Giggles and News

Giggle, giggle….ever have the giggles from lack of sleep? I have them today. I cannot stop giggling because my 2 yo is running from one end of the house to the other in true 2 yo fashion, but with his little size 2T shorts pulled up to his chest Erkle style. He looks halarious and everytime he speeds by my desk, he gets fueled by my giggles….help me! Since Ive been making some of my photos into thumbnails, I think they are easier at loading on the site, but not near as full of detail. I prefer the larger sized images, does blogger have a size limit to how much space our pics hog up? Hmm just wondering. Anyhow, did anyone catch the whole Finale of the Desperate Housewives TV Show ? Occassionally I like to lose all sense of reality and watch the series, usually hubby is the one who gets to watch. He recapped the season finale for me, the parts I did not see. Did the plumber die? You know, Susan’s crush? I think we were all left hanging on that one, and Bree…she attracts the psychos doesnt she? Sometimes I feel like a desperate housewife……..

My old horse has been cranky the last 2 days. I think hes a bit mad because I havent spent as much time with him as I usually do.
This morning when I was fly spraying him, he actually tried to be a brat, but that didnt last long.

He was just trying to get the best of me…..I gave him a few baby carrots afterwards and he seemed over his crankiness. I think the sudden onset of the Oklahoma summer heat may have something to do with his crabbiness. While I was searching todays news for updates on Barbaro’s recovery, which he seems to be doing okay, I came across this article asking Have breeding practices weakened horses? From my point of view, a big fat YES. But, I know nothing about the racehorse breeding other than if they are related to known ‘winners’. I do however, know a few things about Halter horses (AQHA) breeding. I know that halter show horses with all of thier genetically mutated bulk are prone to many hoof and leg diseases or injuries. Not suprising since all of thier upper body is massive amounts of rippling muscles. I like horses to look like my man, just enough muscular bulk without that hideous grotesque form that body builders aqcuire. This is just my personal opinion. I know people who are attracted to the oily, veiny bodys of muscle builders, thats just fine with me, it takes a lot of personal strength and will power to turn your own body into something like that!

Best friend L.’s parents are flying into Tulsa today from N.MI for L.’s daughter Roo’s 8th grade graduation. OMG I cannot believe she is going to be in high school next year! They are all about finished moving into thier new digs on 20 acres. I am so happy for L. she is also on vacation this week. Son #2 and I are planning an afternoon trip to thier new place today. Roo has no idea her grandparents are flying in today, she will be suprised. And, L.’s parents have no idea about her brand new home! Today will be full of suprises all around….I miss best friend L. and I little excursions on our horses, I hope this summer we get to take a few overnite trail rides. We had so much fun in those days…..

On a serious note, in the news today I read that the Investigation Moving Forward in Jarret Clark’s death. The media says an arrest is going to be made this week possibly.



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8 responses to “Giggles and News

  1. I usually get REAL bitchie when I don’t get enough sleep.

    Hope the knee get’s better!

  2. kari-thnx it feels a bit better today but has some swelling Im worried about~

  3. I missed the last Desperate Housewives…actually I have missed alot of two of my favorite shows (Grey’s Anatomy) here lately on Sunday night. And Medium on Monday night.

    I had the giggles last night from lack of sleep Saturday night and Sunday night. Bree’s almost 16 yr old son farted while her and I were talking…and I just started laughing and I couldn’t stop. I was snorting and crying. Bree was like “how old are you, girl?” Because I was laughing over bodily functions…Oy Vey.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Barbaro.

    My gelding has been extremely loverly lately…but I have been driving him alot because the weather has been nice. Plus, I think he feels bad that one of the colts I have here is a nut ball. I swear my horse watches and laughs, egging the youngster on. Turd.

    First of all, all breeds have the good and the bad. I think I am sad that the good halter horses rarely can become performance horses in the QH breed. The QH industry is doing a better job of making their WP horses look happier and more free moving, but I agree about the halter horses. Halter should be about form to function.

  4. cowgirl-you must have been exhausted..laughing over a fart! I am sure you gelding is behind some of that youngsters antics, probably out of jealously like my old guy does, my old geys down right nasty sometimes when I am around other horses. Not biting or anything that serious, just pouting and stubborness or he’ll lay his ears back and act all threatening to other horses. Hes silly! Its a sad deal about AQHA halter horses, a lot of them cannot evenbe ridden and the WP horses with thier noses into the ground, I understand a good headset is important but c’mon, they were at one time getting a little excessive…

  5. You know every time I come here, I forget to ask you. Do you have any info on the Gray Horse Dances you can send me? And can I write poetry about them and other dances?

  6. brian-I just have what I wrote here

    I only know what Ive seen or been told, since its not my tribe my info is limited even tho we attend
    : (

  7. Hey you the HOUSEWIFES to ha ?
    i got to watch the last one ,and its was so so good.

    ,and I know how you feel i am the same way when I’m not’ getting any sleep.

  8. hope-yeah, I like to wtch the housewives occsasionally, its a good show!

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