trip to Oklahoma before I eventually moved.

I’ll tell my migration story later, when I am ready.

When I first moved to OK, I met and dated a bullrider from the Professional Bull Riders Association named Johnnie.

Our relationship was a wild and stormy one.

So, since it is what I consider R-rated or PG-13 atleast, I am posting the rest of the post HERE



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11 responses to “The Bullrider..R-rated(sorta)

  1. Thanks for the kind words. I am the lucky man for having my wife, she truly is my better half. If you haven’t read the Shadow Boxing trilogy posts, they explain the twice a week posting. Little Brian, Pit Bull and I made the agreement, otherwise, no blogging at all.
    Thanks Brian

  2. nope I sure haven’t found that darn sock! I think Katie took it and hid it, she does that a lot with my socks….that booger head!

  3. Anonymous

    I found your spot by chance. I can relate to a lot of your thinking ways. Enjoyed the pictures, yes I am a man!


  4. Very interesting (with the accent) 😉

  5. Brian-okay, Ill check it out

    butterfly-those weenie dogs can be brats!

    anon-yeah, I am a bit strange at times

    cowgirl-lol, like the accent

  6. Um, well, what can I say; I likes me some Bettie Page! Now Im off for a cold shower LOL

  7. Rude1! you are awesome, you KNOW Betty Page, that is her alright. I am suprised, I am a Betty Page fan,too cool….

  8. Anonymous

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