Ramble, Ramble..

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Last nite, I was outside messing around with the horses and little dog Elvis, somehow, a walking Stick Insect jumped on my back for a ride. It freaked me out at first, they are very creepy! Hubby rushed to my rescue and got it off me. Arent they bad luck or something? I vaguely remember hearing a folklore about these bugs.

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Another sky picture from yesterday. The view is different today. Cloudy.
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Blackeyedsusan flower. Not mine, I have no such green thumb. If its hardy foilage then it survives ’round here. But I couldnt resist this picture of a friend’s.

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Black Bear in UP of MI, pictures taken by my sister at thier ‘cabin’. It is more like a very nice house. These pics were taken of the bear by thier garage. Lots of nice bears up there!

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A girl who can ride, and a very nice horse too!
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Some more local talent.
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Today is worming day at the homestead and Beebee gets a West Nile booster too….lucky him! After wormings and vaccinations, Scooter usually gives me the cold shoulder for a while. But, hes gotta have them so he better deal with it! Besides, I am the queen of ‘cold shoulder’ or better know as ‘the silent treatment’. It doesnt work when done to me tho, I actually ENJOY being on the receiving end of the silent treatment much to hubby’s dismay….heheheh



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4 responses to “Ramble, Ramble..

  1. You always do this to me. Leave a comment, boom new post. I’m thinking the silent treatment might work.;) Or else the poem.

    BTW, check out the hindquarters, the horses ain’t bad either.

  2. brian-you are such a man! but thats okay…wouldnt want ya to be any different.

  3. nice pics!

    I think the stick bug is awesome, they’re so very sneaky.

    as for the silent treatment, i like being the winner of said game. it’s like a staring contest but better. i am undefeated.

  4. Jake:where ya been? eww that stick bug creeped me out! I opted for squashing it but hubby saved it, lucky bug. Good thing were not married then, or we’d have to learn sign language, just joking!

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