No Joking Matter

Ever since our wee one was born, I have wished openly for 3 arms, in a joking manner. But, all joking aside, this little fellow actually has 3 arms and doctors are trying to figure out what to do for him. The 3-armed baby named Jie-jie is 2 months old and also was born with 1 kidney. Neither of the boy’s 2 left arms is fully functional and tests have so far been unable to determine which one was more developed. Jie-jie’s hospital is one of China’s most experienced in dealing with unusual birth defects, including separating conjoined twins. Like Jie-jie, many of the children are sent to relatively wealthy Shanghai from the poor inland province of Anhui. I hope this little guy is okay, this is sad.

In Ohio, there is a troubling news story about Horse Killings. Highland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating whether someone killed 2 horses by stabbing them in the face. The horses were found dead last week on a farm on Newman’s Road, outside of Hillsboro. A mare and her filly both had deep puncture wounds to thier faces and heads. One of the mare’s was made with enough force to fracture her skull. What is scary for these horse owners is that the suspects knew the animals were back there in thier pasture, because the pasture is not visible from the road. Law Enforcement is waiting for the necropsy results to determine if someone killed the horses and how.

When I first read the story, I thought was it storming in Ohio when this happened? Ive witnessed horses after they were struck and killed by lightening. One horse just had a small burn behind his ear, the other horse looked like it had been shot with a shotgun thru the top of his head…..all deadly lightening strikes might not appear the same. Another theory that flitted thru my mind was livestock mutilations. We’ve had a few stories here in Oklahoma about this. Some cases are still puzzling, others were suspected satanists, and some were just your average predators killing cattle.

According to The People’s Almanac #3, a couple of Arkansas state cops tried an experiment in which they left a dead cow in a field alone. Within 33 hours, buzzards followed by blowflies had neatly disposed of the eyes, sex organs, and even the blood, leaving the appearance of “surgical precision” behind them.

Here is a recent cattle mutilations story out of Colorado about 40 mi from the Kansas border. Someone or something killed a few Angus cows and surgically removed the skin from the same side of both cows’ faces, leaving the rest of the carcasses untouched in the undisturbed grass. The grass around the cattle legs was still upright, undisturbed. We all know death of anything, human or animal, is rarely a ‘gentle event’-when an injured animal dies it usually thrashes around and disturbs the ground. These cattle were found like they had been gently laid down in the grass. Kiowa County Sheriff Forest Frazee and deputies examined both carcasses. Frazee said a veterinarian told him an eagle might have sliced the skin from the cows’ faces. And that the brittle winter grass around the bodies had not been stepped on. “Coyotes wouldn’t go anywhere near the carcasses for weeks and weeks,” Sheri Bowen said (the cows owner). “They just left them alone. And my husband Chuck’s metal detector, the one we use to find artifacts, it gave a reading of foil over the entire body. Aluminum foil. Maybe it was aliens…….. Too weird!!!

**check out the ‘old cop car picture!


Its kinda partly cloudy today in Oklahoma, maybe the humidity will decrease some and it’ll be more pleasant outside. I hope so! Son #2 is doing everything in his power to drive me crazy today. This morning at breakfast hubby was doing some paperwork and son #2 was sitting next to him, after awhile I noticed he had picked 1/2 of the new leaves off of a struggling plant I was trying to nuture back to good health. They were flung all over the table and floor, while hubby sat there oblivious to the havoc his 2 yo son created-grrrrrrrr. I have some errands to run later this afternoon, atleast then the toddler terror will be safely strapped in his car seat, then safely strapped into his stroller so no get-away is possible.



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8 responses to “No Joking Matter

  1. You sure do find the strangest stories.

    Five kids for cowgirl? She’s going to need an experienced nanny. Now where would she find someone who has kids and horses? I wonder.

  2. I know what your son needs … A KITTEN to chase around!! 😉

  3. brian-I like different and interesting things sometimes….Id be glad to help cowgirl find a good nanny-heehee…or she can move down here near me and send her brats over when they are misbehaving! ill put them to work, that usually solves any behavior problems 🙂

    dreaming-oh my, I would never put an innocent kitty thru that! he might hurt it, really….our little dog runs from him.

  4. Whoa! that baby pic is freaky. poor little guy. however, just think if he could grow up with those things funstional- that would be cool having an extra functional arm. the possibilities…

  5. jake-I feel sorry for him, he looks sad..but your right, if all of his arms turned out to be functional, that would be kinda neat.

  6. Moving to Okie…is that in the crystal ball…what’s the husband look like?

    Hard work is a fantastic good behavior incentive. Because then they are too tired.

    My dad’s theory. 😉

  7. That poor baby! And the horse killings are sad. What kind of sicko would kill a horse?

  8. cowgirl-geez, Im gonna have to start charging u for my predictions (heehee) hubby is tall and lean, with big tan muscled arms, cant see his face because his cowboy hat is blocking it, he drives a black chevy single cab (because hes single) and rides a sorrel with socks.

    kari-that horse killing story is just horrible. I hate it when it storms and my horses arent inside , because of the lightening. I cannot imagine getting up one morning, going outside and finding my horse dead, that would be a terrible nightmare. Id have to really hurt someone who ever injured my horse (or kids!)

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