Just Another Day in My Crazy Life

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Today is mercifully almost over. Honestly, getting old really kinda sucks! Even tho I am only 37 yo and rarely feel my years, today is one of those days. Ive been on the go since 6:10 am. My left knee has been throbbing, this is because I was walking across my backyard and stepped in a small hole that appeared overnight, literally. I have no idea where this hole came from but it snuck up on me as I was rolling up the garden hose. It couldnt have been my right leg, oh no… I had to trip with my left leg with my bad knee. Since I had the hardware removed over a year ago, it has been feeling tons better but not after my little trip. I took some ibuprophen, I hope it works soon because I think I threw out all of my good hard narcotics meds during my yearly medicine cabinet cleaning in March..gasp…I know, sometimes I really wonder about myself…like an out-dated tylenol #4 or an out-dated vicoden is gonna kill someone, that someone being me. But, some good health news, my sore tooth isint sore anymore, that means no dentist for me!….until August when I have a teeth-cleaning appointment/check-up and even this little appointment can cause me to want to bolt and run. I hate the dentist with a passion even tho I know this appt. isint going to cause any pain, I am still already dreading it. The worse part of my near-fatal car wreck was having to deal with the dentist and a talented Maxillofacial Surgeon , both who treated my extensive mouth injuries from a fractured lower jaw. Anyhow, the Orkin Man came today and my home appears to be bug free, I am very happy about that! Since the bug man was here, before he arrived I washed allof our beddings and hung them out on my very useful clothesline to dry in the breezy fresh air while the boys and I were running errands in town. Luckily we finished early because a very strong thunderstorm was developing and was just about to hit when I grabbed our laundry off the clothesline. It stormed loudly but it didnt last very long.

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Why is it I cannot get away from my manicurist apointment without one smudged nail?!? It never fails, I cannot have 10 perfectly manicured nails. One of them has to have a smudge, even the smallest smudge, but nontheless, one of my nails always has one-grrr. Son #2 pooped in the potty today! I did a little happy dance for him around the bathroom that he found amusing, I praised him all the while hoping he does it again tomorrow…..this evening we went for a super-short trail ride because it is so hot. Son #2’s attire of the last couple of days has been his training pants and mostly nothing else, ‘cept maybe a light tank-style shirt, sleeveless shirts or going shirtless seems to help his eczema/skin allergies a lot. This afternoon after the short t-storm, I let him run around the yard dragging the garden hose with a trickle of water running out of it, he thought that was awesome fun. 12 yo son #1 today was really getting on my last nerve. Why is it kids that age think they know everything? That they have all the wisdom in the world learned in thier very short 12 years on this earth? I just wanted very badly to duct tape his mouth into silence……I think I’ll go lay my tired head down on my freshly washed and lined-dried pillow case and relax under my fresh smelling sheets..nite!



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6 responses to “Just Another Day in My Crazy Life

  1. Morning,
    Rise and shine. Always nice to met a fellow Ozzy fan, although for road trips I prefer AC/DC.
    Ah, yes the joys of parenthood. Funny how people gloss over everything between birth and college.
    Holy Crackers Batman!

  2. brian-rise and shine? I feel like I just crashed into bed! Ozzy still rules…even my 2yo rocks!

  3. Ahhh! I LOVE line dried sheets! And Ozzy RAWKS!

  4. kari-nothing better than either one! I like Ozzy’s music, I never get tired of hearing it.

  5. barngoddess- feel free to email me about that knee. how is it doing? any better now? ibuprofen is good stuff if administered correctly.

  6. Jake-thank you. Its swelled up a bit still yet. I fractured my knee cap and tore my lateral meniscus into shreds when I had that car wreck. So I do not have a Lateral meniscus or cartilage anymore. I suppose I should call my ortho but I am just tired of dealing w/ it! The ibup is helping. AFter my last surgery I was told the best alternative for me now is a total knee replacement, I figure Ill go as long as I can without doing that.

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