A Change in Plans

My family had made ‘tentative’ plans today to go see “A T.rex Named Sue” at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History in Norman, OK. but we changed our minds. Its about a 4 hour drive from our home to Norman. Yesterday we spent several hours in the car for the wedding we attended and this Friday we will be in the car the entire day. We are driving to St. Louis MO to meet my favorite sister, my nephew and his family who are driving down from N. MI. We’ll all be spending the Memorial Day weekend there and doing some sight-seeing and hanging out. Son #1 is going back home with them until his father and I go get him later this summer. Son #1 absolutely thrives up North in the summers with my family and he is so much looking forward to this trip. So, I figured the less time our 2yo son #2 spends in his car seat until our big trip to MO, the better off we all may be!

Son #2 doesnt have school tomorrow, another extra unused snowday! His last day of school is thursday but I am thinking of letting him skip wednesday if it is just a classroom cleaning day and having him come to Tulsa with his brother and I. Son #2 has an MD’s appointment that day with a specialist to see about his skin allergies and his recurrent ear infections. Son #2 might behave a little better with someone other than his ‘mother’ to entertain him.

Early this morning son #1, his friend, and hubby were watching some movie on TV before going fishing. Of course, I was busy doing my usual chores, I am not allowed the luxury of sitting thru an entire movie. In the movie it showed the characters drinking Absinthe. I happened to be walking thru the living room where they all were flopped around watching the TV, except son #2, he was jumping on the couch and making faces at himself in the mirror. I heard son #1 ask his father what absinthe was. Naturally, hubby being the ‘man’ he is, did not hear the question he was asked because he was in that ‘zone’ where all men go when they watch a television. That place where all thier attention is soley on the TV and what it is transmitting. As I was picking up the area rugs to take outside for a good shaking, I heard son #2 ask his father for a 3rd time in a louder voice. Hubby answered back “ask your mom, she might know” Yeah, I know what it is, but I’d never tell hubby that. Awhile back, he was standing over my shoulder when I was proof reading Ramblings From The Reservation: The Green Fairy . Hubby had no idea that this post was one of my real life experiences when he was able to read a small part of it. He just thought I was looking at some website. I shooed him away before he was able to read much of it. I hurried outside to get my area rugs clean and took my time doing it. After about 10 minutes when I returned indoors that part of the movie was over and done with. I packed them a cooler of iced tea, apples, 3 sandwiches, and a bag of chips for thier fishing trip and sent them happily on thier way ( after distracting son #2 from thier departure with his coloring books and non-toxic crayons).



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2 responses to “A Change in Plans

  1. My hubby zone’s out in front of the TV, too. Drives me nuts. I mean, how can they NOT hear a kid hollerin at them?

  2. kari-it must be an XY chromosme thing. Its like they go into a trance……

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