Undefeated Barbaro is Injured…

sniff sniff….The undefeated horse and Kentucky Derby Winner, Barbaro suffered 2 fractures above and below the ankle on his right hind leg during the Preakness Stakes. The injury occurred in the 1st hundred yards after the field of 9 horses broke from the starting gate. Barbaro, was in the middle of the pack when he suddenly dropped back and was favoring his right rear leg. It’s reported to be a serious fracture and will require major surgery to repair. Of course this awful event upset fans and even worse for the ones who viewed Barbaro being loaded into an equine ambulance and driven away,with his right hind leg in an inflatable equine cast. Barbaro was taken back to his barn, where he was X-rayed, tranquilized and stabilized before being transported the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center, a veterinary hospital, in Kennett Square, Pa. Dr. Larry Bramlage of the American Association of Equine Practitioners said this about Barbaro’s injury: “It’s a serious fracture. This will require pretty major surgery. … Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer. His career is over. This is very life threatening. Under the best circumstances, we will try to save him as a stallion. A human would have to spend six weeks in bed with a comparable fracture, with a horse that’s impossible.”

This Triple Crown hopeful is now out of the race for the most coveted spot in Thoroughbred history. My heart is heavy tonite with this devastating news….

Barbaro’s career is over, he is unable to race again. I hope he has a retirement full of lush green fields with a few of his buddies to run with and beautiful mares to breed. He did afterall, win the Kentucky Derby and was undefeated his whole racing career. If his owners dont want him, I’d be thrilled to have him in my pasture. Y’all know I have a soft spot for bays. A big thanks to Cowgirl and Magz for the heads up on the news that Barbaro was injured at Pimlico. sniff sniff. Since I was out of town at a wedding, I was out of touch with basically everything important: like the news, radio, my puter, cell phone, ect.. A non-drinking reception of vegetarian food, coffee, and tea followed the nuptials. What is with people who do not eat red meat? I am slightly suspicious of others who do not eat red meat………but thats nothing new, I am suspicious of everyone!



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5 responses to “Undefeated Barbaro is Injured…

  1. Hey Goddess, just a note to say Hi and Im still kickin! BTW

  2. howdy rude1!glad you dropped by to let me know your still kickin’! I promise more bettie soon : ) just for you my friend, keep in touch and dont stay away so long.

  3. I thought of you last night when I heard this on the news. I read about it in the paper this morning – front page on the Washington Post. It’s so sad. I hope he makes it through the surgery. The Post had a good diagram of the injury. You know, I was watching the news last night and I couldn’t watch – I thought he had fallen – and I cannot stand watching horses fall during races. It is just so awful. Beautiful creatures. So very sad.

  4. Sorry – I just noticed – you went to a VEGGIE wedding – ha ha ha!! That’s funny – cause I would have loved it – and I know how you love meat. The booze – not a big issue when you can have a cooler in your car – but it’s not like you could go out and fire up a grill without anyone noticing!!

    I’m not laughing AT you, I’m laughing – well – ok – maybe I am 🙂
    tee hee hee

  5. fixcat-you brat, lol. yep, the food at the wedding recept. was okay..but not even chicken was on the buffet table!

    I looked at some photos lastnite of Barbaro at the Preakness, poor horse, his eyes show just how much he hurt. I hope he makes it thru this ok.

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