A Small Weekend Review

This past weekend, Oklahoma received some much needed rain. It rolled in early saturday morning in the form of thunderstorms. The rain disappeared for Father’s Day but came back around early this morning, just in time to put a monkey wrench in my plans today…sigh. But that is okay, I have lots of things to get busy doing indoors in between rain spells.

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Some cattle tracks after the rain….

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A barefoot horse track after the rain..

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My husband is the Oklahoma and Kansas Production Foreman for a large company out of Tulsa. This is a picture I took yesterday evening at one of hubby’s oil leases.
There was a praire chicken we startled. I was not fast enough snapping a picture, I did not get to zoom in before he took off.

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The #2 well at the B. lease. The relief pumper said a belt had broken and he had trouble getting it back on. So hubby had to go do this himself. He said it was time to find a new relief pumper for that lease! Even I could manage to replace a stupid belt….the weekly pumper is very reliable. We visited with him later yesterday evening on our way back home. I had to take this pic from inside the truck because the horseflys were in attack mode.

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Yesterday was the big Father’ s Day roping in my area, lots of money ropers and fans. I usually attend, but we had plans to be at my in-laws at a certain time and I had attended the Cattlemen’s dinner the night before but declined attending the dance, making my appearance short and sweet. Last year I attended all 3 events, so this year I decided to just attend one. The people are different nowadays, I still know many, but a lot of the familiar faces have moved, passed away, or …..as sometimes people do, they have faded away. I snapped this picture of a familiar horse buddy from across the road as I was driving to a friend’s home in the area. The friend is the daughter of a cowboy friend of mine who passed away in March. She asked me to drop by this weekend, knowing I’d be in town for the events. She and her brother had sold her father’s home and finally went thru his belongings. She gave me a Bosal that her father had handmade. He sold them for quite a bit of money and had given me one as a gift about 8 years ago. I still use it. We did not have time to visit because she also had plans at her in-laws for Father’s Day. She wasnt too emotional, speaking of her father, but I think I smelled alcohol on her breath….
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Yep…today is monday-dreaded cleaning day…dammit. I am half done, just taking a small break in between chores. Wee one is full ofpiss and vinegar after going back to sleep this morning, we are both rested. Now he keeps jumping on and off my ‘expensive’ and ‘good’ saddle I keep on a custom made saddle rack inside my house. It is a Textan, custom made steel tree saddle that is my pride and joy, also too expensive to be sitting in my barn, even tho the barn can be locked. Well, I guess I better go round him up and fix him up in his chair with some play doh so I can finished this last and final round of cleaning.



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17 responses to “A Small Weekend Review

  1. Hi Diane,

    HaHa I’m first. BTW Cowgirl has a new post also.

  2. Anonymous

    Ooo lala! I am 1st! I don’t know why this is so exciting, but everyone wants to be first. Did you & TT have a good nap? Sounds like he’s got a full tank of high test! My task on Monday is to clean the main bathroom, ick. I have a set basic chore each day, so I actually DO something. Great photos! I love scenery & out of the way places. Makes you want to take the trail there yourself. I’ll check back in later – checking out for now Diane

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, rats! You sneaky devil!

  4. Hi BG,

    Great pics of your area. Sounds like weeone needs to be farmed out himself. Hope you have a great day.

  5. bri and di-it was a nice day yesterday but hot/humid..sunny with some breeze which made it bearable. wee one is being a maniac today, living up to the name Toddlerterror to its fullest!

  6. kt

    monday is my cleaning day too! although I don’t think we are cleaning the same things 🙂

  7. hi kt!- I have officially named monday cleaning day because weekends make the house a mess…also mondays are no fun anyways..

  8. He is Toddler Terror,
    called wee one in error,
    stronger than steel,
    he makes BG squeal.

  9. We got some rain this weekend too. Thank God.

    I love the pic of the un-shod horse print.

  10. kari-I thought it was kinda cool too (the hoofprint pic)

    brian-love it!!TT is napping right now..giving me a break from squealing 😉

  11. Glad you liked. Got next two posts ready to go, I know, I obsessed.

    Watching the radar, the west and east coast sea breezes are firing up some T-storms. NOAA has the best stuff. What is so cool, is that when a T-storm collapses it sends out a bow wave of energy that races across the state.

  12. bri-cool about the weather….you know I obsess about weather like you obsess about your blogging! do you have the link?

  13. this is the home page link


    this is the Tampa Bay radar


    Sorry have never been able to figure out how to put a link in comment.

  14. BTW, lots of people have commented on your guest blog. Stop by if you haven’t already.

  15. Brian, it’s just like putting a link in your blog post.

    Barngoddess, Mondays are no fun…especially when one stays out too long Sunday night. One of my friends FINALLY got rid of his loser girlfriend, so we were celebrating. Because THE DRAMA they were drove me CRAZY…I hate drama. (Perhaps that is why I am single…)

    Anyways, I have had tack stolen before, but never here at home. I think they are afraid my dad or I will shoot them. And if they got past us, the shop dogs would eat them for sure.

    Just got hit bad by hail about 15 minutes ago…took pictures. The hail was so big, I stayed away from the windows.

  16. Thanks Cowgirl,

    but since it took me weeks to figure out post links, well.

    Links in posts are in the edit/create post with the little globey thingy, so where and how do I access that in a comment?

  17. bri-thnx for the links, I canjust copy and pasteno problemp

    cowgirl-I see we have yet anothr thing in common, I hate drama, especially when someone whos drama never ends!

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