Holy Cow

Holy Cow! That looks like a lot of work! Not a good way to spend a friday but hey, money talks..so I’ll be ready to saddle up at 6am tomorrow. A very nice bunch of Brangus steers, 64 head. They are getting branded tomorrow and then released into:Oklahoma has a lot of open range areas. Heed the sign, because some cattle are slow moving off the road. I am a bit excited because tomorrow I’ll have a chance to visit with a cowboy who’s father worked at the Cross Bell Ranch (Mullendore) when The E.C. Mullendore Murder happened. He always has some good stories. In 1989, when I first moved to Oklahoma, best friend L. and I had stopped over at a friends house and Chub Anderson was there. We were introduced and I cant really remember much about meeting him. I blame this on the fact that it was during my super-wild partying days. I did not have a clue who Anderson was and never really understood the whole murder story until 1998 when a friend (T.) gave me the book to read.

Tomorrow I have to break in a new rope (Lariat ). Its been a while since Ive had to purchase a new Smith Brothers rope and then break it in. The place between stiff and supple. My old favorite still has some life left, but I had better start using my 2nd rope more. I cannot do diddly with someone elses. Tomorrow I am taking my 2nd rope. (hope Im not sorry I did)



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9 responses to “Holy Cow

  1. Just making the rounds, come back safe and sound.
    Accidental prose! If I don’t talk to you before I leave work, have a wonderful weekend camping in the dirt. Oops, I did it again.

  2. I hate new ropes. UGH. I feel your pain. I hate new saddles and boots more, because they are literally a pain sometimes…

    Pushing Brangus sounds like fun.

  3. Have fun!! Wish I was out there helpin’!

  4. Brian-have a great weekend! I had a great day, wonderful ride

    cowgirl-new boots are the worse, saddles do not bother me too bad. Whew Im beat, today went pretty good. I have a blister! ouchy

    Kari-more the merrier, but being the ‘new guy’ you get the greenest horse in the trailer, c’mon over to OK Im tired of being the new kid

    BK-moo, and a hundred more moos, cattle are so LOUD, made me appreciate coming home to my rambunctious 2yo son..

  5. Aww, I’d wager that you’d appreciate that even if you’d spent the day in silent solitude upon a breezy hillside. 😉

  6. brain kastel-your right, 5 seconds of silence from my 2 yo sends me into an all out panic, because his silence means hes doing something not so good, like climbing on cabinets, playing in the toilet…

  7. Love your posts. Found on the CourtTV message boards. Read them almost daily!! You live a life I dream of, maybe some day!! Have a great day!

  8. Thanks for coming by texassoccermom! CourtTV forum is my favorite one for many reasons…one being the contributors. Anytime you want to ‘trade’ lifestyles just holler and Ill swap my spurs for your soccermom attire. Im looking forward to reading your blog!

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