Trippin,Bees,Gender Dysmorphia,Guns, and Death Penalty

Thursday already! This will be my last post until after I return from my little jaunt to St.Louis. I am really looking forward to hanging with my older sis and checking out a few new sites with my nephew. Hubby is already whining about the long car ride……but Im prepared, I have duct tape and benedryl already packed. No, those 2 items are not for my 2 yo toddler terror, I am packing them to use on hubby incase he irritates me with his bitching. I can easily handle son #2 in the car, its hubby who will make me lose it. Good thing my new car has a HUGE trunk. So, if you see a blonde woman with 2 children, duffle bags, and a cooler piled high inside the front of a newer model, white, 4 door sedan, speeding thru Missouri….thats me. Just ignore the banging and hollering coming from the inside of my car’s trunk.

Today is going to be a bit hectic. Ive lots of stuff to do before we take off tomorrow morning and one more visit with best friend L.’s parents who are visiting from our hometown in N. MI. My friend is settling nicely into her new home. I am so happy for her. She just beams when talking about her new digs. We havent had a chance to be alone and ‘really’ talk but weve both been crazy busy. Next week, after everything is settled down, maybe I can talk her into going on the ASPCA trail ride benefit out of B-ville. I hope so!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting A happy news note, early tests show that the Fatal Attack On Great Dane Not From Africanized Bees. Yesterday I reported about how 100’s of bees stung and killed a 120lbs great Dane in front of the dog’s family. DNA tests show the bees were European, altho the tested bees will be sent to a lab in AZ to rule out any possibility of African lineage. Oh, so are they cross-breeding now? That really sucks. Oklahoma’s Agriculture Department (website) says the closest case of Africanized bees to Sand Springs came last year in McIntosh County in Eastcentral Oklahoma. They also say a swarm of European bees can act aggressive if they’ve been exposed to Africanized bees. SCARY!

This story just amazed me, yes, me..Here is a story about a Wife who’didn’t realise husband was a woman’ . A transsexual had a 17 year marriage to an heiress but it was nullified when the wife discovered her husband was a woman. After 17 years?!?!! It appears Mr J(the hubby), born with gender dysmorphia, had hormone treatments and his/her breasts removed before, at the age of 30, he met and married Mrs C, then aged 20 and from a wealthy background. Mr J concealed his true gender from her for 17 years, using a homemade penis type thingy for sex. I am just like ‘wow’ Did this lady never see her husband naked or actually touch it’s penis?!?! I guess I will never understand people…. At a hearing, Lord Justice Ward described the marriage as a “travesty” and said that many people would find it quite astonishing that in 17 years of life together Mrs C did not realise she was living with a woman. Umm, yeah!

It appears that more States Signing on to Deadly Force Law and following in Okahoma’s steps. I support this law 100%. Part of this law makes it legal for people who feel their lives are in danger to shoot down an attacker and the attacker does not have to be inside your home, you can now protect yourself in a public place. Glad I renewed my concealed weapons permit! That is a $250 well spent as far as I am concerned. 10 states so far this year have passed a version of the law, after FL was the 1st last year. It’s already being considered in AZ in the case of a deadly shooting on a hiking trail. The law gives citizens who are protecting themselves immunity from criminal charges and civil liability. The campaign is simply about self-defense, said Oklahoma state Rep. Kevin Calvey, a Republican and author of the law in his state. “Law-abiding citizens aren’t going to take it anymore,””It’s going to give the crooks second thoughts about carjackings and things like that. They’re going to get a face full of lead.” Did I vote for this guy? I hope so! Oklahoma Democratic Gov. Brad Henry signed the law and said: “This act will allow law-abiding Oklahomans to protect themselves, their loved ones and their property.” He may be a democrat, but I really like Gov. Henry. “The only people that have anything to fear from this type of law is someone who plans on robbing, shooting or raping someone.” Of course there are the people who do not support this law, saying it will increase random violence, I think that is B.S. It should stop random violence from happening because criminals need to know that we will protect ourselves and loved ones and use deadly force to do it. I know I would not hesitate for a split second.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMy state is working on passing a Bill that Allows Death Penalty For Sex Crimes Against Children . I am so HAPPY about this! I am pro-death penalty, it does need some reform tho, like a shorter appeals process ect.. but if this new law is passed in Oklahoma, it could set precedent for other states, its one step closer to getting these sick f*ckers off the streets permanently. This bill allows the death penalty to be assessed against a person who commits a 2nd sex offense against a child under 14 yo. This new proposal outlines specific crimes that on a 2nd offense against a child under 14yo could subject a person to life in prison or the death penalty. The crimes are anal or oral sodomy, rape, rape by instrumentation and lewd molestation. I should think the death penalty is fitting for such hideous crimes against children! of course I am sure some ACLU freak will jump on this bill saying it is not ‘fair’ or ‘constitutional’ or some such crap. But, I think if it passes my state’s senate today, which I feel it will, Gov. Henry will feel obligated to sign it. As a mother, this bill speaks volumes on how we value the safety and security of our Nation’s children.

yeah, I know Okla uses lethal injection but this picture just looked TONS better for viewing purposes…



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12 responses to “Trippin,Bees,Gender Dysmorphia,Guns, and Death Penalty

  1. as long as there is absolute certainty the death penalty might be just… it’s hard to have absolute certainty about anything though.

  2. Hey BG,
    you have a fantabulous weekend in St.Louie. See you tonight for some poems.
    Thanks my friend, and say hi to your family from Diane and I.

  3. I am in shock over that whole marriage thing…

    have fun in St. Louis visiting MO.

    Too bad you aren’t visiting me. 😉

  4. dr.charles-DNA has come a long way. I am certain where DNA Is concerned….

    brian-thnx brian, I plan on having a total blast!

    cowgirl-ya, The marriage…I am amazed, and the sex part for sure! Ill be traveling thru the ‘cornbelt’ again this summer, maybe can meet somrwhere along the way!

  5. Wow! How in the hell did she NOT know? It’s amazing to me how stupid some people are.

    The DF law sounds like a great one, I don’t think my state has it. Needs it tho.

    Have an blast in St. Louis!!

  6. kari-yeah, how could she not know she was married to a woman? especially during sex…her so-called-husband not using a real penis-weird~ and showering…I mean come on!in the winter, my hubby’s favorite thing is to jump in the shower w/ me after I have it all warm and steamy.

  7. Um, that’s interesting, BG, about the DP for two sex offenses against a child under 14. I would have been on death row, then, if that law had been enacted when I committed my crimes, here.

    Hmmm… I guess because of my slight bias I’d have to disagree that it’s a good idea.

  8. Correction:

    I would have only had one strike under that law, after reading the article. So I can live with that. If I were to commit another molestation, I think I would deserve the DP, now.

  9. Oh, I’m sorry I’m late. I hope you have a great trip.

  10. brian-ya know how I feel about these issues, I certainly think this bill is fair because of the crimes it is made to prevent.

    “This new proposal outlines specific crimes that on a 2nd offense against a child under 14yo could subject a person to life in prison or the death penalty. The crimes are anal or oral sodomy, rape, rape by instrumentation and lewd molestation.”

    There is no room in society for someone who hurts children in any way, I guess I am being judgemental but that is how I honestly feel.

  11. I’m just wondering if that’s the way you feel about me, personally, now. I don’t want to make any assumptions.

  12. briankastel-I think you are brilliant and that you know what you did was horrible, you have remorse about your crime and do not make excuses, that says something about you.

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