Just Another Day

These Mysterious red cells might be aliens! Kinda hard to believe that statement, right? but it just might be true. Last april, Louis Godfrey who is a physicist at Mahatma Gandhi University, published a paper in the journal Astrophysics and Space Science in which he hypothesizes that these samples: water taken from the mysterious blood-colored showers that fell sporadically across Louis’s home state of Kerala in the summer of’01, contain microbes from outer space. What we are looking at in the picture is isolated, strange, thick-walled, red-tinted cell-like structures about 10 microns in size. Numerous of Louis’ experiments show that the particles lack DNA but still reproduce easily and a lot, even in water superheated to nearly 600 degrees Fahrenheit . (The known upper limit for life in water is about 250 degrees Fahrenheit .) An explanation on the how and the why this alien stuff got onto earth? the particles might be extraterrestrial bacteria adapted to the harsh conditions of space and that the microbes hitched a ride on a comet or meteorite that later broke apart in the upper atmosphere and mixed with rain clouds above India. Amazing!
This morning I read a ‘feel good’ story out of Arlington, VA. Its about a pilot program at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to see if troops with prosthetic legs can regain some mobility through horseback riding. Therapeutic riding is used for people with physical, emotional and mental disabilities. Horses walk like people, using the same circular motion in their hips, riding on the back of a horse can help a disabled person feel and recall that movement/action. Some of the Horses Helping Wounded Soldiers Walk Again are draft breeds. I have always liked draft horses, they are big, gentle, giants (most of them!) Some day I would like to own one and use it as a riding horse. Thier big, languid, gait is comfortable and just about every draft breed horse Ive known or encountered has been extremely lovable with a great deal of ‘sense’. They are also very hardy animals with not many health issues.

Today is the SPCA Trail Ride but I am not going. Bummer. But, its very hot and I would have to go alone, and my babysitter isint feeling well. She has a summer cold. It seemed like I wasnt meant to go, so I am staying home, or maybe not….I havent made definate plans to do anything today but I am certainly open to doing something fun should the occassion arise. I know hubby is planning on mowing our massive yard and doing a few other things outside. Maybe Ill just turn on the garden hose and spray myself and the toddler terror every few minutes while were outside, since it looks like a pool this year isint going to happen. Oh well, a pool would be just one more thing for me to clean, right?
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3 responses to “Just Another Day

  1. Therapeutic riding is amazing. I am a certified instructor (hmm…I think it is about time for be to get re-certified too). I have loved every minute of my time spent sharing horses as therapy.

    I would love to build my own large indoor and start my own program.

    My dad always buys the old draft horses that the Amish put in the sales so that they don’t end up on a plate…they are wonderful! But sometimes they have been WAY over used. Around here they are usually Belgians…sometimes Percherons.

  2. So, let me get this straight… there’s alien blood in India? Holy jeepers Batman!

    I don’t know… sounds like a…

    Booby trap!

  3. cowgirl-I like drafts, Ive ridden 4 in all of my 37 years and was amazed everytime at the difference between them and an average horse. Lots more horse between your legs!

    jake-yeppers, aliens are amongst us, ‘cept I didnt see Elvis anywhere……

    it is a booby trap!

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