Need a Good Chuckle?

I promised I wasnt going to post again but while my wee one is napping and my house needs silence, I just HAVE to share something with you. Go over to Dr. Charles place, he has a funny story about his encounter on the street with some big breast implants. This story is honestly funny, Dr. Charles certainly has a great sense of humor.

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I’ll see y’all when I get back!



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5 responses to “Need a Good Chuckle?

  1. Be safe, GodSpeed.. and I hope you have a wonderful time !!!!
    I am soooo dreading opening weekend of tourist season here…everyone leaves their manners at home.
    Good luck with

  2. thanks for the link! cute 🙂

  3. magnolia-oh no, fudgie season is upon you, too many people with too much money…..thnx for the well wishes : )

    kyahgirl-dr. charles is a favorite of mine…

  4. Have fun …dont eat the muffins!

  5. tara-omg too funny, I was at the hotel and hubby brought me a chocolate muffin from the breakfast area and it made me think about your muffin story, then I realised when I changed my blog look, I forgot your link!

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