Random Ramblings..

Last nite I finally was able to fall asleep a little bit after midnight. Only to be awakened at 6 am by the husband requesting breakfast. I wanted to scream “let me sleep you idiot!” but I didnt, since afterall, I did wake him up lastnite from a sound sleep about 11:15 p.m for my own selfish reasons.
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So I cooked him breakfast and rushed him out the door in hopes of crashing on the couch, but that didnt happen, I got sidetracked outside while feeding the horses and then toddler terror woke up……..no rest for the weary.
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The old guy was the first to whinny and reach me at the gate, I guess he is over his mad.
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The buzzards are circling, the coyote met his end last night, hubby shot him dead with one shot from his .22 long rifle….surely he cant be stinking already!
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I felt myself being stalked lastnite after my short ride….see this calico cat? It better leave baby rabbit alone or else it’ll be keeping the coyote company. I hate it when strays show up or are dropped off.
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My camera needs new batteries, wish me luck finding lithium batteries without having to drive for 30 minutes. I have to get them today, I have to have my camera……..just another one of my addictions.
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2 things I have to comment on:

1. all over the news today is about the Group Sues KFC Over Unhealthy Cooking Oil…….okay, so dont freakin’ eat there for chrissakes! Let them cook thier chicken anyway they damn well please. Anyone with half a brain knows if you eat FRIED chicken on a very regular basis, your going to be FAT and UNHEALTHY. Is this group in kahoots with the ACLU?

2.Being an American means I spent my early years watching The Price is Right game show, usually in the company of my Grandma ( I think she had a secret crush on Bob Barker) The Price is Right is celebrating its 35th year on TV. The beauties are different these days and is it just me? or has Bob Barker turned into a cranky OLD bastard?
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A trip to the Farmers Market is on this morning’s agenda, I better git my ass up there before everything is picked over my the early rising old people! Hubby brought wee one the sand home for his sand box lastnite. I have it all set up so he can play in it while I am working the cueless, hardmouthed sorrel later this morning. Wee one would rather be in his pool but since I cannot keep my eye on him every second, he can only play in the sandbox with our little dog Elvis (who has recently been fired from his guarddog duty!)
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On a much happier note, the farrier is coming tomorrow. He is pure eye candy who isint much of a talker, my kinda guy……



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16 responses to “Random Ramblings..

  1. He is pure eye candy who isint much of a talker, my kinda guy


  2. I love all of your photos. And yes, Bob Barker has turned into an ornery old bastard! LOL

  3. Anonymous

    Hiya BG! Diane here, just to let you know I’ve emailed a response to your Dr D question. Be on the lookout.

  4. kel

    Yes you must have your camera because you take such GREAT pics I love looking at them!

  5. Order batteries online, it’s much easier and oft cheaper.

    The farrier- I know what that is! Guy who changes horseshoes and deals with hooves in general.

    Your pics are great.

  6. I had the vet here today…$400 some dollars later…OUCH!

    No sick ponies, just Spring stuff.

  7. Hope that answered your questions.

    How was shopping?

  8. kt

    what beautiful pictures you take and the horses are gorgeous!

  9. portascat-he does good work too.

    naivenomore-I am glad I am not the only one who thinks Bob is an asshole

    kel-Thnx! I have new batteries now! I am relieved

    Jake-yep, hes the horse shoer! order online? that would take too long, this was an emergancy, maybe Ill order online in BULK

    cowgirl-OUCH is right! but some things corners cant be cut. I give all my own vaccinations, and wormings, it saves $$. Luckily my vet comes out my way a lot and sometimes she just stops by for a few seconds (thats all she ever has) for FREE! usually she is not needed….luckily.

    bri-ummm yep, that answred my question VERY well indeed. The farmers market? I almost got trampled by an old man with a walker on wheels when I was looking for the cantaloupes and no banana peppers-grrrr but I did pick up some tastey sweet cornon the cob.

  10. I did ask her if she wanted to leave a comment, and well, she tends to “talk” a lot when given a chance.

    We did talk at lunch, nothing in the e-mail is “private”, because we share everything, too much some times, butt no action is required on your end.

    At least you weren’t in SoCal, where they run over you in cars.

  11. bri-omg I saw that-the LE ran over that poor sunbathers head, killed her. sad.

  12. kt-thnx! I love my horses and my friends horses, and just horses in genreal!

  13. What is the best week to come out in Sept/Oct except Labor Day week. My birthday is Oct. 12th, 43 whacks this year, ouch!

    Are all horses that beautiful, or are you airbrushing them.

    BTW, my mother had four kids from ’61 to ’67, age 24 with the last, and she went shopping with all four of us on leashes.

  14. Great pix! I just love watching deer. They are so pretty. But horses are my favorite to watch! Heee heee!

  15. bri-I dont have an airbrushing program yet! but I like the thumbnail feature, makes the pics easier to manage with idiot blogger. Geesh, I cant make plans that far ahead…ask me in August after the football scedule is posted, k? 4 kids? omg I would die..really I would.

    kari-I like deer especially inthe crosshairs…..I can watch my horses all day long…hubby doesnt understand it, he says they are horses, how exciting is that? (probly thinking about our monthly high dollar feedbill)

    he’ll never understand………

  16. Okie-dokie! Roger wil-co, over and out.

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