Lazy Afternoon

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Lots of haying going on in the hay fields right now. The square balers are picking them up as fast as they can today because we have another bout of rain coming in tomorrow and friday. This morning, Toddler Terror and I got around
and got busy early since it was going to be another scorcher outside.

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Here is a tarpan (land turtle, native to Oklahoma). This morning, I had 3 of these little buggers hanging out next to the AC unit. I think they were drinking the condesation. I caught this one up for a picture but Toddler terror scared him back inside his shell.

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A cloud, it didnt offer much relief from the sun, but we were happy to see it anyhow. After we finished up getting our business taken care of at the homestead, Toddler terror and I went over to his grandma’s and grandpa’s for a short visit.

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Sometimes I miss having a cat…..
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Maybe some day soon we’ll get another kitty. I think I had better wait until Wee one gets bigger tho. Wee one is having his siesta right now, a bit later than usual at 3 pm but thats okay! I do not mind one bit because my friend S. gave me a good book to read that is on the best seller list, 4th of July by Maxine Paetro, James Patterson. I am going to start it in a few minutes.

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The sorrel is a fatso…..but all the horses here seem to have an eating disorder!

I was in a real pissy mood earlier today, it subsided once I got my ass outside and got busy. Much to my glee, I saw the Jehovah Witnesses pulling into my driveway just before TT and I were headed over to the in-laws for a visit. The whole van load of religious whacks unloaded from the van, the first to reach me was a young, very thin man with an ugly green and black striped tie. He was mumbling something about a ‘convention’ and shoving a piece of paper at me about ‘The Savior’ or some such crap. He had 5 strikes against him immediately:
1. I hate fanatic church people who confront complete strangers on the strangers OWN property
2. I was already in a SUPER pissy mood to begin with
3. I hate ugly ties
4. I cant stand it when people mumble, if ya got something to say, say it dammit! I am NOT a lip-reader so say it so it can be heard
5. He never should have shoved ANYTHING in my face, I could care less if its about God.

I sent the happy Jehovahs on thier way with a reference to my NO TRESPASSING sign and a warning to never return. Not like they’ll listen or anything, they usually make a monthly visit.

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The ugly green halter strikes again!


After Wee one and I left the in-laws we made a quick trip to the reservation and I took care of some tribal paperwork I was putting off for about 1 month. Whew, glad that was over and done with. I can be a procrastinator at times, especially when it involves paperwork! Afterwards, we swung by Sonic where TT had a rootbeer float and a small fries, I had a green apple slush-yummmmm.

We were about 5 miles home from town when we saw the Jehovah’s van speeding down F.H’s mile long driveway with F.H. trailing them on his 4 – wheeler, no doubt going to lock his gate. He is a crabby old man, I bet they dont visit him for a LONG time…teehee!



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7 responses to “Lazy Afternoon

  1. Someone tried to get me to bale hay…and I spit out “Fuck no” before I even thought about it. Oh well.

    I love turtles. I just like critters.

    So you had visitors…just love those kind…*rolls eyes*

  2. Aniin BG,

    A lovely Thursday morning in FL, bright blue skies, 85 degrees and 75% humidity at 8AM. Just love it!

    Great pics. Love the kitty.

  3. Anonymous

    Good Morning BG! Always LOVE the pics! I hope TT gets up in a good mood for you. Turtles are great, love them. They travel all day and are never far from home! I’ll check back in laer Diane

  4. LOL at the fat sorrell! My mustang is fat like that.

    I need another kitty, I miss my lil black cat. šŸ˜¦

  5. bri-that is humid air, Id wilt fer sure heehee,,its been sprinkling here, gonna rain I suppose….

    diane-TT is in a good mood, finger apinting right now, hes such a hoot!

    kari-I think my horses have cellulite, fat dimples….they are beyond healthy. I miss our mouser too….she got old and had to be put don sniff..sniff…

  6. I posted Bottoms Up already Hehe, I just *know* you will love it. Have fun reading.;)

    Watching the USA Ghana match on the puter.

  7. brian-excellent writings at your muse! you KNOW I enjoyed visiting.

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