I Want To Runaway….

Saturdays are supposed to be relaxing and fun. Nope, not around my house! I have to attend as wedding out of town and I’d much rather spend this lovely weathered saturday in the saddle. Sitting in a stuffy church on a hard pew with a bunch of people I barely know just is not my idea of fun. But, being the sort-kinda nice person I am, I’ll suffer thru it in my dress and heels. It is hubby’s nephew who is marrying and I like the kid, hes pretty neat. One thing about this marriage I find a bit odd, they met online thru a church-group about 2 years ago. This was the 1st time I ever knew anyone personally, who had an online relationship. The very idea just kinda wierds me out, but….oh well! I do not know much about the girl he is marrying, shes very quiet, but they seem to get along well. I bought them a cordless hand-mixer as a gift. I know, it may sound corny, but I have one and I LOVE IT! Also, it was on thier wedding gift wishlist, I doubt anyone else bought them one. Mine was not a gift, I bought it for myself. Since I am running late as usual, todays post has to be short. Guess you all lucked out today!
These are my spurs, they are awful dirty. I wish someone would clean them and give them a good polish……
Have a super saturday!



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13 responses to “I Want To Runaway….

  1. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I met a very lovely woman online with whom I came to have a profound personal relationship. She was in another state when we first corresponded by email, then chat, and she happened to be moving to Tampa in the future. When she was here, we were inseparable. She has since reunited with her husband from whom she had been separated, but we maintain a deep friendship that will never extinguish. I think meeting someone online is no different than meeting any other way.

  3. Weddings…fun. I love receptions. Wonder why.

    Nice spurs. Package them up and send them to Cowgirl’s place…I’ll clean them πŸ˜‰

  4. Thnx Mike!

    Cowgirl-its the only pair I have at the moment otherwise Id take you up on your nice offer. My 2nd pair I lost one drunken nite after a roping over 3 years ago. The ones in the pic are handmade by a talented old cowboy friend of mine.

    briankastel-well, then I know 2 people who were/are in ONLINE relationships. Its not for me, I like to see peoples eyes…

  5. I certainly know how those ropings can end up. πŸ˜‰

  6. Well, you do see their eyes, eventually, if it’s going anywhere. I’m thinking about getting a webcam so that the people I chat with can see mine.

  7. I just popped in because I am totally crushed over Barbaros injury…the vet seemed worried,too. I was at Belmont one year when the winning horse collapsed right before the finish line. They are so magnificent…sooo…hell, I don’t know. Just breaks my heart…needed to ramble a bit.

  8. Yep, Barbaro’s career is over. Two fractures on his right hind ankle…one blow, one above. Doesn’t look good, and he is a gelding…wouldn’t want to be the owners.

  9. ohhh no! I just got home from the wedding : (( I am so disheartened by this!

  10. sucks doesn’t it.

    Oh, and I would send you something of me singing if I had your email address…just saying… πŸ˜‰

  11. Barngoddess- i like your new profile pic. very telling.

  12. thnx Jake! you already know I like yours : )

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