Me, A Movie Star?

This is a story I have to share. Yesterday, when I was in town at the only grocery store, a woman asked me, yes, ME-if I were a movie star?! I was all dirty from working, covered in praire mud, but I had to stop at the grocer on my way past town. We were out of a few necessities at home like milk, Coca-Cola , bananas, yogurt, and Cheetos. Anyhow, I noticed this Native American woman looking at me. At first I thought maybe I knew her from some school functions or such, but when I got a good look at her, I did not know her. She had a little girl, her daughter-I would bet, who was riding on the front of her cart and jabbering. Going to the grocer is another chore in life that I dislike-but people gotta eat. I usually make my stop fast and efficient. I raced thru the produce dept, then onto the dairy aisle when I noticed she was still staring at me, following me. I had to stop and talk to the butcher A.O. about some tasty chops that I wanted to purchase and grill this weekend (hubby and son specially asked for chops, something they rarely do–is request a specific meal). This young woman approached me with a friendly smile on her face and asked me if I ever starred in a movie before. I answered no, not ever, altho I was once in a commercial for OSU but did not have a speaking part, just a clip. She was very pleasant and attractive, but kinda dingy and spacey. She had me wondering about chemicals, balances, and such. She said I was a dead ringer for an actress who played the part of a mother to a bunch of wild boys. She did not know the name of the movie. She said in the movie, I was not the boys’ real mother, I was married to thier father who was a carpenter? She wasnt real sure about the ‘father’s’ profession, either. To be quite honest, I have no idea what movie or movie star this gal was speaking of. I hope whoever the unknown actress is, I hope she is a good one.

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6 responses to “Me, A Movie Star?

  1. Hmmm… doesn’t ring a bell, but it’s not really enough information to go on. Did she say anything else, any other detail you might not have noted? Location, setting, number of boys, any plot details? If you have anything else, I can do a better search on the Internet Movie Database plot summaries. So far, I’ve got nothing.

  2. wow I didnt realize I was chatting with a movie star! …Psst 4 horses lol

  3. briankastel-I didnt press her for any info, people were staring and I was kinda taken by suprise..if ya know what I mean. Also my hubbys cousin the ast.chief of police was standing at the deli-counter and he was about to ‘crack-up laughing’ I cant wait to see him monday! thnx for the link : )

    Tara-no such luck, I cant cry on command : ( Im noooo actress. Okay 4 horses, can they be green horses? I always have youngsters that need rode!

  4. you can make mine purple if you want lol… yes they can… im experianced although its been awhile.

  5. Oooohhh…mistaken for a movie star! How fun is that!

  6. cowgirl-not too bad is its a ‘good’ one!

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