Jarret Clark’s Body Found

Sad update. Jarret Clarks Body Found. His body was found in a lake near Sequoyah Bay State Park. That’s in Wagoner County near Fort Gibson Lake. Ive posted 2 previous posts here Jarret Clark,Beaten & Missing PT.2 and here Jarret Clark,Beaten & Missing. I hope whoever is responsible, even indirectly, for this young mans death is held accountable. My heart goes out to the loved one’s of Jarret Clark.



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60 responses to “Jarret Clark’s Body Found

  1. Thanks for caring and keeping us informed. I do hope they catch up with those responsible soon.

  2. brian-bad outcome, Its such a shame, this kid had a promising future. đŸ˜¦

  3. Makes me so upset!!! I don’t understand what goes through peoples minds, and I guess I never will! My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

  4. butterflychic26-very bad deal, this kid had a bright future and it was all taken away because of harmless flirting..

  5. Anonymous

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Anonymous

    jarret clark was an awesome person. im glad i had the chance to meet him and share some good times with him. pray for his family and friends and pray they figure out who did this. jarret will never be forgotten.

  7. What a promising future this young man had, he had it snatched from him so young. Whoever id responsible, whether its directly or indirectly needs held accountable.

  8. All i gotta say is fuck Brandon hargrove and his family and anyone that has to do with his bitch ass. Jarret didn’t overdose even if there was 13 to 20 bars and you motherfuckers know how many he took because he got them from brandon. Jarret wouldnt try to run from a fight either just ask anyone that knew jarret. Brandon, Tony and that stupid slut Courtney will pay!

  9. sanderson102-are you a friend of Jarret’s?

  10. Yea he was going into the army with me. he was one of my bestfriends.

  11. sanderson102-Ive written 2 posts about jarret. first when he was missing then pt 2 after he was found. I never felt like he just ‘ran off’….or whatever it was the other people said he did. I want to see justice in this case.

  12. Yea and all three of their stories wasn’t the same. If justice doesn’t come then the streets will come for sure!

  13. sanderson102-I do not know anyone involved in this case. When Jarrets case was reported in the media and the circumstances, I just felt like something bad happened, someone should have looked out for him, I wanted to tell his story, I am the mother of 2 boys, I hope nothing like this ever happens to them. I live in NW Okla

  14. Trust me if i was there i would of had his back. See none of his close friends was there and this Brandon kid i never liked him. He was always in trouble with the law and he thought he was a hardass. It was weird of jarret to go with him cuz they never hungout out of school. I was on the way to meet up with jarret at my friends apartment then he called me as soon as i pulled into the aparment complex sayin he was going camping with brandon and asked if i wanted to go and i said no but they was on the way back to jarrets to get some clothes and that was the last i talked to him.

  15. sanderson102-Ive heard before that Jarret was not ‘good’ friends with anyone camping that nite. Do you have any idea why he went w/Brandon? were drugs involved? even if they were, jarret did not deserve to die, something is not right with the other’s stories I think. Do you know the older people supposedly who were at the camp site that nite?

  16. No the older person that i’ve heard of is Tony Walton, Brandons brother-in-law there was about 6 to 8 people that went and all i kno is Jarret, Brandon and Courtney. I think jarret was just wanting to have fun that night.

  17. sanderson102-fun, its what new high school grads do, I know, Ive been there…was a huge partier in my younger years. I hope Jarret’s case gets the justice it deserves. It makes me angry that its dropped from the news, even if there isint much to report, its out of the public eye, just like COlton Clark 9 yo boy who is still missing.

  18. Kiki

    Hi Barngoddess,this is Kiki. I’ve been trying to get on your blog for two days now…don’t pull the plug on it. I think this is just an emotional case and emotions are running high. I would like to talk to you more.

  19. Kiki

    Also I would just like to say to all of those wonderful friends of Jarret’s…keep the faith…justice will be done. I have heard you all have rallied around Jarret’s family…God bless you for that…I’m sure his family needs your strength. And to Barngoddess thanks for your blog and I hope to hear from you soon!

  20. Kiki

    Also Anon, if you have time to talk, who is this Tony Walton? You talk about your sister and her boyfriend, and Brandon…Do you have a married sister, and her husband, that were out there at the lake as well? I’m confused!!

  21. kiki-I hope something happens on Jarret’s case soon, I hate the dragged out waiting that happens with the law but thats our system. I deleted the other post(PT2) because the osbi agent didnt like some of the comments, mainly mine, it pissed me off and I do not want anyone hurt or misguided thru my blogger. It is mine and if certain people come here and then leave nasty or derrogative comments, Ill either delete thier comment or the whole damn thing. I just want Jarret’s case to be heard and for this kid to get justice. I am glad his friends are rallying around Jarret’s family, it is such a sad deal all the way around.

  22. Kiki

    Hi Barngoddess, how do you know that it was an osbi person who made the comment? Did you call the number that she gave?

  23. Kiki

    I wished they would have more about it on the news…I guess they will in time. I just hate not knowing what is going on. I feel so sorry for the family…just think what they are going through. It is just to bad that the ME’s office is so back logged. I hope they have some results soon.

  24. no, I did not call any numbers ever. I am not sure the lady in question is an osbi but why else would she be trolling around here, myspace sites, ect saying she was? if she is, I hope she finds out something at the sites but she wont get any help willingly if she doesnt act a little nicer….you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I hope the ME gets whatever tests back they are waiting on, I think someone needs to be held accountable…just not sure who!

  25. Kiki

    I don’t think it would be the osbi on my space and blog. It might be the mother of one of Jarret’s friends. You know that all of these kids are hurting, and hurting alot…and I’m sure their home life has changed, and I’m sure that the parents want to get justice for Jarret as well, because they don’t want to see their own children hurting. They are like everyone…wanting answers. I wonder if Anon has the answers…and who is Tony Walton?

  26. rooster

    Anon, you sure had alot to say early on about your brother and sister. Why not now? You say you work 70-75 hours a week, doing what working on an alibi for your brother and sister??? What’s wrong, is the water getting a little to hot at home?

  27. Kiki

    Anon have you got any other news? Are you out there? I’m still trying to figure out who this Tony is????? Has anyone heard anymore about the lady in her 30’s and the two guy’s in their 40’s, that were out there and were supposed to have bought the beer?

  28. Anonymous

    BarnGoddess—I apologize if I said or did something that “pissed you off.” Maybe in writing the content of what I am trying to say didn’t come out right….Anyway, Yes I am for real and if you check the myspace blog you will see my real email. A lot of what has been posted here is the kind of rumor that runs rampant in these kinds of cases, especially the stuff from Anon. I was present for those interviews and there was nothing but civility. They are recorded. But anyway, that will all come out later. I am only interested in finding someone who will tell the truth about Jarret. I only post here and on my space because the Kids read this stuff and I am looking for any leads I can get.

  29. Ive been a bit moody lately. But, it irritates me when people comment on my blogger or other sites rudely or in a nasty way. People are invited to comment, if ya cant do it nicely go elsewhere because you’ve just uninvited yourself.

    I wrote about Jarret’s case because it NEVER should have happened. I do not know him or anyone involved but it still deserves attention. I have no doubts the OSBI and Law Enforcement involved in this case have done everything ‘by the book’ and correctly. I think anon was hearing one side of the investigations and how they were ‘perceived’ by certain witnesses/person of interest. Afterall, how we perceive things around us is our reality.

    I whole-heartedly think that the law enforcement involved in Jarret’s case will get his case solved and justice will be served….

  30. Kiki

    I wonder why Anon, who says he is Brandon’s brother isn’t on this blog anymore, after he heard the osbi was on here too. Makes me think he has something to hide…has anyone questioned him?

  31. Kiki

    Hi Barngoddess,I see that no one has added any comments on here lately. All I have to say is, if Anon and Brandon’s family didn’t have something to hide, they would have been just as talkative on this blog as they were the first few days that you put the blog on. As the old saying goes, ” You can run, but you can’t hide.” I hear your silence, Anon, and it’s getting louder, and louder.

  32. kiki-yep nithin’ new has been reported anywhere, I hope the ME reports come back soon!

  33. Kiki

    Yes, me too.

  34. I have updated this case posted on 8/29/06

  35. sandy

    fuck brandon hargrove what goes around comes around fuck courtney too that dumb bitch is the reason why all of this happen in the first place jarret was a great friend and didnt deserve this at all so i hope brandon and courtney and everyone else involved in this gets jail time

  36. I would like to get an update on Jarret’s case. Has anyone heard anything new?

  37. starr-snip

    I see that the case has been made a multi-county case–outside of good ole boy Wagoner County. Seems to me the Wagoner Sheriff’s Department have bungled this case so much by letting the crime scene be opened to the public even before the body was found!!!

    I also see that the Assistant Attorney General will be involved.

    I will remind readers that those kids reported that Jarret was belligerant and very, very drunk the last time they reportedly saw him–yet after almost a year when the toxicology report came out–Jarret was to have been found without drugs or alcohol in his blood. Why would they say all of these lies if they weren’t guilty?

    Let justice finally be done–

  38. starr-snip-lol your name sounds likes my horse’s AQHA papers! anyhow, when I saw this news about the Grand Jury on the news last nite, I jumped for joy. There are a lot of unanswered questions about JC’s death. I think more than 1 person should be held accountable for it too. Since the tox came back showing hardly nothing at all, all the stories about JC being drunk, drugged out are LIES. Justice for Jarret!

  39. starr-snip

    Yes, I am a horse lover too–hence the name. Thanks for giving your readers a forum. I have always felt that something was not adding up here with this case–hopefully, they can finally bring the right people before court and make them pay for what they have done. I would assume that the guilty parties are all sweating about now–I hear they are most lenient with the first one who “fesses up.” Think about it “brother,” Courtney, or Brandon–also the other people who were reportedly present.

  40. N/A

    JUSTICE FOR JARRET!! i miss him more and more everyday that goes by and not a day goes by that i dont think about him! he was such a AMAZING guy and a FRIEND to everyone! he trusted people to much, and now we see what that gets people! brandon hargrove courtney manzer and everyone else that was there deserves to rot in hell and spend the rest of there life in prison for taking away such a great person! he was doing great things in his life. i was with him basically the whole week before he died.. we had got a hotel room, jarret, me, and my boyfriend, the night before graduation, and that friday the day before he died, he was over at my boyfriends house about to go with him to the army station to fill out the rest of his paper work, he was so exited to go! the whole time he was asking my boyfriend if he could have some army shirts or his posters and all sean would say was ” just wait jarret you’ll get yours”. but he never did. he was out to do great things in life and for our country even, but it was all taken from him.

  41. N/A-thnx for commenting. I am ready to hear the answers to the questions we need answered. SOMEONE is responsible for JC’s death………more than 1 person. I think everyone who was with JC at the lake when the assault took place should be held accountable for NOT doing the right thing, helping Jarret.

  42. starr-snip

    N/A, I feel that the courtroom will be full of people wanting to see justice for Jarret.

    It is such a sad thing that he was taken away so young with his entire life in front of him. Not only was he cheated–but everyone else who knew him.

    Keep his memory in your heart N/A and trust that the right people will pay for their crime.

  43. starr-snip

    I have heard that subpoenas are being sent out–and that around the first of May there will be a start in the grand jury process. Those kids (and apparently adult known bad guys) need to start talking. Again, the first one who talks can make a deal. You are looking at prison time!

    Justice for Jarret

  44. Im glad to hear about the subpoenas being sent out!!! this is great news. I wish media coverage of JC’s case was better…..

  45. starr-snip

    Yes–me too! Hopefully you will hear about it in the news around the first of next month.

  46. starr-snip

    All of the people involved in this case were seen going into the court house in the City yesterday–all but the girlfriend. Even the adults that “anonymous” said were there–they also were seen. Don’t know any further details.

  47. This can only be GOOD news star-snip!!!

    I wonder why the GF didnt go…..maybe a witness? hmmmm is she still e/ the BF?

    I hope the grand jury finds JC’s case worthy of being bound of to trial…

  48. starr-snip

    I have heard that the girlfriend and Brandon broke up.

    I have also heard that Brandon’s sister and “anonymous” the “brother” (make that in-law)–have split up as well.

    You hear there are no friends when it gets to the point of someone going to jail!

  49. star-snip-like rats jumping a sinking ship, they know when its time to bail.

  50. starr-snip

    One year ago today Jarret Clark died. A year later those responsible are still walking the streets–hopefully, they will be locked up soon.

    This doesn’t bring Jarret back but at least justice will be done.

    Please pray for the family.

  51. star-snip-JC deserves justice. I cannot believe NOTHING has been done yet. Any news on the grand jury?

  52. Mom in BA

    I saw in the BA Ledger that there is a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. Hopefully someone will at least want the money since they haven’t come forward so far. There are people out there that know what happened, so come forward and let there be JUSTICE FOR JARRET!!!!!

  53. mominba-I hope someone comes forward and tells the truth. I am disgusted it has been a year and NOTHING. JC deserves justice and the people responsible for his death need punished. Any news on the grand jury?

  54. The Justicer

    I just want to let u all know the asshole that killed Jarret is dead!!!But i tell u now u think that justice has been served well to me Tammy and others close to the family we will coninue to fight whether he’s dead or not- there are other- Dayna Hargrove, Tony Walton, Courtney Manzer and o soo many others…
    If u really want to know ne thing- Please just ask quit making up stories and such when all you’ve read is the newspaper or heard the news…. I dated Jarret b4 Lindsay- His mom and my mom r best friends that work together- Need to ask a question you’ve found the right person!
    By the way Sanderson- U r a great friend don’t give p the fight because Brandons dead! We’ve still go a long way to go

    As for Anon/ Brandons sister or brother- U should have helped raised him better and i’m sorry to say but u know it as well as i do its a relief off ur shoulders not having to carry the burden of always protecting the “bad” to cover everything else up! U can stop the lies and come forward. ALL WE WANT IS JUSTICE!

  55. dont worry bout it




  56. Brandon

    Only “GOD” knows what happened! Dont judge till found guilty! Brandon, Courtney, Tony, & Dayna are all INNOCENT! Accidents happened and Brandon & Jarret are now both in a much better place! May they both Rest In Peace!

    (I miss you soo much bro!!!)
    11-28-87 7-18-08

  57. anonymous


  58. an

    I hope you know that Courtney Manzer and Brandons Halgroves sister Tammy Miller were just arrested… for Jarretts murder….

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