I’ll have Another one….make it a double

My bad day has nothing to do with yesterdays post, just for the record.

Today has been a very bad day. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worse, it rates about a 8. The bad part being, I have no control over some things. I can do absolutely nothing to ‘fix’ the situation, it is not my fault, but I am certainly affected. Being a ‘control freak’ is not me, but I do take control of my situations, responsibilities, only I can direct my life. I realised very early in life to never rely on others because you’ll just be a very unhappy person going nowhere. Anyhow, I dont feel like discussing it anymore, it just pisses me off and then I get frustrated because I cannot take action to change the situation right now. Maybe Ill tell y’all about it later

OMG-I didnt think 6 pm was ever going to get here! Why I felt like I just had to wait until 6 pm for a cocktail, I have no idea. This is a white russian mixed drink. They are very delicious and I am on my 3rd one. Peering into my glass, it looks like the milk might be curdling, maybe because of the double shots of 100 proof vodka. I usually only drink SMIRNOFF triple distilled because its very tasty and doesnt give me a headache the next day. But this evening, I am having to suffer and drink some other brand of vodka, some cheapo depo russian brand that hubby picked up in the half gallon size. Tomorrow I’ll probably have a blazing headache when I have to take toddler terror to his specialist appointment in Tulsa. Hubby called earlier to let me know he was on his way home, I was outside grilling butterfly cut pork chops marinated in steak and chop sauce. I also threw on some new potatoes, fresh, jalapenos, and a few onion slices. He told me Dr. Phil would think that me drinking alone isint good. I was like WTF? Since when does he listen or even watch what Dr. Phil says?!?!! He was only joking tho so Ill let it slide. Besides, when he gets home, Ill make him a drink and then I wont be drinking alone.

For the most part, my hubby’s family is full of good people. I hit the jackpot in the in-law department. He has some great parents, very honest and good people. But like all families, there are a certain few who are worthless and greedy or just plain ole trouble makers. Luckily, the worse ones in hubby’s family are related to him by marriage. Everything they have, they have gotten from some relative who has passed away and not necessarily in a legal way either. But the rest of his family just lets shit like that go just to keep the peace, I can understand that and I hold my tongue. I made sure NONE of them would ever get thier greedy hands on anything we have, so they pretty much leave hubby and I alone. Anyhow, I asked hubby last week why his cousin and her folks were hanging out at a certain relatives all the time. He said, they are like vultures, they can sense when someone is sick. So, it appears F’s days are numbered. And the worse thing is, hubby has a family reunion coming up that we are expected to attend. I honestly do not think I can attend and be civil, not after today. I might just slug his auntie right in the face, just thinking about it has made me feel better! scary….

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI think I might start practicing Voodoo. I wonder if Tulsa Community College has on class on it? or maybe OSU, they have classes on everything.

Tomorrow is another day, its going to be a good one because I am going to make it that way, regardless of a splitting hangover headache or not, I have tons of tylenol!



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11 responses to “I’ll have Another one….make it a double

  1. briankastel-email it to me

  2. Good morning, Shhhh!!

    sorry, I’ll be quiet.

    I hope today is better, see you when you feel up to it.

  3. brian-good morning. I got into a better mood after hubby got home, sometimes he can just make things okay for me…hard to explain. suprisingly my head doesnt hurt near as badly as I thought it might! : )

  4. Yeah! For no headache! And uh, I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with drinkin’ alone. Hope everything goes great today at the specialist.

  5. kari-thnx! somehow, I knew you’d understand đŸ™‚ were leaving in about an hour to drive down to t-town , all my friends work and hubby is working so I have to go alone, sigh…maybe toddler terror and I will do a bit of shopping (what little bit my budget will allow!) Have a great weekend!

  6. A good spouse always makes things better. Hint, Hint.
    Also, Monika just wrote a post on me today, based on my post of this morning. I feel good!!!

  7. Dr. Phil is a wuss. Though very good for making jokes about.

    Cheer up and set more booby traps for the crazies.

  8. What does Dr. Phil know anyway?

    Voodoo? Cool.

  9. Have a great weekend.

  10. brian-thnx!

    cowgirl and jake-dr.phil is good for a few laughs. he thinks hes perfect but I bet he is as dysfunctional as the rest of us, he is just better at hiding it! I havent watched his show in ages, but ive seen lots of previews.–>

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