The Son’s of Barngoddess

Here is a pic of son #1 at Dalton Camp in far Northern Ontario taken last summer. My oldest sister owns this great fishing camp that is only accessible by boat to the cabins and lodge. No electricity….everything is run on generator and propane. In this picture son #2 is taking a nap with one of thier lab pups, this one is named ‘Buzz’ and all he did was sleep when he was a puppy. But last I heard, he grew out of that.
My family would love to get a lab but instead we had to settle for our little mean 5lbs weenie dog, because of practicality purposes. Its too hot in Oklahoma where we live for a big dog-especially a lab. The creek is a ways away from home and I just think it would be unfair to have a big dog that would have to spend all thier life being shuffled from inside the house to the yard. Our mini-weenie dog Elvis doesnt mind it but hes such a lap dog who hates being outside. He is really going to be pissed when he is stuck inside his dog pen while we are gone to St.Louis! He has an awesome doghouse and plenty of shade, and my father-in-law will be by to check on him and feed/water him 2X a day.

Son #1 loves his dirtbike, I was against the purchase of it and his father always said NO MOTORCYCLES..until they found this one on sale brand new. Son #1 is safe while riding but still…I worry-except for today, because it is broke down! Son #1’s dirtbike is needing a part that has to be special ordered and will not be in until after he is already in N.MI…I am happy about that, son #1 is not. I promise not to let my glee show over the situation show…too much.

Son #1 wrote me a poem book for Mother’s Day, he had it specially laminated and it looks very nice. I was amazed at his talent for words but really shouldnt have been. He has always been an avid book reader and was just awarded yesterday with 9 other kids in his school for reading the most books. I always told him to read as much as he can, he would learn a lot and knowledge is power. The ‘knowledge is power’ saying I was told when I was about 14 years old by Sister Maria and has always stuck with me. For a 12 yo boy he did a super job and I told him so, but like his father, when issued praise, he just grinned and changed the subject. Here are 2 of his poems:

I Don’t Understand…

I dont understand…

why girls come before boys.

why guys like guys.

why people are drug addicts.

But Most of All…

why people hate black people.

why people are hating on Barry Bonds.

why I am a boy.

What I understand Most…

why I am a good boy.

why I like girls.

why I am tough.



Happiness is bright red. It tastes like AMP energy Drink.

It smells like an orange. It sounds like me hitting shoulder pads with another player.

Happiness makes me want to play football.

Pretty good stuff, eh?



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10 responses to “The Son’s of Barngoddess

  1. Hey, the kids got talent!

    Your sis need any help at the camp? 😉

  2. Wow, great poem.He has talent. Seriously if he wants to have it posted on another blog, follow the Alison’s Poets link in my sidebar, to her blog and you can submit by e-mail. She will post it, and it fits perfectly with prompt #2(list poem).

    Cowgirl, sorry I did not know you had allergies, I thought it was for your horses.

  3. cowgirl-yeah, hes a pretty smart kid : )actually my 12 yo helps out up there when people need guided but Ill keep your name handy just incase!

    brian-Ill ask him about posting them, he has more. He might be mad at me for putting them here, but he GAVE them to me so…..he didnt give me any copyright instructions..

  4. Great poems! He’s got the talent!

  5. kari-I thought so too, but Im biased : )

  6. Nice poems…and reading is always a good thing.

  7. The next Robert Frost!

  8. mike-thnx, I read all the time, I am glad it rubbed off onto my oldest, so far my 2yo only likes ‘fast’ books….

    jake-I hope so! I am very happy that he takes an interest in reading and writing, usually he is all just about sports! oh and the statistics of all sports…which could be a good thing since he likes math, right?

  9. I hope he can maintain that awesome equilibrium of sensitivity and assertive self-assurance through the coming years. That will be one awesome man, someday.

    🙂 Hats off to his parents!

  10. briankastel-hes pretty sure of himself, I am happy that he is so self-confident, I see alot of kids these days lacking confidence and self esteem….. sad!

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