The Rundown

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Since son #1 has been gone to N.MI with my family. I have tried calling him about 10X with no luck. He did call once and chatted for about 4 minutes. Luckily, Ive heard from my oldest sis J. and he is working, fishing, swimming, and having an awesome time. Did I ever mention that my family ROCKS? I miss them because they are so far away . When I get a chance to visit, either in N.MI,when they make the trip to Okla, or even the times we meet in the middle of the USA, it is always looked forward to and enjoyed. Last nite at the street dance, I bet I had atleast 8 people ask me about son #1. His one 12 yo friend that visits his dad in our area looked a bit sad lastnite, so I asked him to dance and cut a rug. I didnt even know he was here until last nite, B. is going to N.Mexico this morning to work with his dad, good for him! because his daddy married one of the biggest, selfish bitches in my area and that is why B.’s visits are so few. Poor kid!
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe old guy is feeling good again, he is sore no more, much to my happiness. I think I am harboring some negative feelings subconciously towards hubby lately. Because earlier this morning for some reason, I dreamed that he or someone or something gave me an ultimatum between HUBBY and THE OLD GUY. Y’all know who won…then in my dream, I was trying to gain employment at OSU out of Tulsa, which is a good drive for me. Its not bad when going to classes but I cant imagine making it EVERYDAY! Thats about the time I woke up. Hubby has always been fond of the ole guy, he looks out for him, takes extra special care of him……so I have no idea why I would possibly dream such craziness.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe ranchrodeo had a small turnout. The usual mounted people with a few of thier visiting kinfolk. I lumbered around some barrels in a noncompetitive way, it was just too hot to really enjoy it and then having to make a dash outta the pouring rain during the thunderstorm. It only lasted about 5 minutes but enough to make it wet, humid, and miserable.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Hubby and toddler terror left right after the ranchrodeo,they dropped me off at the street dance. I caught a ride home with A., her grandmother, her daddy, and his girlfriend. It was crowded, the band was decent, the beer was cold, and I danced with a handsome stranger. Not a tall dark stranger, but a short, stocky light-headed one. I am no shorty, about 5’5 and 5’6 in boots. My dance partner was the exact same height as myself but a great dancer. Sometimes when I two-step (and have been drinking) I tend to start to lead…..but my new dance partner just went with it and then before I knew it he was leading again. I didnt get his name or where he was from….he wasnt offering up information and neither was I,but he was sitting with some of the Preacher’s family………
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting My what a big NOSE you have! Why do my horses act like they are starving 24/7? because they are not, they are too fat as it is, but always looking for something to eat…..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting See this, it is work I need to do today. I have been so lax in my leather cleaning….I need to get off my ass today and clean tack, ugh. I also have the hard-mouthed, cue-less sorrel to ride. He is coming along better, and seems to be paying attention to my legs a bit more. I’m riding him in a long shank snaffle with a martingale, he is doing better. I hate using corrective bits and am going to give him a few more trys in the snaffle. Best friend L. left me a voicemail on my cell, she sounded a bit ‘out of sorts’ Ive been trying to reach her all morning ( except when I was sleeping )with no luck. Toddler terror and I might need to run out to her place for a check up, hmmm….it could be nothing, just the way I perceived her voice from her tinny sounding cell phone, I hope so!

Sunday is not a day of rest for me, ‘cept after I woke up at 7am, fed the horses, I did convince toddler terror to go back to sleep until just before 10am……….I thought I was in heaven! Y’all have a nice Sunday.



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12 responses to “The Rundown

  1. Anonymous

    Afternoon BG,Aaniin ezhi-bimaadiziyan, niiji? Brian here, Diane’s taking a nap after lunch. I’m tall and dark;), can’t dance though, we have dancing every night down here on the town squares. I can hear how much you miss your boy, it must be tough to have him so far away: does all your family live in the U.P.? How old is the Old Guy? Speaking of driving to a job, when we lived back in Conn. and I worked on the road, I used to commute back and forth from home if I was working less than 2 hours away. I’d rather be home nights with Diane than sleeping in a hotel. Mid-town Manhattan was 50 miles away and would take up to 1 1/2 hours each way. The farthest I ever drove to a job site was north to Bar Harbour Maine, west to Buffalo NY and south to Gaithersburg MD. Each was about a 10 hour drive. My commute these days is only 22 miles and that is just enough. I hope the tack cleaning went ok today and TT is calm this aternoon. I’ll keep it touch through the “storm”, the track still has the center over our house on Tuesday, but only 50mph winds.

    Amiigwech, talk to you on Monday. Have a relaxing evening.

  2. Aaniin brian-22mi is still a far commute. I hope that was round-trip!Do you miss NY? All the people everywhere would make me crazy. TT has been pretty good today, hes been busy tho. I accomplished a lot and am chilling before I fire up the grill.

  3. Anonymous

    Nope, 22 miles is one way, takes me 30 minutes in the am and 35 minutes in the pm. Don’t miss NY, loved the energy, NY has a buzz all it’s own, but could never live there. One squall line came through this afternoon, just sprinkles though.

  4. Good Monday morning BG,
    Had a flat tire when I got to work, somehow knocked a valve stem off.
    Heavy rain this morning and more coming.

  5. I’m not really sure how I found your blog but I enjoy reading what you write and looking at your photos. I lived in McAlester OK from around ’90-’97. I really liked OK. I’ve bookmarked your blog so I can keep reading.

  6. unacknowledgedgenious-I love your name! I like Okla, the people in this state are genuine and for the most part, very decent salt of the earth folks. When I visit my home state of MI people seem abrupt and always in a hurry after living in Okla. McAlester is wayyyy south of me, but Ive been there before to the prison rodeo. I didnt know anyone in it, hubby and I went with a deputy friend from Stillwater.

  7. bri- “geesh! what did you do run over a curb? ” thats what my husband would say while shaking his head. I sympathize w/ you, I was not made to drive a car/truck. Luckily I married a mechanic! I hope your monday gets better my friend πŸ™‚

  8. I have no idea what I hit. It was on the left front tire, but I usually have problems turning right. Can’t blame CFS, have had that problem since High
    When you sent the list of greetings to me, it says aniin for greetings. Should it be Aaniin? Let me know please. Are you going to be home today?

  9. One of these days I am going to have to make the road trip down there so we can go for a ride and drink some beer.

    My horse sounds like a dinosaur anytime he thinks he might be hungry. Which is always. πŸ˜‰

  10. bri-aniin, is correct for hello, or a casual hi/bye.

    cowgirl-c’mon down, always have an extra horse to be rode, you can try out the big clumsy sorrel and give my tired legs a break,heehee!

  11. In all the time we lived in McAlester I never did go to the prison rodeo.

  12. unackowledgedgenius-you seen one rodeo, you’ve seen them all….’cept some of those guys were REAL badasses!

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