Soggy Day

It has rained on/off all day long, since very early morning. Ive had to change my clothing 2X from getting soaked, I was not thrilled about that. There is just something unpleasant about wet jeans……

It is the kind of weather that is warm, sticky, humid, the air feels like it can be cut with a knife. The sun peeked out for a brief few minutes and created a sauna effect. Hubby called and he wont be home until around 7pm. He had to travel to S. KS. to do some work on an oil lease. He did offer to bring me home some 6pt. buds, yummmm. I was going to make icky Hamburger Helper tonite because I feel lazy and not really hungry. But, I forgot that last week hubby’s brother W. gave us 3 bottles of red wine from Branson MO. He purchased it for his girlfriend (she is a neat girl, young barely 21- but neat!) and she does not care for it, so they brought it by knowing I would enjoy it. Since, I have a chilled bottle of 2004 Steinberg Red from the Stone Hill Winery Red wine collection…… I think I’ll cook a couple of t-bones I picked up at the Meat Market on my way home from town after wee one’s doctor appointment and serve it with some cold spaghetti salad that have fresh crunchy peppers on the side. Hubby doesnt drink wine, so more for me! I put another bottle in to chill incase I have company this evening.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingLook who I caught speeding away! Of course I was driving in the car with wee one, so the only thing I had to shoot was my camera! Dammit!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Wet horse alert! Nice scaredoo the old guy was sporting this morning in the rain. Frizz head! Good thing I do not mind grooming, huh? It looks like I could use a little grooming myself. Major roots going on…..I had better call the salon, it takes about a week to get an appointment-yikes!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

When toddler terror and I returned from town, we saw the old guy looking off to the North. Then we heard why. It seems M.D.’s burro has escaped again and was trampling around. We could hear him braying off in the blackjacks but never did see him. Toddler terror heard his odd sound and said “Whats that?” from the safety of the porch. Before I could answer him he said “No Cow” so at least he knew it wasnt a cow! That burro is ancient, but I think when the vet cut him, he left a nut up there or something….
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Out by one of my gates I have an old, tall cedar tree that a Robin family lives in. I do not like birds in general but try to get along with all creatures. Anyhow, lastnite a Bluejay was bothering them and then this morning, this is what I found. Evidence of a massacre.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingIt looks like they were about to hatch too, see the little yellow leg? I think all were killed. Such is life in nature…..arent I full of philosophy…not hardly.



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18 responses to “Soggy Day

  1. Just punching out at work. Great pics, oh, btw, I’m a birder too!

    We make quite the pair. See you tommorrow.

  2. bri-have a safe drive home. you like birds? I suppose they are okay but when I was a little kid best friend L.’s brother had a bad ‘lice’ experience from a baby barn swallow we made him get from a nest…long story, now birds kinda give me the itchys.

  3. Wine is good for rainy days.

  4. cowgirl-thats kinda what I thought to

  5. a blonde!!!!????!!!!???!!!

  6. portascat-yes, none other..where ya been you handsome devil?

  7. oh, just runnin’ the roads. Thought I would stop in for a dose of equine. Glad I did.

  8. I have to agree with Cowgirl, although I’m surprised whe didn’t say to-kill-ya was good for rainy days…

  9. Oh, and BTW, I love your pictures you post! Your old guy looks like quite the character!

  10. portascat-Ive been wondering about you……..misbehavin i bet! dont stay away so long

    rude1-how you been? thnx for the pic compliment, my photo taking skills have been improving tho, lotsa practice. Ive indulged in too much tequila lately, I better give my poor liver a rest… is okay tho, right?

  11. Enjoy the wine. I’d be happy to take one of those steaks off your hands. 🙂

  12. brian-the wine was good, very dark red, it went well with my steak, I had plenty left over, Id have been happy to share. I think I’ll cook hubby steak and eggs for breakfast tomorrow, half the meal is already done……

  13. I forgot to add, it cooled off and the humidity has gone away (most of) it wasnt half bad outside tonite 🙂

  14. Steak and wine sounds good to me.

  15. Nice place you have here young lady. Thanks for dropping by.

  16. Aniin BG,

    Still here, no problems with Alberto.

    Lets see, vegetarian, a birder and don’t drink alcohol. What are we going to do with me!lol.

  17. I’ve gotten drunk off of Stone Hill wine before. Great wine, bad hangover! LOL!

  18. brian-there is hope for you!

    kari-I am kinda fuzzy today…..took some fast dissloving tylenol, I swear by that stuff. The wine was excellent!

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