Wednesday’s Ramblings

Today I slept in until 6:50 am! I was awakened not by my alarm but my horse whinnying his fool head off worried about his breakfast. It wasnt even late yet. The old guy stands in the corner of his pasture closest to the house where he can see all the going ons so he is not left out, like he would ever be..silly horse!

The specialist that son #2 had an appointment with called yesterday and had a scheduling conflict, he was resceduled until 6/2 which I am so mad about. We waited forever for this appointment and now this morning (the day he was suposed to go to this appt)he woke up sneezing, sniffling, and acting a bit sickly-grrrr all with our upcoming St. Louis trip.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWhen I got out of bed I hurriedly checked the news and learned that Charlie Gibson will be the new nightly ABC’World News’ Anchor and is leaving GMA . In the morning this is my family’s favorite news program. It just wont be the same without Charlie sitting next to Diane Sawyer. Also I read that Barbaro showing improvement ! Iam happy about his recovery coming so well.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis scared the crap out of me, it was when I read about a Swarm Of Bees Kills Dog In Sand Springs. These bees killed a 120lbs Great Dane . Police say the dog was stung numerous times in the yard of a home at 6:45 last night. The state Agriculture (website ) Food and Forestry Department is investigating whether Africanized Killer Bees were involved. This is nothing to be taken lightly. Those bees are deadly and something to be reckoned with. Sand Springs is a small community NW of Tulsa. We do not have any kind of bees close to our home but we did have to get rid of 3 red Wasps nests. Those buggers are mean and thier sting is very painful, I know personally.

Well, I have lots to do today besides running behind my wee one with a kleenex, poor baby, I hope he gets feeling better…..


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10 responses to “Wednesday’s Ramblings

  1. Silly horse. But our do that too. If we’re 5 min. late, they start pacing and nickering.

    I HATE waiting for an appt. with a specialist. Seems to take FOREVER.

    Killer bees. Shiver.

  2. It’s bad enough I have to take an Epipen with me…

  3. kari-then I am NOT the only one w/ a spoiled rotten horse! my father-in-law will be looking after our place while were in St.Louis, he is as reliable as the sun rising and setting everyday, I KNOW he wont be late at feeding time!

  4. cowgirl-my youngest newphew is the same way-how scary for you!

  5. Our are Def. spoiled! A little to much! 😉

  6. You know, you and Cowgirl ought to have a glossary of ” horsey” terms so the rest of us poor deprived people can understand what’s going on.~(;-)>, (I have a trim beard).
    Thanks as always for the feedback, I love your blog also.
    The killer bees haven’t made it up to my neck of the woods yet, I live right on the freeze line, so the “experts” think we may possibly be ok.
    Don’t worry about the e-mails, I am in no hurry.

  7. I’ll have to work on a post of horsey terms I use, and so should you Barngoddess.

    Then we could compare. Although I use less horsey language when I blog than when I talk…same with military lingo.

  8. Perhaps if I go down to Okie I will have to take a whole bottle of Epi with me…instead of stabbing myself with a bunch of Epipens. 😉

  9. cowgirl-Im giggling over the thought of you having to stab your self repeatedly with epipens, I know its not funny and very well life/death situation but your post just made me laugh. how about you do the horse terms and Ill just add anything I use that you missed? Im feeling kinda lazy….

    brian-no problems here ‘cept I think Ill go out and stock up on some flying bug RAID

  10. If you think the thought of me stabbing myself with a bunch of Epipens is funny, then just think of me spraying wasps with RAID so they quit flying, then smashing them with a shoe.

    Surely this is defeating the purpose of the RAID.

    I leave them alone as long as they stay out of the house and barns…their ancestors before them surely should know around me is the wasp’s version of the Bermuda Triangle. 😀

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