Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Much to my dismay, this afternoon will be spent yet again at Wee One’s doctor’s office. Son #2 has a 2 pm appointment. Last nite, he was up for better part of the entire nite with his allergies and itchy rash. He is sleeping now. He’ll probably get another ‘script of that potent cream, it works very good but it cant be used often. Virgie, the nurse said Toddler Terror will be able to get some from Dr. S. because his last ‘script for it was 6-7 weeks ago. It comes in a tiny tube and is only good for about 10 applications, which isint much when the itchy rash is bothering him on a daily basis. I hope Wee One gets the surgery and allergy testing approved soon. I hate waiting on other people!
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The horseshoer recheduled from Tuesday to this afternoon. I called him, cancelled, and he is now coming next week, not sure which day yet. I hope it is the first part of the week. I was about to get bitchy at him for not giving me an exact day but then I remembered what a cutie he is and the discount on pricing he gave me last visit (saved me about $22). Not much, but it does count!
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The 2nd of 3 weekends of Indian Dances started yesterday. We were invited to sit with friends tonite and then have dinner in thier camp, but it does not look like we’ll be going. I doubt son #2 is going to have a miraculous recovery, and if he appeared to, I’d still not take him for fear of another relapse. Tomorrow we can go and watch for an hour or so but it is not like an actual ‘invite’.
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The hard mouthed, cueless sorrel is doing better. Becoming more fluid, bending about 50% more after some ground work. He has been responding to leg cues better but is still stubborn taking a left lead. I quit this morning on a good note, he took a left lead 2X in a row when asked, I called it a day. But, a few days ago, I discovered he does not know how to backup properly. Someone’s been yanking and pulling on his mouth to try to stumble him or force him to back. Horses back by moving thier legs in diagonal pairs, just like they do at a trot. So a horse has to shift its weight from side to side in order to back up. To teach the sorrel this I started to apply alternate side to side pressures to ask him to shift his weight from side to side in order to back. He is catching onto the idea. This morning he backed up 3 whole steps! I praised him like he won the Derby or something. He perked his ears then flicked them back listening to me. The sorrel doesnt seem to get overly excited about anything in general. He may be a boring horse, but he seems to be a safe one as far as I can tell right now.
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The Powerball Jackpot Hits $100-Million. I’ll be picking up my tickets this afternoon. Should I happen to win, I’ll let you all know ASAP! I still disagree about the money cant buy happiness crap. I think it can make an unhappy person very comfortable, enough so they can deal with being unhappy. I know I could.
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Poor baby….and I am not referring to the rider.
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I really like this horse……sigh…..



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9 responses to “Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

  1. You milk rice very carefully.LOL

  2. thoroughbred, ya’ I must say that’s more like it. Nervous, high maintentence, good for only short runs.

    I hope WW/TT gets better soon, what is the surgery for. (Send an e-mail).

    What’s with all the horse pics? How about some of the local color!

  3. bri-lol over the t-bred remark, that does kinda sound like you (joking) wee one’s surgery if for tubes in his ears/tonsils/and while he is under a blood draw for the allergies tests.

    I can look at horses all day long. And, this is local color! no pics are allowed at the dances, Osage rule

  4. Local color as in one horse town players.

    Thanks, no need to be jealous, and it is not effortless.

  5. bri-you want pics of the locals? I dislike being around most people in general and I certainly wouldnt like to ASK thier permission to take thier picture for the web….then they’d want something from me. But, for you, I might just suffer and take a pic of one of the town drunks, they’ll never know what I am asking in regards to thier permission (sneaky of me huh)

    I gotta go wake up wee one to get to the appt! yikes gonna be late and he is still sleeping.

  6. Oh BG, don’t take everything I say literaly. I am just enjoying our conversations. It takes awhile on my learning curve, sometimes I am a clueless bunny.;)

  7. Anonymous

    Hi BG – Diane here. I;m tracking Bri – hard to do with webtv. Hope the DR”S goes well & your son feels better soon. I agree with Bri, some local color, main street, your only traffic light, wee one in his sandbox! Like a tour, all the interesting bits. gotta run – D

  8. That poor horse.

    Hope the wee one’s appt. goes well. Let us know how it goes.

    My daughter had tubs and did extremely well with them. She had an ear infection every week untill she got the tubes and I think she’s only had a couple since getting them.

  9. bri and diane- maybe on the pics, I much rather snap pics at animals…maybe Ill go see who’s tied to the hitching post in front of the bar and city hall Monday.

    kari-that guy was so clueless, and your right, poor horse….some people!!! Im glad your daughter did well w/ the tubes. I have not heard one negative thing about the surgery. We got back a little while ago with the itchy cream and some meds. Wee one needed 2 shots before he got behind and had to get 4 or 6 at a time…poor little guy, he was a trooper tho.

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