A Good Day

Sunday turned out to be a good day. I started it with a early morning ride. It was a bit soggy with all of the rain we received the last 2-3 days. The creek was up but not rushing as fast as it did yesterday afternoon when I last saw it. It was uncrossable then. Some of the low-water crossings cant be crossed on the back roads. After my ride, I detailed the inside of my car. I am glad I didnt wash it since right now its storming like crazy. Since hubby couldnt mow because of the super-wet grass, he checked one gas well, and arranged for our sitter to come over for the afternoon. S. and I went to town, we hit Lowes, Atwoods, and Walmart. I have been in serious need of a new gas grill and I bought this very one here:

I cant wait to get cooking on it tomorrow!



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4 responses to “A Good Day

  1. Cool grill! I love grilling. I am one of those crazy people that will grill outside when it’s snowing….

  2. cowgirl-thats my dad in MI, blizzards and all, he just kinda hangs out the back door on his patio and turns his steaks,lol!

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