I’ve Been Letter Tagged!

Kari over at Down & Out In Arkansas has tagged me for a game of letter fun.

This is how it works- in your comment to this post, ask for a letter, which I will give you as a reply to your comment. Then write ten words beginning with that letter, and explain the story or meaning or relevance of those words to you.. then pass out some letters too! Kari gave me the letter…

1.Cinch: something I do on a regular basis, cinch my saddle tight.

2.Coca-cola: I am an addict, I need help.

3.Cheetos: a staple food at the homestead, what do you expect with a 2 yo?

4.Cooking: I cook every day on my new gas grill, its a nice new fancy one.

5.Cat: I do not have one anymore but I like them, and miss our old ‘mouser’

6.Camping: my family likes to go camping, I hate sleeping in a tent.

7.Canter: same thing as a lope, one of my favorite gaits, my horse has a smooth one…… just like a rocking chair.

8.Crack-cocaine: never tried it, wont either and think people who do it are complete idiots who need slapped silly.

9.Cell-Phone: Ive had one since they first came out, when they were HUGE, I like mine and would be lost with out it, I am happy they are about 1/3 the size they used to be.

10.Cranky: a mood I am often in, but I live with 3 males= my hubby and 2 sons, need I saw more?



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22 responses to “I’ve Been Letter Tagged!

  1. cowgirl-hmmm you get a M

  2. Great post! And I’m cranky a lot too! LOL!

  3. kari-thnx it was fun, I wish some genious would invent a ‘happy pill’ my life would be much easier..

  4. OK, if I was a letter what would I be. BTW is this list of 10 things suppposed to be here or at my place?

  5. Brian-you get R…post it over at your place or here, wherever you ‘d like my friend : )

  6. I would like to play too…

  7. butterflychic26-great! you get a L

  8. Thanks for the “R”. I think I will post on Friday as an addition to the scheduled poem since I am going to need some time to think. I have to be so organized with my blogging or I’ll get overwhelmed. The next four posts are done, with four more partial posts in progress.

  9. brian-okay. How can you plan your blogs ahead so far? guess I am an impulse writer, heehee I cant even plan my families meals inadvance, good thing my micro has a defrost setting-huh?

  10. thank you. I’ll sit here and stew for a moment thinking up 10 words and their meanings, does spelling count? LoL. I can’t plan out what I’m going to wear 5 minutes after I get out bed, let alone plan meals or blogs, lol. I’m not an organized person what-so-ever!!!

  11. Mine’s done and posted. I think I had a little bit of fun with it. Thanks.

    Defrost is my friend too. πŸ˜‰

  12. I am going to post in June about my Chronic Fatigue. I have physical and mental limitations. That is one of the reasons I only post twice a week. Plus I have only limited time at work to edit posts, or Sat. morning at the library. If Diane gets approved for disability benefits, four years and counting, we will get a computer.

  13. Okay, BG; I’m in. I deserve something easy, dontcha think? πŸ˜‰

  14. briankastel-not a chance! you are an absolute genious with words. You get a G

  15. Gee… Good gravy… Gosh… Golly… Gotta go generate G’s…


  16. briankastel-you can do it! your a wordwhiz : )

  17. I haven’t even started yet. I wanted to have a nifty photo like you have of my G, so I used Google to search for “letter G” images. I found one that was really neat, so I went to the site, and the person said it was made using “GIMP.” I Googled Gimp, and I found out it was free, so I downloaded it and started playing with it. There’s this cool feature called “Script-Fu” that takes letters and turns them into logos. So then I went into Word and printed the letter G in every font I have on my system so I could pick one to make the image from. That’s when FixCat paged me on YM.

    I’m still on it, though! πŸ˜€

  18. briankastel:lol, Im still giggling, Im tired but your comment made me giggle!

  19. Now GIT your fanny over to my place! πŸ™‚

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