More About Ghosts

Lastnite’s Ghost Hunters was a good one of an investigation at a lighthouse in Florida. Heres the official TAPS sight incase your not familiar with the TV show.

More cool stuff: you can go to this site and watch a haunted doll move. Its very quick loading. Is it real? I do not know, you decide. Check it out, its really neat.

This picture is authentic. Pretty cool, huh? I think it was taken near the KS/OK border by an old mission. I’ve been on more than a few ghost hunts, and I cant remember who took this pic, but Im pretty sure it was taken at the old mission. I know, Ive posted it before….but its a good real one. If I can talk my best friend L. into coming along with me, I am going to visit Postok Cemetary in Sand Springs. A lot of people have witnessed and experienced things at this cemetary at night and during the daytime. I want to take my camera because orbs and mists are reportedly in almost every picture taken at this site. I wanted to go this weekend, but L. is a busy chic, and she is in the middle of purchasing her dream, 20 acres. I am so happy for her! Just not too excited about her moving from her big home she owns to living in a 3bedroom mobile home, but it’ll be worth it to her to be out in the country and owning her own land, also she’ll be able to have all her horses there.


I’m pretty sure this one is a fake!

This is a picture of ectoplasmic stuff from a neat website I found. They have more good pics here:



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9 responses to “More About Ghosts

  1. Okay now that you scared my half to death, I’m going to those sites, LOL.

    I have something in my apartment (well i used to I think it’s moved on, haven’t noticed much of it). I named the “it” Bubba.

    I constantly feel like I’m being watched all the time especially when I’m in bed for the night or when I’m taking a nap.

  2. There was a ghost in the house where I lived from 6th grade on. I actually briefly saw a foot going up the stairs one time. Those also were many times where I heard footsteps in the upstairs hallway, when I could hear all the family downstairs.
    When my mother-in-law passed away nine years ago I was working in NYC. My wife called about 1AM and told me. I left work, went back to the hotel, checked out and drove 3 hours to her parents house. When I got there, Diane was crying and said she could not believe her mom was gone. The first words out of mouth, were, “She’s not gone, can’t you feel her all around us?” I felt a presence like a warm blanket hovering above us and I “heard” her tell us that she was fine, and to tell her C.(her husband)not to worry. The feeling stayed for several hours then slowly faded.
    Also wanted to let you know that I posted Friday’s post already due to what happened yesterday in Congress with Nancy Grace.
    Thanks, Brian

  3. Here is a big THANK YOU for scareying the pee pee out of me that one website with the doll moving, got me. It wasn’t the doll moving it was the music that was played whenever you click on a picture gallery!!! Sent shivers up my spine. sy

  4. butterflychic26-someday, Ill tell my stories about when i first moved to Okla….
    wasnt that doll freaky? they said the video was legit but who knows. I dont like dolls or clowns either, both are creepy! Lots of places in KS are allegedly haunted, Id love to check out a few more in your state.

    Brian-that is a nice story regarding your mother-in-law passing. Kids are more ‘in tune’ to the paranormal Ive always heard. Ill be over in a bit, thx for telling me you posted early!

  5. Kids are more in tune to it because they haven’t learned how to think; that it is an illusion or they are dreaming, etc…I think adults lose that ability because they are conditioned to do so…sometimes.

    I believe in ghosts. I should post about my first run in with one when I was staying the night at a friend’s house.

    Thanks for the doll moving link…I needed a good scream. πŸ˜‰

  6. tell your story, I love a good ghost/haunting story!

  7. OK, I will when I get back from Kentucky…because this deserves a good post!

  8. Yes – here where I live there is a mansion called “The Brown Mansion”, and well everyone in that family died in that house. Well I’ve heard it’s haunted, I wouldn’t know you can only visit in the day light. But people who work there state they can hear bowling balls hitting pins in the basement (there is a bowling lane in the basement), and people laughing and music playing up on the top floor which is the “ballroom”, and sometimes they hear a baby crying.

    but there are a lot of differnt places here in the town I live that are “haunted”. I would love to check them out also! Although I would probably pee my pants!!

  9. I would love to check out the Brown Mansion! KS is loaded with haunted places Ive heard this lots. You wont pee your pants,lol if you really think you might, where an adult diaper πŸ˜‰

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